Lime Crime Creates Doe Deere’s Rising Star In Competitive Business World

Even after all these years, it’s still not easy thriving in a male-dominated business world, except for maybe in makeup. That’s where Lime Crime CEO and founder Doe Deere has taken over the reigns and become an icon for female entrepreneurs.

The young businesswoman with the candy-colored tresses is more than just the gorgeous face behind the modern, funky makeup brand. According to, Doe Deere has carefully and creatively built a beauty empire, with one social media fan at a time. Today, Lime Crime’s popular Instagram account features more than 2.5 million followers and growing wildly. She likes connecting with her many fans, and they inspire each other.

The brand offers something different to makeup addicts, because this ain’t your mama’s play safe cosmetics. Oh, no. Lime Crime is all about being bold, courageous and self-confident. It’s makeup palettes full of rich, strong pigments in blue, gold, bronze and green lipsticks and foil eye shadows that glitter and seduce. Doe Deere’s brand turns heads, and young women can’t get enough of the powerful cosmetics line.

She’s a hard worker who likes Lime Crime makeup to be fun and freeing, to allow young women and men, too, a way to re-define what is beautiful. The business world has noticed, too.

Doe Deere has recently been named as one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. That’s been a wow moment for her, since she is listed with other famous brand-makers like Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington.

Doe Deere strongly believes that e-commerce is the way to fly when you want to establish a great name and product. She’s internet savvy and enjoys her public image with Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and others. Doe Deere knows her fans matter, and she tries to inspire other young women who want to begin their own businesses.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime have only just begun. Stay tuned.

How to do Fairy Halloween Makeup by Wengie

Wengie is a young Australian who has Korean ancestry. She runs a popular YouTube channel called Wengie that shows makeup, beauty and style hacks. The focus of the channel is to help people make their beauty and style routine more streamlined. Since she is of Asian descent, Wengie makes a far number of videos that are targeting her Asian viewers so they have specific beauty tips that are aimed at accenting the Asian characteristics of the face.

One of Wengie’s makeup videos on YouTube is for Fairy Halloween makeup. The video is officially titled: “Off with the Fairies, Fairy Halloween Makeup Tutorial – Wengie – Beauty Point”.

The first step she does is applying a face primer all over her face. She uses the face primer Napoleon Perdis Autopilot primer, by applying it with her fingertips all over her face and eyelids.

The next step in Wengie’s fairy Halloween makeup tutorial is foundation. She applied a Etude House liquid foundation with a foundation brush. She uses gentle, upwards movements of the brush to paint on the foundation. To hold the liquid foundation in place, Wengie applies a Etude House mineral powder all over her face with a fluffy foundation brush.

Next Wengie applies a fairy eyeshadow look. She uses the Coastal Scents 252 eyeshadow color palette. She selects a hot pink eyeshadow and uses a fluffy MAC #224 eyeshadow brush to dab the hot pink under her eyes and lower lash line. She also applies the eyeshadow onto her eyelid as well. The next eyeshadow she uses is a white or cream color. She applies this one under her eyebrow’s arch and the part of her eyelid that is closest to the nose.

Wengie next applies black Maybelline eyestudio master precise eyeliner. She lightly draws a line from the outer corner of her eye and slightly along her upper lash line to create a slight cat eye look. For the bottom eyeliner, Wengie uses a Holika Holika Jewel Light eyeliner #14. This blue colored eye pencil she gently applies along her lower lash line. She applies a blue eyeshadow from her Coastal Scents eye palette over the blue eyeliner. This helps to keep the eyeliner in place.

Wengie puts Ardell half lash #301 onto the outer corner of her lower lash line. She uses the Maybelline eyeliner again to blend in the lashes. She dabs a few lines of eyeliner to make the eyelashes look a bit more blended in. For the upper fake eyelashes Wengie uses Dollywink sweet girly #2. Once again she slightly dabs some of her Maybelline eyeliner pencil along the edge of the fake eyelashes to make them look more blended in. For brows Wengie uses the Face Shop Design My Eyebrow pencil.

The lip color she uses is a pink hue from Sportsgirl Pout About It Lipstick. On top of the lip color she applies a pink Sportsgirl Lip Jam Gloss.

Her nails she does in a pink hue from Etude House called Dear My Deep Polish. To complete the look, Wengie crimped her hair with a hot tools crimper. she dressed in a flower crown and a little white dress.

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