George Soros Prepares for the Future by Reflecting on the Past

George Soros understands the need for a free society. Born in Budapest in 1930, he is a survivor of Nazi Germany during World War II. He fled to Hungry in 1947 where he went to college at the London School of Economics. Afterwards he moved to America and created his own investment company that helped him to becoming wealthy.

Realizing he needed to give back, he created the Open Society Foundation that has donated upwards of eight hundred and thirty-five million in one year. Believing in fundamental human rights and being a strong democrat on, Soros has donated funds to the democratic presidential party several times. In 2004, he supported John Kerry to the tune of twenty-seven million dollars, hoping he would beat out current president at the time George W. Bush.

He and Clinton have a twenty-five year relationship but his choosing to donate twenty-five million to the democratic party this time around came because of political hostility on the republican side as well as making sure that the programs he supports, including immigration reform at, criminal justice reform, and religious freedom get upheld. His donation made quite an impact on the Democratic Party and helped persuade other donors to give as well.

Things did not go as planned though. Soros was thankful to have the Democratic Alliances to back him up though. A meet up that happened shortly after the elections focused on protecting all that Obama had enacted, such as Obamacare, while making sure their defenses are up when Trump becomes the president. Soros, along with Peter Lewis, created the Alliance to give the Democratic Party an advocacy group and some think tanks. He had backed out of political stuff so the fact that he not only attended the event but spoke about his life with Nazis and communism shows his feelings about what is yet to come.