Robert Ivy,A Lifetime Of Excellence

Robert Ivy is a role model and inspiration to many alike who aspire to leave a mark of legacy on this earth. His advocacy for the creation, performance and his support for art more solely the publication of architecture to the general public to be consumed as a resource freely accessible to all. Robert Ivy is an educated gentleman who started as humble by serving as an officer in united states navy. Upon which he decided to pursue his career of art by commencing with a bachelors of arts degree in English from the Sewanee university located in the south. He further advanced his pursuit of knowledge at the University of Tulane to graduate with a master of Architecture. Robert Ivy started his career by working for one Mc-Graw Hill construction where he held a vice president position.

Additionally, he has participated as a critic for many national publications within the united states of America. Numerous awards were given to Architectural records during his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer some of which include: the Ozzies, twenty-six Jesse Neal Awards and the Digital awards for being the company with the best website of the year. Moreover, the company has been awarded a couple of industry honours like the American Society of Magazine editors as well as the premier journalism magazine award. Aside from achieving impeccable success for institutions associated with his work, Mr Robert Ivy has had scores of personal awards alluding to his passion for his work.

The American Institute of Architects is centred along delivering public policies that ensure for the safety of the general public as well as offering economic vitality as well. The institution is at an all-time high success rate with it boasting of having more than over one hundred and sixty architects performing internationally under the stewardship of Mr.Robert Ivy. He has been acknowledged for his significant contribution towards helping architects address certain matters of concern like sustainability and environmental change. He has received quite some awards over the many years that he has been present in the industry. In the year nineteen ninety-eight Robert was given an award for his exceptional management skills.

Additionally, he was honoured with the Crain Award for his outstanding work in the field of American business media in the year two thousand and nine. A year later he was awarded the title of Master Architect by Alpha Ro Chi, a national architecture family, a title so rare that it has never been given to any other architect for the past one hundred years aside from him. He is set to receive an even more distinguished award, the Noel Polk lifetime achievement award which is to be given to him by the Mississipi Institute of arts and letters, a private non-profit organisation.

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Equities First Holdings Brings Financial And Investment Opportunities to Australia

Equities First Holdings, a global leader in alternative lending solutions, has relocated its Australian offices in Melbourne to a larger location. The acquisition of the larger space will allow the company to provide more efficient customer support and make room for its expanding staff and client base. Equities First Holdings has offices located in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. The Melbourne location is the companies regional headquarters, and company executives at the new location expect the Australian business to continue to grow.

Equities First Holdings Past and Present

Since it was founded in 2002, EFH has been providing its clients with alternative lending solutions that allow businesses and individuals the opportunity to borrow against shares of stocks traded publicly through exchanges around the world. This unique and innovative service allows many of their clients the opportunity to obtain capital that would otherwise be more difficult or impossible to obtain through a bank or other more traditional lender.

Equities First Holdings is now a global leader in financial industry with locations around the world. The company has grown by leaps and bound since its inception and experienced some phenomenal growth in borrowers seeking stock-based loans as an alternative to conventional credit-based loans.

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OSI Food Solutions Has Major Chicken Production Increase In Spain

OSI Industries and their OSI Food Solutions subsidiaries have been in the world’s top 10 meat processors for many years, and one product line that’s really picked up in Spain is best chicken food. Thanks to the completion of a brand new high capacity poultry processing center in Toledo, the region will be seeing even more chicken flood the market. The plant has had a lot of technological upgrades and is now a part of a big logistical chain running throughout Europe. OSI President David McDonald said they made an investment in this new plant because there has been an increased demand in chicken nuggets and frozen already prepared chicken in recent days. The completion of this plant comes not long after Baho Food became integrated into the rest of OSI’s network.

OSI Food Solutions and its conglomerate of international distribution chains were originally a small family business in Chicago known as Otto & Sons. Otto Kolschowsky, the founder of the business was a butcher who became well-known by farmers in the area, and he opened a shop that was later relocated and expanded into a big meat market center. The defining moment for Otto & Sons came when McDonald’s asked them to become their partner in providing meat to their brand new fast food branch restaurants.

The partnership is what prompted Otto $ Sons to build their company up from just one market center to a big multi-plant operation located throughout the globe. Around 1975 Otto & Sons became a corporation and renamed itself to OSI Industries and formed OSI Food Solutions. Not too long after, financial consultant Sheldon Lavin became Chief Executive Officer. He had helped grow the company by strategically planning each new plant construction and expansion. Lavin has remained in his role for over 40 years, yet one thing he has never changed is the culture that OSI Food Solutions began with that embraces treating its employees as extended family.

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Talos Energy And Its Major Merger With Stone Energy

Talos Energy is a Houston offshore gas and oil producer. It is currently a public company following the closure of its almost $2 billion Thursday merger with Louisiana’s Stone Energy. The Talos Energy Company is headed by Tim Duncan, who is the Talos’ Chief Executive. It was initially formed six years ago in order to focus on the Gulf of Mexico. This was to be facilitated with the financial assistance from significant equity firms like Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management. The idea behind Talos being financed by major private equity firms was to publicize it through an IPO in the year 2014 or 2015, but following a consequent oil kaput dashed those strategies until currently. This means that the privately backed Talos Energy went public as a result of attaining concern in Stone, which was previously publicly transacted, comparatively than filing for a preliminary public subscription.

The merger between Louisiana’s Stone Energy and Talos Energy was to create a more prominent offshore dynamism performer which would focus on the Mexican parts of Mexico’s Gulf and the United States. Consequently, the new publicized Houston-situated Talos energy instigated trading under the “TALO” ticker on the New York Stock Exchange Market. Tim Duncan thereby terms this merger as a transformational amalgamation. It is widely known that Talos’ financiers possess 63% of the merged company while the Stone shareholders got 37%. Therefore, Talos Energy is in a good position to exploit its great value asset assortment as well as revenues motivated capital programs in offshore Mexico and the U.S Gulf of Mexico as stated by Talos Energy President and Chief Executive, Timothy Duncan.

Talos Energy did well the previous summer after productively winning several offshore tenders with other associates in Mexico’s energy restructuring development of Mexico’s Zama innovation offshore. Mexico’s energy restructuring progression opened up offshore inhibitors to extraneous investors with Zama as the paramount innovation in the state’s deregulation process. Further, Stone Energy had been operating out of Lafayette for more than 20 years. Nonetheless, Stone Energy filed for insolvency protection in the year 2016, amidst the downfall in oil charges earlier emerging the previous year.

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A New Era Of Asset Management: Fortress Investment Group

In the ever-evolving world of asset management in the financial industry there arises a vast need for critical analysis of all asset types combined with financial experience. With such combinations, you can be assured to receive accurate information for all your financial needs. Welcome to Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment has a very diverse foundation in that the core competencies are rather interesting upon further speculation. Their first competency includes asset-based. what this in mind Fortress investment groups oversee the management of physical and financial assets ranging from real estate and capital assets with a long-term plan and generating cash flow for the client. Another aspect of the group specializes in and industry knowledge. With this, Fortress has developed a team of investment professionals with very in-depth expertise and relationships with individuals and companies worldwide. Operations management, corporate mergers and Acquisitions, and capital markets complete the cycle of Fortress investment groups core competencies. While each one is indicative of the level of expertise at the hands of the members of the group, this also adds weight to their image as being one of the world’s leading asset management teams.

The history of Fortress is a rather interesting history at that. Founded in 1998, Fortress became publicly traded in February 2007. Fortress became one of the most illustrious institutions in the asset management world. Soon to follow the early days, Fortress was named “Hedge Fund Manager Of The Year” in 2014 but their accolades and attainments do not stop there. Along with being named the “Credit Focus Fund Of The Year” for both 2011 and 2010. Fortress has been previously recognized as the Discretionary “Macro-Focused Hedge Fund of the Year” in 2012. These attainments simply show that while heavily vested in the financial markets, the group is also heavily invested in fostering relationships with all clients involved. All across the world are manifestations of the unique and distinct credit strategies put into place by Fortress Investment Group. Strategies that are trused the world over.

Up next are the services provided by Fortress Investment Group. with the saying that investment performance is our Cornerstone Fortress Investment Group Stills with private Equity, permanent Capital Vehicles, credit private equity, and credit hedge funds. These four segments make up their assets under management in regards to business. From being able to provide private equity services that will generate long-term cash flow, Fortress also deals with permanent capital vehicles. Such vehicles are designed to produce the client increasing amounts of cash. As a hedge fund manager, this group is dedicated to bringing consistent returns over the long haul.

In Conclusion, this is a team that is aimed at results and having a vision for success for all the clients and their diverse assets under management. With a track record of success and wealth management, the obvious decision when looking for trusted leadership lies at the helm of this team of experts. The world of asset management is being led with this group at the forefront.

Fortress Investment Group: Setting Industry Trends For Investment And Asset Management Companies All Over America

Fortress Investment Group is a company that has consistently proven that they are the company to set the standards within the financial industry. Since 1998, the company has put into place, a number of developments that have transformed its workings, making it the global leader that it stands as today. The company has always tried to set themselves apart from the rest of firms in industry and take the routes that are far less traveled to be able to achieve their goals. These innovative measures have brought a lot of light to the work that the company does, and have assisted in the well-reputed name that it has today.

The leaders of the company have played a big role in the developments that they have seen. If it were not for the role that they played, Fortress Investment Group would not be in the position it is in today. Peter Briger, Wes Edens and Randal Nardone were the three founding members of the company. Each one of them had been working in the industry and had already risen to prominent positions within the companies that they had been working with.

The each shared one common goal, which was to start up their investment and asset management company that would take on some of the biggest names in business. Having worked at larger names in the past, Briger, Edens, and Nardone were able to pool in their knowledge to be able to set up the foundations for a company that would go on to become one of the most notable in the industry.

Over the years, Fortress Investment Group underwent a number of changes that improved the work that it did and the reputation that it held. One of the more notable things that the company did was in 2007 when the leaders decided that they needed to do something that would indeed set them apart from the rest of the competition. Before this development, no investment or asset management company had ever been presented to the public on the New York Stock Exchange.

Most companies of this kind operated privately, and without any involvement of other people. However, the leaders at the company thought that it would be a good step for them to take, considering that the developments that the company was going through at that time. Once the company was featured on the New York Stock Exchange, it was something that they were happy to have done. The company grew twofold, and those who didn’t already know about the company were now familiar with its workings.

Soon after Fortress Investment Group decided to do this, many other companies from the same sector as them started doing the same. The company was suddenly one that was setting the trends, rather than following it, which is something remarkable for an investment and asset management company.

In the coming years, one can only expect to see more developments from the leaders at the company and Fortress Investment Group as a whole.

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IC Systems: Financial Surgeons

You often hear of companies starting out with the mission to help others by providing a much needed and innovative product and/or service. Rarely, however, do you encounter one that continues to do so for eighty years and through over three generations of likehearted family members. From the outset in 1938, Ruth and Jack Erickson recognized money woes as an economic illness, be it individually suffered or as a pandemic, that required a financial doctor’s expertise. We’re not born with particulate financial knowledge anymore than with insight regarding Chicken Pox. In light of that perspective, the Ericksons established their accounts recovery service currently known as IC System.


Their patients are viewed as community neighbors no matter how near or far they may reside. IC System maintains state of the art equipment for delivering financial wellness to its patients. For example, as early as 1968, the Ericksons invested in computer equipment to expand its reach and broaden its options when everyone else in the industry was still shuffling paper. Likewise, IC System commands leadership by practicing from a center of continual awareness of industry updates on all necessary fronts.


IC System manages a regular and comprehensive compliance auditing process with effective training(twitter). The Company also enlists stringent, third party, security auditors in addition to its internal security auditors, safely offering many platforms for access to monetary recovery for all of its patients. The Company also actively pursues initiatives that foster green sustainability and limit carbon footprint. Headquartered out of St. Paul, Minnesota since its inception, IC System offers acounts receivable services to all 50 States plus Guam and Puerto Rico. In 1981, the Ericksons even established an inhouse committee, ECHO (Employee Charitable Help Organization) whose function it is to find and critique opportunies to best help others in need.


With its decades of creative giving, and three consecutive years (2013, 2014 & 2015) on the Better Business Bureau’s radar for Torch Award for Ethics, it’s no wonder that IC System has been in business for eighty years. Nor will it be a surprise as they continue for eighty more.

Market America: Global Leader in Marketing and Online Shopping

Market America is the company leading the charge in providing financial success for independent distributors, entrepreneurs, and those looking to establish their own company. Market America is committed to helping independent workers with all their business and financial needs. The company provides the tools needed to establish a standard operating system using state-of-the-art marketing tools.

Founded in 1992 by James Howard Ridinger and his wife Loren, has been offering a variety of products and services these past few decades. From jewelry and personal care items to cosmetics and household cleaning supplies, Market America has helped to shape and build today’s current online retail industry.

Specializing in one-to-one marketing, this company takes exceptional pride in its mission to help entrepreneurs and small businesses the opportunity to acquire a stable income, while also providing exceptional online shopping experiences.

Market America’s online marketplace, is one of the largest retailers online. It’s offering of over 35 million products and services, means it’s also one of the most diverse retailers out there. And it’s not hard understanding why. Its business model combines personalized marketing with the inescapable power of the Internet.

This fusion of smart strategy and widespread access has created a very lucrative site with a strong backing. It’s no wonder people are turning to this company to help them make their dreams come true.

Market America’s Independent Distributors and UnFranchise members have seen sales that some would consider impossible. Recent figures suggest that has generated nearly $7.3 billion in sales, while distributors and UnFranchise members have earned almost $2.4 billion in commission.

Market America’s reach isn’t just domestic, in fact, the success of the company has expanded globally with operations taking place in Mexico, Philippines, Australia, United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

This incredible company is showing no signs of slowing down. Their mission to offer the best marketing tools to help expand brand recognition is changing the world for both consumers and entrepreneurs.

Their approach is designed to guarantee success, stability, and worldwide reach beyond anyone’s expectations. Don’t miss this chance to join a global leader in online retail and establish a solid foundation for any business.

GreenSky Credit and a Capable Founder

David Zalik is the founder of a company that’s known as GreenSky. He’s the firm’s organized and driven Chief Executive Officer as well. GreenSky has brought financial institutions and banks together. David Zalik created a total of three companies  prior to establishing GreenSky. Investors believe that he has a value that tops $3.5 billion. Fifth Third Bancorp is an example of an investor that makes that estimate. GreenSky is a business that has been able to reach well over one million individuals out there.

David Zalik has done immensely well for himself so far. His glory began while he was extremely youthful, too. He’s a math genius of sorts who actually skipped his high school education. He started taking classes at Auburn University when he was merely 14 years in age. Mathematics was his focal point at the school. He inherited his adoration of the topic from his father. David Zalik established a company that was called MicroTech Information Systems  not long after his time in college commenced. He did so while he was just a bright-eyed freshman. MicroTech Information Systems put together computers. Once it did that, it completed sales with all kinds of students.

David Zalik resides in Atlanta in Georgia at the moment. He’s presently at the helm of GreenSky. This business puts its attention on mobile credit matters. It’s collaborating with financial institutions as means of making it easier for individuals to secure loans. Zalik indicates that the company collaborates with merchant retailers to give the public quick and hassle-free promotional credit. It gets assistance from 17,000 respected retailers.

David Zalik is in his early forties right now. He’s equipped with guidance and tips that can aim the aspiring entrepreneurs of the world. He encourages teenagers to seek assistance from talented and knowledgeable mentors. He thinks that young adults who are in their twenties need to understand their identities perfectly. He believes that entrepreneurs who are in their third decades of life need to have self-esteem. He wants them to trust the feelings that come naturally to them. He also wants them to give other thought approaches chances.

Stream Energy Shows its Care for Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey joins the list of some of the most atrocious natural disasters to hit southern Texas. Alongside affecting more than 135,000 homes as well as 13 million individuals, the storm left devastating impacts in the country. As such, companies and businesses have come forward to support these victims. One such company is Stream Energy.

Stream Energy upholds philanthropy and corporate social responsibility. The direct-selling energy company just launched a charity foundation called Stream Cares with the initiative to formalize its yearly philanthropic activities in the country.

Moreover, in September, the company made a formal announcement about its intention to indulge in a series of philanthropic activities to assist the community in healing and recovering the lost property. Some of the measures the company indulged in include donating money to the American Red Cross in addition to letting go of energy fines accumulating on client’s invoices.

Although Stream Energy has been supportive of philanthropy for decades, the case of Hurricane Harvey was different with the company striving to leverage charity through its business associates. Most fundamentally, the management rallied its partners to contribute to the project by donating money and other resources that would improve the lives of the victims.

Moreover, the company has remained dedicated to helping its community through direct selling. Alongside a business model that strongly depends on its candidates for financial support the company is now giving back to the same people who were affected. As such, its image is becoming admired for contributing to the development of the community.

Since independent associates earn bonuses, revenues and free services inclusive of free recovery packs, they are now receiving a helping hand from the same company they have been supporting for some time.

Regarding the storm, the company initiated a campaign to independently support victims through monetary contributions. The crowdfunding has since attracted associates from different parts of the country. Having stated its intention to donate the equivalent of $25,000, Stream Energy managed to match up to its responsibilities.

Over and above, Stream Energy, a company based in Dallas spreads its services across New York, Georgia, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. Their commitment to empowering people has since made it possible for investors to approach them for business. With its leaders, the company has received awards based on its philanthropic activities. Some of the awards include the Dallas Business Journal Award of the Year and the Direct Selling Association’s Code of Ethics Award.