Lori Senecal: Marketing Expert And Visionary Leader

Lori Senecal is the Global CEO of CP+B and formerly KBS Global Executive Chairman. She is known for providing strategic vision, improving the company’s unique model as well as working with partner agencies to aid growth and cross-collaboration. A marketing and advertising expert, Senecal joined CP+B in 2015. She is responsible for handling the company’s expansion and global growth along with managing its nine offices worldwide. Lori Senecal has helped to make CP+B more inventive, collaborative and agile through the things she was able to accomplish.

Senecal has earned numerous awards and accolades. She was selected among Advertising Age’s ‘Creativity Innovators of the Year‘ and one of four people voted ‘Agency Executives To Watch’. In 2013 she received a Quantum Leap award during the AWNY Game Changer Awards ceremony for her innovation and leadership. The next year Advertising Age named her one of its ‘Women to Watch’. Senecal was also chosen to become a board of directors of the Ad Council member. She’s known for her expertise in advertising, digital media, integrated marketing, digital strategy, digital, mobile and social media marketing, business development and entrepreneurship.

With her unique leadership style Senecal has helped the companies with which she has been involved to create genuine innovation and content creation, use of new technology and start-up investment to give the brands she represents a competitive advantage. She also helps her employees build the careers they want by backing and incubating the ideas and projects they bring to her via agency-wide invention competitions. This has proven to be a powerful incentive that fuels innovation and an exciting corporate culture that inspires passion among her staff.

According to Forbes Magazine, some of the brands Senecal has helped promote include American Express, Boar’s Head, BMW, Harman, HomeGoods, Simmons Bedding Company, Vanguard, Victoria’s Secret PINK, William Grant & Sons and TE Connectivity. She provides thought leadership and industry insight through her op-eds, award juries, television appearances and speaking engagements. Senecal was the Isaac Awards jury chair for 2 years and the Isaac + Award founder. That awards celebrates the inventions created by students.

An advocate for creating opportunities for women in the workplace, Senecal is involved in mentor-ship and encourages it among her leadership team. She maintains an effective work/life balance by creating a healthy lifestyle includes eating wholesome foods and exercising every morning. This makes her stronger and better equipped to deal with the daily challenges she faces.

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Eric Pulier Is Renowned in the Tech World

The tech world has created many of the wealthiest and most powerful people on the planet. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell and Larry Ellison are a few that quickly come to mind. Eric Pulier is another person who owes quite a bit to the world of technology. He is an innovator just like the men previously mentioned. However, Eric made a name for himself in quite a different way than those gentlemen. All of them created a single business that became very successful. However, Eric has made a living creating multiple companies that have caught on and become profitable.

This was not the way that Pulier thought his life would go. In fact, he had completely different plans for himself. He went to college at Harvard University after growing up in New Jersey. He decided to major in English literature. He never imagined that he was going to be making a living for himself on the other side of the country in Silicon Valley. However, that is exactly what happened. Eric had a chance encounter with a guy who was in the process of getting a new company online. Eric asked if he could help the guy. This was the start of his career in the tech startup industry. He has come a long way since then. He went on to create a wide variety of companies in many different industries.

Pulier has managed to maintain his success because of a formula that he developed. This formula has not let him down and enabled him to achieve repeated success in an industry where most new startups fail quickly. Eric is very careful about the team he assembles to work on each startup project. He also hires only the best web designers to ensure his sites work perfectly. He does research to determine the best places to promote the new business to its core demographic. He also prepares a budget that allows him to know exactly how much money will be needed to run the site before it starts to show a profit. Needless to say, this formula has led to many successful startups.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/pulier for more.


For Eric Lefkofsky, philanthropy is business as usual

Eric Lefkofsky is a billionaire entrepreneur who not only financially endows philanthropic endeavors but also builds good works into his business models. Currently residing in Glencoe, Illinois, Mr. Lefkofsky focuses a majority of his efforts in the Chicago area. His corporate reach is, however, global and substantial.


Mr. Lefkofsky concentrates his endowments on education, arts and culture, human rights, healthcare, and medical research organizations. In the Chicago area, he is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company and a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago according to his LinkedIn profile. Outside Chicago, Mr. Lefkofsky donates to several hospitals, associations and education programs according to the Inside Philanthropy Guide. He is a signatory of the Giving Pledge, a directive established by Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett for billionaires committed to donating most of their wealth to charity. Additionally, Mr. Lefkofsky operates the Lefkofsky Family Foundation to further support scientific and educational initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality of life.  See also www.crunchbase.com.


Mr. Eric Lefkofsky’s generous nature extends beyond nonprofit foundations into the companies he builds. Three examples are Uptake, Lightbank and Tempus, Inc. Uptake benefits global start-up companies by supplying cross-industry data useful in designing and decision making. This extensive, comprehensive database leads to safer, more productive, more efficient companies with less asset loss and less chance of catastrophic failure. The Lightbank.com is a venture capital firm that specializes in backing disruptive technology. As defined by McKinsey and Company, disruptive technology involves innovation that significantly changes or replaces conventional methods for the better. For example, robotic surgery and sustainable energy production are disruptive technologies. Finally, Tempus is a technology company serving the cancer treatment field by amassing a comprehensive, cohesive database of treatments cross-referenced with outcomes, patient medical histories and even genomic sequencing services. This database is available in real-time to assist physicians in choosing and tailoring treatment options for each patient.  Check https://www.tempus.com/about-us/


Mr. Eric Lefkofsky shares his vision with his wife, Liz, and his longtime business partner Brad Keywell.

Learn More About Bruno Fagali

Fagali is an erudite scholar who graduated in 2009 from the Catholic University of Sao Paulo as a lawyer and specified in Administrative Law. Later in his studies, he did his masters in the faculty of law of USP, and now he operates in contentious areas like Anti-corruption, but mainly his keen interest is regulatory law administrative contracts and federal civil actions.

Fagali owns a law firm in Brazil, and its primary intention is public interest communication. In Sao Paulo Bruno currently, owns a personal office having a seat as the corporate integrity manager on his premise based on public opinion. Fagali is driven by self-motivation to make things happen and led by a passion for making the business success.

Talented with great personality his attitude and eagerness to be a successful individual cannot hide his expression to the public and thus he has been part and parcel of the congress and seminars affiliated law procurement and health in Brazil.

Law being his career, Bruno Fagali has aided several cases involving domestic violence, family law and consumer back in 2006. Although in 2007 he was highly applauded at the time he judged on advisory public law contract and in the following year Bruno Fagali made his decision that he is going to be keen on administrative process and regulatory law.

The higher the risk, the higher the profits while in his career he took the risk of his profession by enacting the power of a pen when he wrote an article about corruption for one of the advertising agency in Brasil. This matter raised the temperature to the country, but for Bruno Fagali, this is one of the largest breakthroughs in his life that made him more famous.

Possessing grand ambitions, visions, passion and possess the motive working hard you will surely be satisfied. Bruno Fagali now has the capability of speaking up to four different language that is: Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French and through his passion, his dreams are validly successful.

Source: http://www.poder360.com.br/tag/bruno-fagali/

Going Global; Innovacare Changes Top Leadership

Countries that are not fully industrialized face lots of problems. One of the main issues they suffer from is lack of good health care services. Up until few years ago, Puerto Rico was suffering from lack of reliable managed Medicare services. When Innovacare got to the scene, they transformed service delivery in the sector. Today, the company has a membership of almost a quarter of a million families and following this success, they are thinking about taking the services to the next level. Among the strategies they have put in place to make sure that the growth is achieved is getting new people into the top positions. These new appointments include Richard Shinto who was appointed as the new CEO and Penelope Kokkinides who was appointed to the post of Chief Operating Officer.

Richard Shinto
Shinto has been the CEO of Innovacare since 2012. In the four years that he has been at the top leadership of the company, he has made policy changes on hrmronline.com that have had a huge positive impact on the company. Before he became the CEO at Innovacare, he was heading the Aventa Medicare Group. Richard has worked with several other Medicare companies after he graduated from the New York State University where he studied medicine. Besides being an exemplary business leader on danielestraus.org, Shinto is a medical scholar and he has published many books journals and papers on clinical medicine. All these go to show how fit he is as a candidate for the CEO post.

Penelope Kokkinides
Penelope has been appointed to the post of Chief Administrative officer at the company. For many years, Penelope Kokkinides has been working with group and companies that offer government controlled Medicare and Medicaid plans. Penelope Kokkinides was previously the CEO of Centerlight Limited, a Medicare provision startup. Other companies that she has worked with include the United Health Group, and the Touchstone Health Group where she worked as the chief operations officer. Penelope Kokkinides is very passionate about the provision of quality health care to the people that need it the most but are financially constrained. This is what makes Penelope Kokkinides the ideal candidate for the post of chief administrative officer.

About Innovacare
Four years ago, Innovacare entered the Puerto Rican Market and promised to transform the Medicare field. In the short time they have been there, their membership and provider base has grown to 7500. They are an established force in the industry and are looking for ways to be even more beneficial and take their services beyond borders.

Talk Fusion And Aspects To Success

One thing that Bob Reina has done when developing Talk Fusion for his customers was show people how to succeed. While this app is made for entrepreneurs, he has something even better for them to use. Bob Reina has wanted to teach people about the mindset that is necessary to succeed in business. The necessary mindset for success is that of service. One has to find out what he wants to do and how he wants to serve others. Then he must look for ways to accomplish that. If he is successful, he will go very far in his career.


This is exactly what happened with Talk Fusion. The CEO and developer has first looked for a problem in a certain market. Then he has looked for ways to address this issue. In this case, the issue was marketing. There were a lot of marketers without the adequate tools and resources to help them. This has made it a little challenging in order for them to succeed. Bob Reina believed that the challenges were unnecessary. Therefore, he has put together something that would help them gain a fighting chance in their pursuits of success. This results in a video marketing solutions that gives marketers an edge.


Bob Reina is someone that has studied marketing. Therefore, he understands what it takes in order to make the sales and build the brand. With the use of television and other forms of media, it is important to communicate with the visual aspects of people. While people can still read text, it is more efficient to get the point across with video. Even still images do very little justice when it comes to showing people the product. It is important for people to actually see the product in action before they could make a final decision.

Adam Milstein Tells Ideamensch About Finding Solutions In Business

Within the real estate business, there are a lot of ups and downs for both brokers and investors, and real estate entrepreneur Adam Milstein knows this quite well. He’s the co-founder and Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties, a Los Angeles based investment and property management firm. He also is a spokesperson on behalf of pro Israel agendas at the Israeli-American Council, an organization he and his wife Gila are a part of through the Milstein Foundation. They also founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America, a Hebrew learning and Jewish culture program.


Adam Milstein was interviewed by Ideamensch, a business idea blog that interviews many businessmen to see how they got started and make their ideas come to life. Milstein believes that you have to understand problems and make the solution come true for yourself without needing other people’s help. He’s done a lot of that throughout his career, including becoming a real estate broker when the job opportunities he was presented with didn’t fit what he wanted. He didn’t always have instant success as a businessman, and he admits after one attempt at selling art didn’t go so well, he had to learn patience and persistence. But he believes in finding consistency and in following up with all of his leads, however many they may be.


Milstein began his career helping his father in the building framing business while still in Israel. His parents had moved to Israel from Latin America back when it first became a modern nation-state in 1948. Adam was born in 1952, the oldest of three sons. He joined the Israeli army while still a young man, and fought in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. He got his bachelor’s degree at the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology in 1978 and then got his MBA at USC in 1981. Not long after, he and David Hager built Hager Pacific Properties. In the year 2000, he and Gila founded the Milstein Foundation and the various Israel coalition groups. He made the Jerusalem Post’s 2016 list of Top 50 Most Influential Jews at number 39 behind figures such as Haim Saban and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Duties of Brazilian Lawyers as Public Defenders

Brazil’s Federal Constitution guarantees full legal representation to the needy. Thus, Brazilian lawyers can serve as public defenders. Public defender offices are available in every part of the nation, and the government is in charge of operating them.

History surrounding the establishment of public defender unit

The concepts of a public defender arose in 1896 following the creation of a decree to offer free legal assistance to the economically disadvantaged individuals. This decree began in the Federal District, which comprised of the Rio de Janeiro City. The idea of legal assistance was expanded to the whole country in 1937, following the enactment of a new constitution.

In Brazil, being a public defender does not limit you to representing people accused of crimes. You can also offer legal services in areas such as human rights, child adolescent law, family law, and civil law. Before the state assigns a public defendant, the individual must publicly declare that she or he is needy and cannot afford the attorney fees. However, legal help is not restricted to only representation by a lawyer since Brazilian citizens may acquire funding for court costs, expert witness, and other expenditures associated with the litigation.

Ricardo Tosto

Thanks to his endless passion for law and exceptional learning abilities, Tosto has earned a top spot among leading legal representatives in Brazil. He has assisted investors to launch successful businesses and to deal with litigation cases through his field-tested advice and perfect representation. Tosto has served as a private lawyer for established politicians, affluent executives, government agencies, and corporations. He has developed his skills in corporate restructuring, commercial litigation, banking, M&A, credit recovery, electoral law, as well as international law.

Ricardo Tosto has led other Brazilian lawyers in reforming laws and institutions responsible for implementing laws. He sits on the board of directors of Brazilian Bar Association, and Partnership Research Center. He is among the founding fathers of Brazilian Institute for Electoral and Party Law Research (IBEDEP). Other than his law career, Tosto is an accomplished author and frequent speaker. His engaging articles and reviews have been published in leading journals. He has spoken at many global events and conferences on legal topics.

For more information please visit http://globoplay.globo.com/v/3436363

How Dentists Can Easily Manage Their Growth Process With MB2 Dental

Every career comes with responsibilities and challenges and to grow one has to overcome all these challenges. Sometimes the challenges seem too heavy for the individual to overcome and the only option is to seek support from someone who seems to understand the underlying problems better. Professional dentists find themselves in such dilemmas where they have to look for solutions to problems that threaten to put their careers down. Many are the times when one is forced to close business due to lack of some skills like accounting. With many professionals willing to offer help, dentists should embrace the support that is offered by agencies like MB2 Dental.


MB2 Dental is an organization that deals with all types of challenges that dentists face. They review the progress of dentists then come up with solutions to the main issues that are ailing the professionals. They also conduct research to verify the performance of the dentist before offering advice on the right course of action. Being that everyone wants to run a successful office, it remains necessary to work with professionals like MB2 Dental, who will shape your career and offer you the advice you need to understand how the industry works.


Human resource

One may be a perfect dentist but working on human resource roles may prove daunting. This is where you need to introduce a third force to come for your rescue to keep the business moving and to help you to make the right choices. MB2 Dental deals with all types of human resource tasks and ensures all the hiring that takes place is beneficial to the hospital. They have an experienced team of professionals, who take time to review the information that is presented before them to get ideas about the right course of action.


Billing and collections

Another area of a dentist that calls for professional support is billing and collections. It is vital to make the right decisions as pertains billing to avoid sinking the business into debts. Dents are the gateway to failure if proper management is not engaged, so by all means getting a professional to support the billing activities and processes is a necessary process that should never be overlooked while developing the business. Consult with professionals from all categories to understand the things that you need to emerge as a reliable dentist and to build a reputation that can guarantee your business a great future.


Leding Comestic Surgeon Returns To Austin

The world of cosmetic surgery is one of the most challenging fields for contemporary medicine. Examined under that light the accomplishments of Jennifer Walden are much more amazing. That’s not to say the accomplishments aren’t amazing regardless of the light you cast them in. The work she accomplished during her time in Manhattan is nothing to scoff at. However, when you factor in how far she has managed to go as a woman in a field dominated by men her true brilliance is revealed. Despite all of the work she was involved in while living in Manhattan Dr.Walden decided to return to her hometown of Austin,TX.


While she would’ve liked to stay in Manhattan starting a family made returning home much more appealing. She wanted her twin sons to grow up around family and experience the culture she grew up with. Moving her practice to Texas was a difficult process, but with the help of her mother and nannies she has managed to make to relocate without any problems. In Austin she will practice cosmetic surgery at the esteemed Westlake Medical Center. Here she conducts surgeries right next to her private office and maintains the highest standards for her practice. The set up is perfect for juggling motherhood and work together.


When Walden decided it was time to return to Austin she did so with a certain philosophy in mind. She sets out to do what is in the best interest of her children and her patients. If there is anywhere she can improve and give more she doesn’t hesitate to work on making that change. Her years of experience give her insight into which decisions are the best for practice. With her long history of leadership in the cosmetic surgery profession she is better equipped than anyone else to understand exactly what she needs to do.