Launched by an “Idol,”Ryan Seacrest has Enough Street Cred to Make Him a Candidate for Idolizing All on His Own

You might say American Idol swam across the pond, a far-reaching reality tentacle, released from it’s British mum, “Pop Idol” and it’s actual pop, Simon Fuller. Today, the star search premise is slotted for ABC presentation. Show judges have come and gone. But, one position has been consistent. Ryan Seacrest accepted a co-host position for the original incarnation of the show and is still the host, now. To appreciate Seacrest, one should realize there’s more to Ryan then the soothing, sparkly, balance beam act he performs on “Idol;” restoring frayed contestant nerves, while stirring the passions of an audience awaiting their chance to be awed. Though Ryan Seacrest has made excellent use of his social and communication skills on Idol, he’s done so in other venues too.

In 2004, Ryan Seacrest rode a crescendo of popularity. American Idol was a fan-favorite and Seacrest a known entity. In fact, a spin-off meant to entice younger starry-eyed talent to become boy and girl groups, “Junior Idol,” emerged at this time, with Seacrest hosting, before it was ultimately called off. Ryan, remained a wanted quantity, however, becoming the host of the Internationally syndicated “American Top Forty.” radio show. Today, the show airs in conjunction with the “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” radio show, which arrived on the scene in 2017. In 2004, Ryan Seacrest also became the host for the Los Angeles KIIS morning radio show, a stomping ground of the once legendary Rick Dees.

There’s more.

Seacrest is managing editor of “E News,” the result of a multi-million 2006 contract with cable company, “E.” He also launched “Ryan Seacrest Productions,” all done while keeping it “real” on Idol. 2009 saw the multi-talented Seacrest signing onto host the show again, courtesy of Core Media Group, garnering a deal that sealed his position as highest-paid host for that time. Last year, Ryan Seacrest signed on to host, “Live with Kelly (Ripa)and Ryan.” Professional personality, Ryan Seacrest also has a thumb in the pot of men’s fashion and in philanthropy, potentially proving he’s as idolized as the “American Idol” that pushed him onto our national stage. Connect with Ryan thru Facebook.

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HCR Wealth Advisors: The New Retirement Model

Many people want to retire one day to enjoy life. However, the vast majority of people are not saving enough money to retire like they would like to. Instead, most people spend too much money and end up with significant amounts of consumer debt. Anyone who wants to retire should plan and invest their money. But investing can be difficult.

Working with a wealth manager can help people get more organized and focused on their finances. HCR Wealth Advisors is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to work with a registered investment advisory firm which can help them reach financial goals.

Saving Enough

The biggest obstacle preventing people from retiring is merely saving enough money. When a person starts saving young, they have to dedicate a much smaller percentage of their overall income to retirement. However, most people wait until they are in the middle of their life to begin saving. This is the wrong approach to take for people who want to become financially successful.


When people think of retirement, they often envision relaxing on a beach or sitting by a pool. However, retirement has many other forms that people can utilize. For example, some people decide to retire earlier in life but work on the side. Working a side gig can be a viable option for people who want to escape the corporate world. By earning a small amount each week, a person can drastically reduce the amount of money they need to retire.

Many people have shown interest in investing for the future. Now is the time to start planning and investing to reach various goals.


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Factors that Led to the Success of Louis Chenevert

Do you ever wonder how the people on top made it up there? Well, through the study of some prominent people in the society, we may learn what mechanisms they use to get there. Louis Chenevert is among the recognized individuals who have surprised the world with the legacy he left in UTC. Louis Chenevert voluntarily retired in 2014.

Many questions came with his retiring. Why would he leave at a time when UTC was doing so well? It is worthwhile to note that no scandals or disagreements prompt his retirement. Chenevert wanted to have to time off from the busy cooperate world. He now has time for his family as well as attending to his interests like designing yachts.

Here are some factors that led to the success of Louis Chenevert;

Meaningful Acquisitions

Louis Chenevert is known as the king of acquisitions. When he was working at Pratt & Whitney, he observed the GTF engine and knew it had a great future. He organized the purchase of the engine immediately he became CEO of UTC.

The GTF engine is now being used in more than 70 aircraft and 14 airlines. It is preferred because it is eco-friendly and reduces the consumption of fuel.

Louis Chenevert also made history by closing the most expensive aerospace deal in the USA. He bought the Goodrich at $16 billion.

These acquisitions have significantly contributed to the prominence of UTC. It led to the firm being listed as the most profitable company in the state.

Investing in the Future Technology.

Louis Chenevert is a visionary. He led UTC to invest in the future. He argued that investing in the high innovation future technology would help avoid future economic problems in the state.

The future investments worked as Chenevert expected. The UTC is approximated to accommodate 25000 more employees and has more than 5000 new slots of innovation.

He was also concerned with the human capital. He says that one can only be successful if the team they are working with is aligned with the vision of the company. He advises other investors to focus on empowering their teams because as much as they may have great ideas, they need their team to evaluate them.

Equities First Holding Makes News As Being One Of The Very Best Lending Companies Around

Equities First Holdings have always been a company that has strived to be the best in the banking world since they began operating 15 years ago and that determination to be the very best has led them into the position they are in today as one of the top banking institutions around.

Equities First Holdings continue to do their very best to make sure that their customers are always happy with the business they do with the company and will continue to make sure that their customers are only getting the very best from Equities First Holding in the future as well.

Vijay Eswaran Explains How Fear Drives Success.

Everyone is affected by fear at one point or another. There are those who embrace fear. Others fail to achieve their dreams because of it. Others use it to pursue their dreams. Depending on the approach that a person takes one may emerge stronger, unhappy, smarter or victorious. Vijay says that after the 25 years experience he has gained as an entrepreneur, people should only fear today. This means that they should try to maximize all the moments they get.

Vijay Eswaran says that there are three things should be remembered about fear. First, fear is excitement that only requires a change in attitude. Vijay gives the example of skydiving. People will interpret skydiving different thus determining their overall experience. There is an individual who sees it as an opportunity to fly like a bird while fear will consume others. The approach that a person takes determines whether they will enjoy the experience or they will be filled with fear. Kids are quite fearless and adventurous. In adulthood, people are filled with negative opinions about different things thus affecting the activities they engage in life. Vijay Eswaran advises people to change their focus and see things in the form of excitement.

Eswaran also says that things that do not paralyze people strengthen them. Vijay says that fear comes when people are in pursuit of things that they love. Fear occurs only when you are about to achieve something valuable. For instance, fear encroaches when individuals try to different things or venture into entirely different things. Eswaran says that if a person does not experience fear, he/she should revisit their intentions/actions.

Vijay says that fear plays a significant role in showing people the right path to follow. Fear shows areas of weaknesses and areas that should be improved. Fear should not be a limiting factor but a guide towards the right direction. Vijay advises people to embrace fear and see it as an energizing force.

Vijay adds that fear motivates growth. During the caveman era, fear kept people safe. Things that made people fear then are entirely different from those that instill fear today. For instance, the current generation fears unfamiliar situations, change, and uncertainty. If an individual fears, he/she will remain in the same position thus limiting growth. Success requires courage to try different things in life.

Leader, Executive and Relationship Builder, José Auriemo Neto

Former two time elected, Chief Executive, of the elite global network of chief executives, Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and current Chief Executive Officer of JHSF, José Auriemo Neto the young innovate international business man. José Auriemo Neto built the foundation of what become an extraordinary career field with pioneering innovative firsts.

José Auriemo Neto joined JHSF in 1993. JHSF is real estate Holdings Company that focuses on commercial and residential properties. An international company JHSF has offices in New York City in the United States, their offices in Sao Paulo, Salvador, Manaus, and Punta del Este in Uruguay. JHSF focuses on four key areas: Shopping Centers, Commercial and Residential real estate, restaurants, and luxury hotels. Under the leadership of José Auriemo Neto JHSF has prioritized their interest in establishing more passive or recurring income sources, with the incorporation of the Catarina Executive Airport, the first airport in Brazil primarily for executives and the Catarina Fashion Outlet.

Four years after José Auriemo Neto joined JHSF he pioneered what would later be their services department. José Auriemo Neto created Parkbem. Parkbem is a company that manages parking lots. José Auriemo Neto followed Parkbem’s inception up in 1997, by creating the Shopping Santa Cruz shopping mall in 1998. Shopping Santa Cruz a shopping mall consisting of a movie theater, a variety of stores, and places to eat. José Auriemo Neto is also responsible for the management of the Santa Cruz Shopping Mall. In 2009 José Auriemo Neto, reached out to build meaningful partnerships in order to establish JHSF’s first high end luxury brand. José Auriemo Neto forged partnerships with Hermes, Pucci and Jimmy Cho, which helped solidify JHSF as a serious player in the luxury sectors. Brazil is home of the world’s 7th largest economy and is poised for more growth. José Auriemo Neto is leading JHFS to opening a new shopping mall in Sao Paulo in the near future.

His LinkedIn Profile:

How Richard Dwayne Blair preaches financial success to his clients

There are many people out there pushing forward a method or secret to long-term financial stability and growth. Well almost all of these people trying to sell a specific system or how many key details

Richard Dwayne Blair does things a bit differently. It his belief that the basic three pillars approach to financial planning can and should benefit everyone, even if not everyone can be his client directly.

Working at wealth solutions Richard Dwayne Blair instructs clients on how to be active participants in their retirement planning and future. He believes that everyone needs a plan and everyone at his Austin, Texas firm should be on board and be participating in this plan.

Since his clients are not financial planners themselves the system has to be kept it cut and dry. By focusing on just three pillars Richard Dwayne Blair is able to keep things efficient and keep retirement planning goals as simple as possible.

The first pillar is to lay out a financial roadmap. This is where the bulk of the preliminary work is done at his Richard’s office. This method varies from client to client and works to identify the client’s goals, their strengths, the amount of risk they can tolerate, as well as perceived opportunities for growth. This foundation is critical to building a relationship with each and every client, and it’s something his operation does better than the bulk financial planners operating from a script.

From here the second pillar is to actively maintain and operate the account based on long-term investment strategies customized to the client’s needs. The nature of the second pillar depends on the first, without a good base of data and information there is little way for any advisor to foster success, which is why Richard Dwayne Blair doesn’t start a plan without it.

Finally, the third pillar is to review insurance needs. Planning for the worst is something that not all clients like to do, but it is an essential part of any part of a long-term retirement plan. Ultimately, we want to have enough money to retire and help our descendants, making insurance a critical part of any long-term strategy.

Dr. Mark McKenna – Moving Forward, Never Standing Still.

Dr. S. Mark McKenna, MD has a wide array of interests that may begin with his MD but do not end there. He is an entrepreneur in various ventures, some dealing with medicine but some dealing with finance and real estate.

Dr. McKenna graduated from Tulane University Medical School and spent some time practicing alongside his father. Though he was occupied as a physician, he was working on the side to develop McKenna Venture Investments; a real estate development firm that suited a specialized demographic of clients.

After a few years, he also acquired Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina destroyed this business, though it did not destroy Dr. McKenna’s enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. During the company’s life, it grew to fifty employees who offered turnkey design-build, financial and real estate services.

Hurricane Katrina

After the hurricane, Dr. Mark McKenna worked painstakingly to help rebuild New Orleans through the development of low-income housing for those who suffered demolition and destruction of their lives and homes.

Atlanta, Ga

Dr. Mark McKenna relocated his family to Atlanta where he started another company, this one in the healthcare field. His wellness and aesthetic-based medical practice, ShapeMed, once successful and notable, was sold to Life Time Fitness after seven years.

Dr. Mark McKenna became both CEO and founder of OVME. This company is technology merged with medical aesthetics. His desire is to become an innovator in new technologies and techniques in aesthetic healthcare through elective procedures. OVME provided clients with aesthetic surroundings while receiving elective procedures like botox injections. He equates OVME with Uber regarding availability and convenience. OVME offers virtual consultations to clients, as well.

Promising Trends

Dr. Mark McKenna is excited to see the drop in smoking. He finds, as a physician, that this will be a positive healthy choice for future generations.

He loves to read and says that he improves himself by joining people he believes are smarter than him. He reports that one should always strive to learn more because the more one learns, the more productive he or she can be. Dr. McKenna also accepts that one should not limit themselves to what they know, that expanding one’s horizons improves their abilities and ideas.

Dr. Mark McKenna @ Facebook

The Success Story of the Most Respected American CEO Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello happens to be amongst the richest men in the world and has been recognized because of the efforts they have put in place while building their career path. He has not been left behind in ensuring that he becomes the leading business personality and the best American CEO. Petrello is one person who possesses the great qualities of a good leader and has been on the frontline working for nothing but success. Anthony is not known by many people but happens to be the person in charge of one of the wealthiest industries in America. He happens to be the famous CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd which is the leading oil and gas driller in the world. The organization has been in the running since the year 1968 and has been doing exemplary well since its beginning. With the high Tony joining the industry, the company has witnessed massive changes, and the guy has been able to change the direction completely.

The company’s performance rate has increased, and he has been able to change from what was seen to be growing slowly to a huge world giant that has of late expanded its operations to USA, Middle East, Africa and also the Far East. They have been able to secure state of the art machines that have doubled their performance under the advice of the most brilliant CEO and president. Tony happened to be the company’s board Chairperson, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Executive Board and also their President. He has been involved in major decision making and also not forgetting the leading head while implementing them.

Tony Petrello is a man with a challenging past and was born from a very humble background. He was brought up by a humble family, but they worked hard to see him sail through in his academic life. He was Newark’s talk of the town after high school because of the score and ability to handle complex mathematical theorems. He was noted by Yale University and luckily got a scholarship to study bachelors in Mathematics there. While studying there, they used to handle very complex mathematical tasks until he graduated with a masters degree in Mathematics. Then later it became a surprise to many people when he decided to quit the career and join the prestigious Havard School of law. He graduated with J.D. and had since then performed exemplary well in his career.

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