Dr. Mark McKenna started working and saving up for the real estate business while he was still in medical school at Tulane University. He used his acquired physician skills to get some extra cash which he entirely put in his business.

McKenna was based in New Orleans at the time, and his business made huge profits. His company brought in a little over half a million dollars in a year. The firm helped the residents of New Orleans a lot especially after the hurricane Katrina hit. It made a point of buying properties, renovating them and later selling them to willing investors who in turn provided housing to the people in the area at very affordable rates.

Dr. Mark McKenna decided to move to Atlanta in search of better business and for personal reasons as well. Dr. Mark McKenna came up with OVME. The major thing with OVME is that it was to incorporate medical aesthetics and the most recent technology available with a goal of not only improving the quality of services and products but having the upper hand with the help of technology to restructure health care.

McKenna’s status and prowess are well known, and he is celebrated for it by his patients. This is because he has time and again advocated for those wishing to minimize and even remove risks through the use of procedures that hardly interfere with the internal structure of a patient’s body.

McKenna is trusted because of his experience that spans over twenty years. He has his attention on open practices that will make the final results come out as the best.

Dr. Mark McKenna is currently focusing on the new technology that is present in his field of work, and he is also passionate about abandoning the old practices where patients are attended to with the same procedure, and yet each one of them is different.

OVME offers a range of services, for instance, Botox treatment, dermal fillers, and looks to treat hair loss especially in men. They have also included a new way to help patients manage their weight by testing their DNA.


Jennifer Walden Has Proven Time And Again That She Is One Of The Top Cosmetic Surgeons

The field of plastic surgery is most definitely a male dominated field, which is testament to Dr. Jennifer Walden’s ability as a surgeon since she is among the top in the country today. She has performed a large number of surgeries with great success, always leaving her clients happy and comfortable with their procedures in the end. With more advancements over the years, increased numbers of people are going to get plastic surgery, which is why we need surgeons like Jennifer who exceed expectations.


As the interest in plastic surgery continues to rise, Jennifer Walden will have a strong career ahead of her, since Jennifer is highly sought after today as a cosmetic specialist.  Today, Jennifer has done all types of surgeries, and is capable of helping her clients with whatever they may need. Because of her kind disposition and passion to make sure her clients are comfortable and happy, people are always happy getting their work done with Jennifer.


Jennifer had her ambition for success early, and it helped that both of her parents were both high achieving and supported her to do well also. After building a strong academic foundation, Jennifer moved to started an apprenticeship in New York, where she stayed for years learning from some of the best in the industry. Her level os expertise has earned her a position on the board of ASAPS, which is a high accomplishment for a women in the industry as far as today’s standards go, since she was the first.


Jennifer has her own website where clients can view her portfolio and the cosmetic work she is capable of doing. She proves on a regular basis that she is willing to take the extra time to make sure her clients are always happy with her procedures and are comfortable with her work. Most of her clients are women, but she encourages anyone who wants to change their looks to give her a call.


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