How Beneful Dog Food Can Help Your Pet Lose Weight

Overweight animals may be cute to look at, but it is far from healthy and could greatly reduce the lifespan of your pet. This article will discuss how Beneful Dog Food by Purina can help your dog shed unwanted pounds. There are a few key factors in a diet that you will want to look for when feeding your precious companion.The Healthy Weight Formula by Beneful is specifically designed to help with weight control.

It is formulated with fewer calories than the original dog food and comes in one signature flavor: Chicken. It is a dry food made with a base of high quality protein from real chicken that can assist your dog with maintaining lean muscle mass and increasing its metabolism. It is also formulated with low sugar fruit and vegetables that are safe and non-toxic to dogs. This provides a well balanced meal to give your dog energy and vitality.This particular formula is designed especially for adult dogs. It will only assist your dog with weight loss if proper feeding guidelines are followed according to your dog’s current weight. Regardless of the food given, if your pet it overfed it will gain weight. Ensuring that your dog gets plenty of exercise is also important.

The Beneful Healthy Weight Formula has become a household staple for millions of pet owners. Purina is one of the best-selling dog food companies in the United States and it’s no surprise. The Healthy Weight Formula has assisted several pet owners with getting their dogs down to a normal weight. Not to mention the dogs relish the taste of it, as it is made mainly of chicken meat. The Beneful Healthy Weight Formula can be found at most major retailers and grocery stores, such as Walmart, Target, Kroger, Ralphs, Sams Club, etc.