• May 30, 2023

Kelcy Warren’s Energy Success

Kelcy Warren is an American billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist known for his achievements in the energy industry. Born on November 9, 1955, in Gladewater, Texas, Kelcy Warren grew up in a modest household and faced numerous challenges during his early years. However, through perseverance, determination, and hard work, he has become one of the most…

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Kelcy Warren is the CEO and Chairman of Energy Transfer Partners. He is also a philanthropist and through the Kelcy Warren Foundation, donates a total of $100,000 annually to several charities focused on children. Early Life Born on July 7, 1955 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Kelcy Warren spent most of his childhood in Duncanville, Texas…

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An In-depth Look At Kelcy Warren’s Life And Success

Kelcy Warren is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Energy Transfer Partners. He was born in 1995 as the youngest of the family’s four boys. His father was a gauger and ditch digger at Sun Oil, while his mother worked in a local department store. Because of financial constraints, Warren began taking jobs at…

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