Dr Jennifer Walden” First Female Elected To Board Of The American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

In April of 2018 the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a recognized global leader in aesthetic plastic surgery, elected its new board members and among was the first female doctor to be elected to a leadership role, Dr. Jennifer Walden. Already the Commissioner of Communication for the ASAPS she is now also the Secretary of Societies Executive Committee.

Certified in cosmetic and plastic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital Dr. Walden is widely recognized for her expertise and advice as well as her personal skill at plastic surgery. She uses state-of-the-art 3D imaging technology in her consultations and stays cutting edge on laser and other technologies to assist in specialties like vaginal rejuvenation, fat reduction and hair transplants, among others.

In addition to being the first female elected to ASAPS’s leadership board she is also in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Walden is also a member of the prestigious, invitation-only American Association of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Walden also lectures regularly on the topics of laser techniques in various plastic surgery procedures and using social media in the plastic surgery field. She alos appears as a consultant on numerous television shows.

She has many philanthropic endeavors to her credit. She has been honored by her hometown of Austin, Texas’ Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, she is a member of the guardian Angel Society which works with abused children and is a contributor to Austin’s Food in Tummies which help feed schoolchildren on the weekends.

Dr. Walden has been a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery since 2008. American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is a global organization. Like all of its American members Dr Walden is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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A Career Worth Emulating Dr. Saad

Being a pediatric surgeon for a royal family is no small achievement. Dr. Saad Saad was fortunate enough to be appointed the personal doctor for the Saudi Royal. Dr. Saad had some unique qualifications above his peers as he was the only certified pediatrician who could speak fluent English and Arabic from the US. This adventure took him and his family to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia capital city, and stayed there for four and a half years.

This feat was only possible after putting much effort to build his career and profile. Dr. Saad was born in Palestine and brought up in Kuwait. He proceeded to Cairo University in Egypt for his undergraduate studies where he studied medicine. After graduating, Dr. Saad moved to the UK for his internship before migrating to the US. Before he could be allowed to practice medicine in the US, he has to pass a difficult exam so that the board could certify him. Learn more: https://angel.co/saad-saad-2

It is in King Faisal Specialist Hospital, Riyadh that Dr. Saad performed groundbreaking surgeries. He set a record of successfully operating on the youngest boy to be admitted to the hospital with an aneurysm. The operation was one of its kind that he convinced a world-class scientific journal to publish the procedure. Also, Dr. Saad created a healthy and trustworthy that one of his colleagues entrusted him with operating on his son instead of flying the son abroad.

During his time at King Faisal Specialist Hospital treated and interacted with people from all walks of life. Although the hospital was built to take care of the Saudi Royals, royals from other countries visited the hospital. On top of that, the underprivileged who needed specialized treatment visited the hospital. Having come from a poor background, Dr. Saad understood that everyone is equal and should be treated so. It is this principle that has enabled Dr. Saad to remain humble even after having so much success.

Being a hardworking doctor, Dr. Saad has challenged the status quo throughout his career. He improved the ways of carrying out surgeries by challenging traditional methods. In the process, Dr. Saad was able to patent two procedures. Also, being a compassionate pediatrician, he researched and used techniques that would reduce the risks and pain that patients face.

After his hugely successful stay in Riyadh, he came back to the US. He returned to the US because he wanted his children to get the best education in local schools. While in the US he continued practicing medicine becoming the Co-Medical Director and Surgeon-in-Chief of K Hovnanian Children Hospital before retiring. Dr. Saad advises the youth not to give up on their goals as they will realize them if they remain committed.

Mark Mofid Has All But Perfected The Field Of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Mark Mofid is one of the top plastic surgeons in the United States these days for his contributions and his talk on plastic surgery over the years. Not only does he work to make the industry safer and to build its name, but he performs surgery out his practice for hundreds of patients each and every year. Negative press has damaged the reputation of plastic surgery in the past, but thankfully the field has become much safer due to the efforts of plastic surgeons like Mark Mofid. Not only is Mark board-certified, but he has glowing recommendations from his universities where he earned his degrees, including Johns Hopkins and Harvard University.

Mark Mofid performs all sorts of plastic surgery’s out of his practice in California, but he has specialized in glute augmentations for the better part of his career. He has personally worked with and studied some of the best gluteal surgeons int he world, especially down in Brazil where they have become extremely popular. In order to please his patients and keep them and the industry safe, Mark Mofid always follows the highest standards when he performs surgery. Not only has he developed higher quality glute implants, but he uses the safest methods for procedures to provide lasting and natural looking results. Mark never performs odd surgeries or uses oversized implants for his patients, as they only increase the chances of things going wrong unnecessarily.

Regardless, plastic surgery will continue to grow as long as there are men like Mark Mofid with the goal of improving the industry. Mark doesn’t just want to improve the industry by numbers either, with more money or better statistics. He wants people to generally feel safer and happier about getting their procedures done. Not only does plastic surgery help rebuild a persons confidence, but plastic surgery is also used in general surgery too to improve conditions or quality of life in some way when accidents occur. As an already world-renowned plastic surgeon, Mark has little to do to build his reputation, but he has regular work planned for improving the quality of plastic surgery in the future.