Dr. Mark McKenna started working and saving up for the real estate business while he was still in medical school at Tulane University. He used his acquired physician skills to get some extra cash which he entirely put in his business.

McKenna was based in New Orleans at the time, and his business made huge profits. His company brought in a little over half a million dollars in a year. The firm helped the residents of New Orleans a lot especially after the hurricane Katrina hit. It made a point of buying properties, renovating them and later selling them to willing investors who in turn provided housing to the people in the area at very affordable rates.

Dr. Mark McKenna decided to move to Atlanta in search of better business and for personal reasons as well. Dr. Mark McKenna came up with OVME. The major thing with OVME is that it was to incorporate medical aesthetics and the most recent technology available with a goal of not only improving the quality of services and products but having the upper hand with the help of technology to restructure health care.

McKenna’s status and prowess are well known, and he is celebrated for it by his patients. This is because he has time and again advocated for those wishing to minimize and even remove risks through the use of procedures that hardly interfere with the internal structure of a patient’s body.

McKenna is trusted because of his experience that spans over twenty years. He has his attention on open practices that will make the final results come out as the best.

Dr. Mark McKenna is currently focusing on the new technology that is present in his field of work, and he is also passionate about abandoning the old practices where patients are attended to with the same procedure, and yet each one of them is different.

OVME offers a range of services, for instance, Botox treatment, dermal fillers, and looks to treat hair loss especially in men. They have also included a new way to help patients manage their weight by testing their DNA.



People in the medical field are very important to the infrastructure of society. If you think about it, they are modern day heroes who rescue lives with their services and skills. It is of the upmost importance that the individuals in this field of work are caring and very particular about their craft. Especially the surgeons who are tasked with cutting and mending human flesh, a very delicate process. A person who exemplifies all the good qualities like care and dedication that a surgeon should have is Mark Mofid.

Mark Mofid is a man that works and specializes in plastic surgery. Working out of San Diego he is definitely well trained in his field. He was educated at Harvard University and John Hopkins University to very prestigious and cutting-edge schools. Not only is he good at his job but he has developed a reputation for being an innovator and very caring plastic surgeon. These days he is working in the gluteal augmentation segment of surgery and has made several strides in making the practice safer. In todays world the number of people receiving plastic surgery is increasing steadily and this includes gluteal augmentation. Though this is happening Mark Mofid is sticking to his morals. Typically, patients after a while want larger implants which pose a risk to safety for the patient. Most doctors will proceed to operate anyway because of financial gain but not Mark Mofid he is known for putting safety first.

Not only will he only perform under the correct conditions, but he has now made plastic surgery a bit safer. The actual implants that have been used over the years are ill compatible with human flesh and tend to sag or shift which can cause health issues or further surgery. Mofid was actually recently able to design a new implant superior to what was formerly used and is safer and more compatible with patients. This took years of research and dedication but has payed off as the new implants fit better in the intramuscular system and are more flexible with position changing. Mark Mofid is truly a professional who cares and is very serious about his craft. That is what is required for those in his position.


Dr. Rod Rohrich Reveals His Conference Schedule for Early 2018

Rod Rohrich, MD, FACS, is a professor and plastic surgeon. He works at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas and is recognized by his peers around the world as an expert in his field. He has a reputation for bringing an artists eye to the surgeries he performs which helps people look and feel fantastic once the procedure is complete.

In the first months of 2018 Dr. Rohrich as three conferences on his agent. The first took place in early February in Miami. This conference covered how plastic surgery has evolved over the year including through technological advances in the industry.

The next conference that Dr. Rod Rohrich took part in was in late February. This was the 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting. In the first days of March he also took an active role in the 5th Annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting. He had a big hand in organizing this conference and he also chaired it. One of the groups he is chairing is the Cosmetic Medicine Meeting. He brought together to top industry faculty members that showed many of the most recent innovations in the industry. This includes vaginal rejuvenation tech, skin tightening, ethical social marketing, and noninvasive fat removal among others.

During these conferenced Dr. Rod Rohrich was very active both leading and participating in a number of the meetings. He moderated four panel sessions and was also provided a lecture accompanying a video cadaver demonstration. This demonstration showed how to perform two surgical procedures, the Fill Facelift and The Lift. Another prominent panel he was a leader of was the Advanced Nasal Anatomy video.

Dr. Rod Rohrich was once the president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as well as The Rhinoplasty Society organization. The Plastic Surgery Foundation has honored him three times with their distinguished service award. Other honors he has received include being named the Best Plastic Surgeon in Dallas, by D Magazine, and Texas Monthly recognizing him as a Super Doctor. He was also named as one of the top cosmetic surgeons in the nations by US News and World Report.

Due to his excellent reputation, Dr. Rod Rohrich has made many media appearances over the years. Some of the many shows he has made appearances on are Good Morning America, the Oprah Winfrey Shows, and The View. On these shows he has talked about the types of surgeries he does which includes facelift, rhinoplasty, breast surgery, and many more.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rod.rohrich