How Peter Briger Has Cemented His Name in the Finance and Investment Business

Peter Briger became part of Fortress Investment Group in 2002. He is a highly experienced financial advisor, investor, and entrepreneur who is recognized among the Forbes top 400 business experts. Forbes Magazine also lists Peter as the 317th richest man with an estimated net worth of $1.5 billion in 2007. He studied business administration at Princeton University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Peter also went to the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and obtained a master’s degree in business administration.

At Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger serves as a principal and was appointed the co-chairman of the board of directors in 2009. His investment skills and business acumen have been instrumental in the growth and expansion of Fortress. He oversees the firm’s credit fund and real estate departments. Peter is recognized for helping Fortress Investment Group become the first private equity firm to go public. He also has a vast experience in transforminxg distressed financial assets into cash.

Employees at Fortress Investment Group point out that it is one of the best organizations to work in. They appreciate the firm’s management for creating a conducive work environment and their excellent leadership style. Employees say that Peter Briger and his co-principals appreciate dedication, hard work, and performance. They describe him as a business professional who is always willing to solve challenges at the workplace.

Peter Briger partnered with two alumni of Princeton University to start a funding program at the university. The fund aims to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation by providing capital for graduates of Princeton University to develop their business ideas. Peter is also a renowned philanthropist who is devoted to giving back to the society and assisting the less fortunate. He is a board member of a charity organization called Tipping Point that supports less privileged families in San Francisco.

Peter’s career took off over two decades ago when he joined Goldman Sachs. He worked at the firm for 15 years in various positions that groomed him to be the investment guru he is today. He led multiple committees at the firm like the Japan executive committee. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Vinod Gupta: The Everest Group Leader in Database Technology and Philanthropy

Vinod Gupta is known for achieving success in the technology industry. His business skills resulted in growing a small three figure loan into a company he sold for $680 million. As an active contributor of his community, Gupta has established schools in India. Additionally, he created fellowships for students in fields such as business and science.

He used the loan proceeds from the initial loan to sell a list of providers around the country who could purchase a mobile home. After developing a database of providers, he began to market the database he created and experienced success. Gupta recognized other industries may have a desire for a similar, database and he launched his first company American Business Information. The company was extremely successful and experienced a great deal of growth, which led to the sale of the organization.

The Everest Group is the family owned firm which Vinod Gupta is currently managing. The business assists companies which are in the technology industry by assisting them in the area of operations. Moreover, the company helps unsuccessful companies reach financial goals. Changes in technology have impacted how Gupta does business. The data requests Gupta receives from customers is now inclusive of data which is within the proximity of particular locations. Vinod Gupta anticipates the future of technology will require real time information which customers have not identified.

Vinod Gupta earned a Bachelor of Science degree from ITT located in India. He received a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering and Business from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in the United States. Gupta is a strong advocate in the power of an education which is evidenced by the internship opportunities he provides to students. Gupta finds offering educational opportunities to rising professionals the most rewarding aspect of achievement.


Glen Wakeman Uses His Entrepreneurial Expertise To Mentor Others

Glen Wakeman is an eminent global business executive, mentor, writer, entrepreneur and global investor. His a business revolutionary who has been working towards transforming businesses and individual agility through the application of a proven hexagonal performance methodology. The methodology concentrates on areas of Leadership, Human Capital (through aligning the company’s vision and strategy), Governance, Executive and Risk management.


Great Leadership of Mr. Glen Wakeman

Mr. Wakeman is the president and founder of a business accelerating company, Nova Four, which offers advice and capital access to budding companies. Wakeman gives coaching to CEOs, companies executives and boards so as to enhance continuous company improvement.

Previously Wakeman used to work with GE Capital, for over 20 years. He served in several complex leadership roles while working with both the United States market as well as the international one. Before leaving GE Wakeman was the Chief Executive Officer of GE Money Latin America, which he nurtured from startup to a 9 country operation, with assets worth $12 billion, and an employee base of 17,000 by the time he left. During his reign, he was able to create several new products, sign numerous partnerships as well as build a business network with more than 1000 branches. Having worked successfully in 6 countries, the Board of Directors of GE recognized Wakeman as a role model for growth leadership.

Mr. Glen Wakeman’s deep experience in corporate management, emerging markets, and business diversity has made him an insightful business counselor and an attentive market strategist.

Wakeman Founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC which was established in 2015. It is a SaaS company with an automated software, (LPTK), that enables budding entrepreneurs to lay down their ideas into a feasible plan through an online platform.

The high rate of failure in start-up businesses seems a mystery to Wakeman. A closer analysis of the situation made it clear to him that most such businesses lack a structure and plan to back up the idea. This motivated Wakeman to build a simple software platform through which entrepreneurs would build their plans easily and intuitively. It was a chance for him match ideas with money, something that he likes.

Wakeman has a bachelors degree from the University of Scranton where he studied economics and finance. Similarly, he has an MBA from the University of Chicago.