The Realities of Real Estate Industry with Adam Milstein

Just like in real life, Adam Milstein says that the real estate is characterized by ups and downs. He also says that he has noticed that the supply is always behind the demand. He is also fascinated by the price fluctuations that the real estate industry experiences. To him, these are exciting moments and says that it requires a lot of patience and time to get results in this industry. Adam Milstein also says that he never allows distractions and frustration to get in between his dreams. He is a person who likes to do things on his own.


Philanthropy is one thing that gives him the needed peace of mind. He says that he has been involved with many Jewish organizations in the United States such as Hasbara Fellowships, Israel-American Council, Birthright Israel and StandWithUs. For him, the main aim is to help as many Jews as possible to familiarize with their roots and traditions. He also says that he prefers things to flow along rather than being organized. With organization comes fixed schedules and Adam Milstein says that this can be very limiting.


When he moved to the land of dreams, his first job was as a real estate broker and he learned a lot. The clients he met while working as a broker still act as a source of referrals for him. Adam Milstein had earlier tried employment with companies that undervalued him and even paid him less than a graduate. Making the right choices in life is the key to success. As for Adam Milstein, he believes in three things; consistency, follow up and persistence.


Adam Milstein was recognized by the Jerusalem post as an influential figure in Jewish leadership. He was chosen for his role with the mentioned organizations. He is married to a Moroccan immigrant called Gila Milstein, and the two partnered in the year 2001 to establish Adam and Gila Family Foundation. Some of his friends include Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson, whom he has partnered with to make the world a better place. Adam Milstein is also active on social media especially Twitter and Facebook.