Troy McQuagge Emerges the Victor in the Renowned One Planet Awards

Troy serves as a Chief Executive Officer of the USHealth group, Inc. His journey started back in 2010 when he became a member of the company. Troy directed efforts towards creating a new face of advisors in the company. His efforts and commitment led to him being named the Chief Executive Officer of the USHealth.

Troy’s character has influenced the eminent growth company towards gaining an increase in profits. This has helped distinguish the company from other companies in the competitive health sector. In his speech after being honored with the prestigious award, Troy says that he owes the success he achieved to the entire USHealth Company. This is because of the dedication of his co-employees to provide available and accessible healthcare to all its customers. The company’s efforts have led great success. This is evident since it has generated huge profits and imposed competition in the health sector under the leadership of the award-winning chairperson Troy McQuagge.

About One Planet Awards

Awards presented to winners in the One Planet platform are entitled to companies that show maturity in production and professionalism at their work. Its awards are varied widely to cover sectors such as public relations and corporate communication. One Planet offers a platform that runs around the globe leading to its popularity. Interesting to note, One Planet Awards embraces balance in gender as it rewards female entrepreneur of the year category. The company offers an open participation in each sector in line with the economy. For one to participate, they are required only to provide their details on the nomination for the awards.

Who is the USHealth GROUP?

The USHealth group mainly deals with the provision of health insurance. This insurance mainly covers cost incurred by primary enterprises and people who own young businesses in their health affairs. The company’s headquarters are located in Texas. The main aim of the company is to combine what its employees can do best with factors surrounding the market. This is done so as they can be exposed to competition and profit- making skills through marketing of insurance based products. The employees are also trained to provide satisfying services to its customers in any activity carried out by the company. For more information, follow this link.

Todd Lubar; Creating a Legacy in the Real Estate and Financial Industries

Todd Lubar is certainly a driven individual. He begins each day with a similar routine, starting with breakfast, keeping abreast of the latest news in his industry, checking and responding to emails, and a quick workout to start the day off right. Routine, organization, motivation, and follow through are four very important aspects to be a successful entrepreneur and Todd Lubar seems to overachieve on all four.

After graduating from Syracuse University, Mr. Lubar immersed himself into the real estate and mortgage banking industry taking a job offer with Crestar Mortgage Corporation in 2009. From there he went on to work for the highly recognized Legacy Financial Group based in Texas, and ended up helping to take their Maryland based office to over $100 million a year in loan volume. From there, he went on to become the senior vice president at Charter Funding starting in 2005.

While most people settle into an industry, get comfortable with what they’re doing, and just make a career out of it, Mr. Todd Lubar ended up diversify his career and found a huge amount of success in a myriad of other business ventures while the mortgage industry was going through its changes during the 2007-2008 period. This included venturing into business forays in commercial demolition, automotive scrap metal recycling, real estate development, and even foraying into the nightclub industry all the while maintaining his passion for his first career choice which is of course, mortgage banking.

According to Hackronym, Todd Lubar has since gone on to form TDL Global Ventures where he is the acting President. He began TDL Global ventures as a way to take his vast experience in the finance and credit industries and use it to create a product and program that helps to remove those common obstacles so that potential homeowners can procure that loan that they so desperately need so they can achieve their real estate dreams. This is Todd Lubar’s way of giving back as he has already achieved so much in his own career. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

Make Assisted Living Fun With The Perfect Community


There are many people out there that are looking for a good place to settle into in their later years, but it can actually be difficult in today’s generation. There are many facilities that are under cared for and do not uphold the necessary standards. Assisted living facilities are a necessity for family members and people that still want their independence, but need some assistance with day to day living, such as management for medications and meals as well as cleaning and transportation. This is where Manse on Marsh shines, offering the highest level of care to all of their residents in one of the most beautiful and well kept assisted living communities in the country. The Manse on Marsh facility is currently located in San Luis Obispo in California, and takes patients from all over the area as well as the surrounding Arroyo Grande.

According to, at the Manse on Marsh facility, they offer many different options for residents and their living spaces, such as one bedrooms, two bedrooms, even private homes. Services can be used on an as needed basis, and no residents are required to pay for everything. Each customer can select which services they want and only pay for those at the facility. For more than a decade now, the Manse on Marsh community has been offering excellent service and taking care of the needs of their customers. Along with their care, they also have system in place as a lifeline just encase someone gets hurt and needs help.

Throughout the years, the Manse on Marsh facility has managed to win themselves several different awards. Though the most notable ones may be the Caring Star award, which they successfully achieved for two years in a row now. The award as well as many reviews and ratings for the facility can be found on and

The location of the community also offers a wide variety of different things to do, being in San Luis Obispo. Whether it’s restaurants, shopping malls, ice cream shops, or a bookstore, all are withing a walking distance to the facility, leaving residents with many things to do for fun outside. It’s easy to see why Manse on Marsh is quickly becoming one of highest regarded assisted living facilities in the country, especially amongst their Facebook fans.