Cancer Treatment Centers of America Providing Better Healthcare for Cancer Patients

Cancer Treatment Centers of America in partnership with NantHealth and Allscripts are launching a customized program the Clinical Pathways which is a comprehensive and customized tool that will be used in the oncology treatment platform. The program will help oncologists to identify evidence-based treatment for patients. The Clinical Pathways program integrates the use of eviti® which is a clinical decision support solution tool that allows oncologists to assess treatment regimens across a variety of metrics.
According to George Daneker, Jr the managing director and chief medical officer at CTCA Southeastern Regional Medical Center the program allows for appropriate treatment alternatives and at the same time promotes the element of accuracy among the healthcare providers as the program provides new data and oncology research.
Clinical Pathways was designed with the patient in mind and integrate the latest cancer research treatment methods into the Allscripts Sunrise EHR.
The program is quite significant as it allows for transparency in the therapeutic selection and care delivery. The clinical pathway program is a program that will boost efficiency and raise the standards of treatment and care. . Clinical Pathways program has increased the level of confidence in patients as far as treatment is concerned.
The project at its inception by the three industry players CTCA,Allscripts and NantHealth was aimed at helping patients and health providers’ benefit from clinical capabilities of an integrated solution.
The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) was established with the aim of providing cancer care and treatment to patients around America. CTCA consists of five hospitals which are all spread in different states in the US and is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.
All the five hospitals follow a comprehensive approach to care and treatment. Moreover, the hospitals use conventional means of treatment in performing surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. The founder of CTCA is Richard J Stephenson.

Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics

Many companies are advancing in their research on cancer. Seattle Genetics is one of those companies. It has been in the field since 1998. Clay Siegall was one of the co-founders in 1998, and currently, the company’s member of the Board of Directors, President, and CEO.

From the time when he began his biomedical study career, and now the Seattle Genetics, Chief Executive Officer of Seattle, Dr. Clay Siegall has had the enthusiasm to improve the lives people suffering from cancer. Dr. Siegall has worked very hard to lead the organization to countless advancement in the research on cancer and innovative patient cancer therapies.

Under Dr. Siegall’s leadership, the company became the first company to develop antibody-drug conjugates (ADCS) such as ADCETRIS, which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration agency in 2011. The impact of the drug has expanded globally, and it is being used in more than 60 countries in the world. His guidance in the ADC Development and continuous promotion has proven his dedication that the medical community desire to bring changes in the cancer therapy field in the future.

Despite being in the one of those leading in the cancer treatment field, he has shown his leadership skills in his ability to help Seattle Genetic company raise more than $ 1.2 billion both in private and public fundraising. The funds obtained from the fundraising have helped the company to continue its progress in cancer treatments using the most innovative technology. Dr. Siegall represents a leader who has not only scientific wisdom but also visionary skills to boost the development of science to new levels.

The medical and scientific communities have recognized his significant contribution by awarding him. For example, in 2013, he received the Alumnus of the Year Award in Computer, Math, and Natural Sciences from the University of Maryland. In 2012 he was awarded the Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur.

Dr. Siegall does not show any signs of slowing down with his passion for leading the company to newer scientific achievements. He has received 15 patents but is still looking for new ways to help improve on medical research. He has published over 70 scientific articles whereby he shares his knowledge with others in the medical and scientific communities. Dr. Siegall goal is to find ways to improve medicine so that patients with cancer will no longer suffer from it.

Julia Jackson, wine proprietor and philanthropist

Everyone in the wine industry is talking about Julia Jackson. Beauty, charm, and intelligence are only some of the characteristics that describe this wine proprietor. She was born in San Francisco, California in 1988. Born into the wine industry, Julia took an avid interest in it. Her father, Jess Jackson, always taught his children what it meant to do hard work and savor your success in life. In fact, Julia would work in the vineyards as a child with her siblings picking and sorting grapes in 100 degree weather.

Julia attended Scripps College where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art in 2010. Between her busy school schedule she would work at her family vineyards honing her craft and love for wine making. After she received her BA she went to Stanford Graduate School of Business to get a certificate in General Management. And here Linkedin, Soon after her education she moved to Bordeaux, France to learn more about the wine making process, French style. She absolutely loved it and called it the highlight of her life. Julia’s family produces a lot of wine. They have vineyards in six different countries all over the world including France, Italy, Chile, South Africa, Australia, and of course, North America. They only produce the best wine around including everyone’s favorite, Cabernet Sauvignon. One of the wineries that her family owns is called Cambria Wines. It’s female owned and operated with her mother at the helm, Barbara Banke. Through the vineyard Julia founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. It helps empowerment women who are making an impact in the world with their can do attitude. They give $100,000 dollars each year in cash grants to non-profit organizations that are doing just that. Helping fearless women leaders give back to their community. It started in 2014 and has been going strong ever since and read full article.

The career and achievements of the raly driver Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins is extensively known for being among outstanding Brazilian rally drivers. The rally driving role is a demanding career that requires a lot of hard work in addition to the passion that one exudes. It was in the month of July when the Sartoes Rally’s 22ndedition began. It is worth acknowledging the fact those who took part in the competition left Goiana. Their leaving was inclusive of approximately a hundred and fifty-five of sections which are timed and need some skills as well as caution. Rodrigo Terpins’ pair was done with the test in slightly more than two hours. The implication here is that they finished the day at position seven in the Prototypes T1’s category.

Michel Terpins is 36 years old Brazilian resident and citizen. Additionally, he is one of the close relatives of Alpine Swift and is Rodrigo Terpins’s brother. He often travels to the United States from February in the year 2013.

Additionally, Michel Terpins together with his colleague was not able to complete the Special, but they had the explanation to justify the reason as to why. According to Michel, they encountered various terrain types during their first day, but everything else was normal in the absence of the problems.

Notably, the way the car behaved was well, and they even did engage in some overtaking. This is in accordance to Rodrigo Terpins who drives the car #326. His preference was alongside having some level of caution then developing adaptation towards the equipment.

Remarkably, the reason as to why Michel Terpins’ failed was adequate justification. It is worth acknowledging the fact that the car that emerged the best in the KM 62 was the one that he used together with his navigator. Despite the fact that the car was unable to progress with the race, none of the two got injured.

The websites such as and contain additional information and the rest of the news about Michel Terpins, his colleagues and other details regarding the competition.

His qualities and passion are the reason as to why he is among the best Brazilian rally drivers. He serves as a role model to the young individuals who are passionate about the career.


Three Keys to a Successful Retirement: Plan, Plan, Plan

For you, retirement may mean resting on your laurels. It may be the start of a new chapter in your work life. It could mean you finally take up painting or pottery, something you have always wanted to do if you had the time.

Whatever your dreams, the best financial advisers in the industry, like David Giertz of Nationwide Investment Services Corporation, all agree that to ensure we reach your goals you need to plan for retirement. It sounds simple, but many people find themselves at retirement age unprepared. As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail.

When planning for this important chapter in your life, be sure to answer three questions:

  1. How much will I need to save?
  2. How long will I need to rely on my savings?
  3. How can I grow my savings through investment?

Over thirty years as a financial adviser gives David Giertz the expertise to help with all these questions. His leadership as President of Sales and Distribution at Nationwide Financial grew revenue from $11B to nearly $18B, exceeding P&L targets. His earlier successes include driving a five-fold increase in revenue for the Financial Institutions Bank channel in five years.

David is also a Certified Business Coach with WABC and earned a world-class Gallup associate engagement score. He has certified over 100 other executives like himself as Business Coaches. All this, combined with his decade as a Financial Services Advisor with Citigroup, makes him a respected subject matter expert on retirement planning.

A commonly ignored issue that concerns Giertz is Social Security. People often misunderstand how it works, especially how to maximize the benefit. He also warns against thinking that Social Security can sufficiently fund retirement, when it’s purpose is to merely supplement savings and investments.

“Our parents and grandparents had pensions, but they are drying up and going away,” he says. “So, it’s more important than ever to … create a retirement income plan that includes [maximizing] Social Security benefits.”

It is never too early to start that planning.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Launches Innovative Clinical Pathways Program

Cancer Treatment Centers of America recently launched a Clinical Pathways program that will assist patients and their clinical teams to select the right cancer treatment regimen. This stellar cancer treatment center has joined with Nanthealth and Allscripsts to deliver a custom-designed technological aid featuring a clinical support system containing information for informed cancer treatment options. CTCA’s Clinical Pathway program is helping cancer treatment teams and their patients better understand which cancer treatments will have the best chance at fighting each patient’s unique cancer. This innovative program is designed so that doctors are getting the necessary information without countless work interruptions. This comprehensive program holds current data for all cancer treatments.

Finally, cancer patients can now decide, with their doctor’s recommendations, which cancer treatment or combination treatments will best meet their own individual needs. Cancer Centers of America puts the patients first. This is just one example of new technology developed so that patients will have more control over their treatments. Cancer robs victims of too much. It is important that patients stay involved in their own care. This program will have all appropriate treatments on hand. It only takes a click to access the valuable information. Once again, CTCA is leading the way in personalized cancer care.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is based in Boca Raton, Florida. Their network includes five hospitals located in Tulsa, Chicago, Phoenix, Atlanta and Philadelphia. They serve adult cancer patients, and their success rates spur people to come from all over the world. Dedicated doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff, work tirelessly to care for the cancer patients in their charge. CTCA also is involved in breakthrough cancer research. Today’s treatment options include precision care and genomic testing. CTCA won’t stop until cancer is curable. Find out if CTCA has the care you need.

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Brazil’s Felipe Montoro Jens Discusses Their Privatization Process

Way back in the late 1980s we saw the start of the privatization process in Brazil. This despite the ever-present rule of the State. What is happening with this process now? We will talk about it now as we recap this pertinent article.

The results of a study by the CNI (the National Confederation of Industry) show that the infrastructure sector needs participation from the private sector as a key factor to making modernization work for Brazil. Privatization is the primary way that the country can meet the large investment surge that it must have. Infrastructure Project Specialist, Felipe Montoro Jens is around to help explain how this investment process is developing.

In April of 1990, due to the implementation of the National Privatization Program, a huge part of governmental-approved economic reforms were privatizations. The scope of company industries that were affected by this included steel, aeronautical, and petrochemical. However, perhaps the largest industries to benefit from privatization were the electric, the sanitation, the transportation, and the telecommunication sectors. These industries were given top priority from the government under the Concessions Law back in 1995.

If there is one person who is qualified to be a leader in above-talked-about subject, it is Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens. Why, you may be asking? Keep reading and we shall tell you. Mr. Montoro Jens is a Principal at the firm “Felipe’s company Participacoes e Investimentos.” He is also a member of the Board of Directors at Foz do Brasil SA. Among his educational accomplishments is a graduate degree from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Mr. Montoro Jens is extremely well-educated and utilizes his smarts in his contributions to the world of Brazilian privatization. Any advice he gives ought to be strictly followed. It is noteworthy to mention that Felipe Montoro Jens has devoted many years, in one capacity or another, to Felipe’s company. Over the years he has grown along with the company and has made significant contributions to the firm. While in school he learned quite a bit and has been able to apply his expansive knowledge to his evolving role with Felipe’s company. Look for more from this virtual genius in the future.

Eric Pulier and the Role of the Entrepreneur

The early life of Eric Pulier could probably fit pretty well within a movie some day. Pulier is, of course, one of the foremost entrepreneurs within Los Angeles today. He’s an avid speaker, writer, and venture capitalist who has a particular focus on technology. Pulier is well known for many things and the best way to get to know him is through his own words. Pulier opened up through an interview in order to talk about his life, his career, and all of the things that make him work so hard.

As an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist Eric Pulier is uniquely suited to handling face to face conversations and meetings with prospective partners. In fact, this is what Pulier calls one of his greatest talents. Pulier knows how to read passion when talking to other entrepreneurs and that has allowed him to carefully focus on the type of projects that he works on. Pulier says, “I interview lots of forward thinkers and try to identify the ideas that I think have the potential to change the world.”

Working under the title of entrepreneur, Eric Pulier knew early on that he would need to have thick skin and the ability to weather dry spells. Pulier says, “I am a generally optimistic person and have always had faith in my ideas.” Pulier admits that this attitude has paid massive dividends throughout his career but doubt is still a very real part of what he does. Pulier says, “I think these struggles have pushed me as an entrepreneur.”

Back in the early ’90s the way you established your own company was massively different than it is nowadays. There weren’t instantly a million ways to network with internet like there are nowadays. Pulier’s first huge success came in the form of Digital Evolution in 1994. He had to approach marketing the company with a focus on word of mouth. Pulier learned during these times that being able to work through and persevere would be one of the most important things that he learns in Eric Pulier’s career.

When you are the head of a company you are going to undoubtedly come across times where you have to make a tough decision. Pulier’s biggest struggle has been in choosing between equally positive companies. However Pulier says, “I find the hunt incredibly rewarding.” With this kind of optimism how could you not be a success?

Eric Pulier Social Media:

Gets Bumped Up a Rating by the BBB

NexBank is a behemoth financial institution with vested interests in mortgage finance and commercial banking, banking and personalized financial services. The bank serves private and public banks, corporations and individual realtor investors. NexBank SSB was reported to hold assets of over $6.4B, as of mid-2017. The executive team at NexBank has done a commendable job of raising finances in the previous years. James Dondero, the Co-Founder, oversaw the raising $24 million in total equity funding in the first round alone. In August 2017, the company shattered all expectations when it succeeded in raising an extra $20 million.


Dondero’s Plans for NexBank SSB


John Holt, the president, and CEO of NexBank spoke to a presser soon after the first successful round of capital raising that netted $24M. Here’s a recap of the CEO’s statement. For starters, he reminded everyone in attendance that the funds raised would get funneled into improving the corporate look of the banking firm. John thanked the shareholders for their continued belief and support in the mortgage specializing company.


Here are the notable financial fact sheets revealed by John Holt at the presser, according to PRN


  • In 2016, NexBank grossed a net income of $38.1M
  • Its return on average equity figure stood at 37.6%
  • Total assets reported at over $3.5B
  • Total deposits in 2016 recorded at $2.6B
  • Gross loan obligations to NexBank in 2016 stood at $2.5B
  • The bank retained a tier 1 leveraging status with a ratio of 9.44%


NexBank’s Vice President also expressed his optimism at the future prospects of the leading mortgages firm. He remarked how the extra capital would go into facilitating future scalability options for NexBank Capital, Inc.


BBB- to BBB+


NexBank Capital, Inc. was fortunate to secure a higher unsecured debt rating from the distinguished BBB. The company’s debt rating moved from negative to positive credit rating owing to the tremendous accomplishments they’d made in the banking arena of late. They are authorized and accredited to offer its core services by the FDIC.

Dr. Akhil Reddy, a Man Knowledgeable in Dentistry, Fashion, and Wine

Dr. Akhil Reddy is someone who has spent quite a bit of time focused on dentistry, teeth, and overall oral health. He is someone who has dedicated himself to helping others take care of their mouths and their teeth. This man is not only knowledgeable in the area of dentistry, though, and he has proven that he has more to offer to the world than his dentistry services. He is someone who knows the world of wine as well as the world of fashion, and he has much advice to offer to those who are looking to learn more about either one.

Dr. Akhil Reddy is someone who knows a lot about wine and who has tried many different types of wine. He understands the world of French wine, and he has shared some of the information that he has gleaned through the years with the rest of the world. This man believes that there are low-cost wine options out there that are just as good as the more expensive options. He thinks that there is wine out there that is priced affordably and fitting with the various tastes that different individuals have. He has taken the time to make up a list of wines that have tastes that are similar to the high profile labels but that are available at low and affordable prices. He is ready to help anyone who is looking for great wine at a low price.

Dr. Akhil Reddy is someone who spends a lot of his time in a white coat, and he has had to learn how to make that coat look good. He understands the world of fashion well enough to offer advice to those who have to wear a white coat. This man has shared information on what he feels is appropriate under such a jacket and what he feels can help a person to look good while wearing a white coat. He feels that a dress shirt and a tie are a good option beneath a white coat, but he also feels that a turtleneck can work under that same coat. He has a variety of options that he believes help a white coat to look great, and the world can learn about fashion through him.