Make Assisted Living Fun With The Perfect Community


There are many people out there that are looking for a good place to settle into in their later years, but it can actually be difficult in today’s generation. There are many facilities that are under cared for and do not uphold the necessary standards. Assisted living facilities are a necessity for family members and people that still want their independence, but need some assistance with day to day living, such as management for medications and meals as well as cleaning and transportation. This is where Manse on Marsh shines, offering the highest level of care to all of their residents in one of the most beautiful and well kept assisted living communities in the country. The Manse on Marsh facility is currently located in San Luis Obispo in California, and takes patients from all over the area as well as the surrounding Arroyo Grande.

According to, at the Manse on Marsh facility, they offer many different options for residents and their living spaces, such as one bedrooms, two bedrooms, even private homes. Services can be used on an as needed basis, and no residents are required to pay for everything. Each customer can select which services they want and only pay for those at the facility. For more than a decade now, the Manse on Marsh community has been offering excellent service and taking care of the needs of their customers. Along with their care, they also have system in place as a lifeline just encase someone gets hurt and needs help.

Throughout the years, the Manse on Marsh facility has managed to win themselves several different awards. Though the most notable ones may be the Caring Star award, which they successfully achieved for two years in a row now. The award as well as many reviews and ratings for the facility can be found on and

The location of the community also offers a wide variety of different things to do, being in San Luis Obispo. Whether it’s restaurants, shopping malls, ice cream shops, or a bookstore, all are withing a walking distance to the facility, leaving residents with many things to do for fun outside. It’s easy to see why Manse on Marsh is quickly becoming one of highest regarded assisted living facilities in the country, especially amongst their Facebook fans.