Ricardo Tosto And The Plea Of Brazilian Lawyers For Restructuring Reform

One of the more recent news about the legal environment in Brazil today would be the report from Latin Lawyer that talked about how Brazilian lawyers are calling out for improved DIP finance restructuring in Brazil.

In the report, it is revealed that restructuring Brazil’s legal system has long been a plea for many lawyers in Brazil already. These lawyers also demand a better system required for the debtor-in-possession financing programs in the country. Fortunately, these lawyers are hopeful that they can reach the goal where lawyers are both happy and satisfied with the reforms.

The call for restructuring change has been made in the Latin Lawyer-FRR Live 3rd Annual Restructuring in New York. It also highlighted that right now, the DIP financing provisions available are not yet stabilized. There is still a need for equitable mootness in the legal system. One of the lawyers in Brazil who are focused in this reform and advocacy is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho.

About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of today’s most prominent lawyers in Brazil. His experience in legal services has already been tested and has consistently been praised by most legal authorities in the country. It is also safe to state that it is the high-degree of expertise of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho that the reputation of law firm, Leite, Tosto and Barros has gained its impressive reputation to date.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is also a lawyer that has been accredited and recommended by the Latin American Association of Corporate Law. This is a distinguished acknowledgement of the level of performance that Carvalho has for his career.

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Jeff Herman; How to Protect Your Child from Sexual Predators

Technology is vastly taking over parent’s lives thereby making their children pretty much exposed to a lot of life’s dangers. If the rising number of sexual predators is anything to go by, then parents need to drop their tech-gadgets and look after their children because these sexual predators are taking advantage of their absence in their children’s lives. Even with that said, Jeff Herman is still willing to help parents save their children from sexual predators through a few useful tips;

• Initiate the Sex Talk Early Enough

Because sex is a very sensitive topic, you need to initiate it early enough. For instance, when your children are of age, you should talk to them about their bodies and how they should keep boundaries. However, you also need to use the age-appropriate language for it. This, coupled with the right vocabulary, should get the information home.

• Teach Your Children to Say ‘No’

Whatever the age is, ensure that your child understands that saying no is a right. This is especially applicable if they are touched inappropriately by someone that makes them feel uncomfortable. Also, make sure that your child knows nobody should touch them inappropriately.

• Give Life’s Real Examples

Ensure that your kids know that there are people in life who can abuse them sexually irrespective of how close they are. For instance, teachers and close family friends can be abusive. Moreover, you need to emphasize that even police officers or the clergy are not allowed to touch them.

• Keep the Talk Going
The sex talk needs to be an on-going discussion. This is because preventing sexual abuse equals maintaining an open-line of focal conversations with the child. Besides, using everyday situations to repeat the risks of child sexual abuse will help them remember the lessons and perhaps flee from dangerous life scenarios.

How Should Children Spot the Signs?

It is obvious that children cannot identify sexual abuse signs without the help of adults. The most crucial part of it all is for the two parties to have an amazing relationship with each other.

Jeff Herman first served as an attorney for sexual abuse cases when he exposed a clergy in Miami’s Archdiocese. In 2011, he bagged a landmark case worth $100 million in the case of an abused client. Until now, he has been representing sexually abused clients successfully.

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Jeff Herman

Vinod Gupta: The Everest Group Leader in Database Technology and Philanthropy

Vinod Gupta is known for achieving success in the technology industry. His business skills resulted in growing a small three figure loan into a company he sold for $680 million. As an active contributor of his community, Gupta has established schools in India. Additionally, he created fellowships for students in fields such as business and science.

He used the loan proceeds from the initial loan to sell a list of providers around the country who could purchase a mobile home. After developing a database of providers, he began to market the database he created and experienced success. Gupta recognized other industries may have a desire for a similar, database and he launched his first company American Business Information. The company was extremely successful and experienced a great deal of growth, which led to the sale of the organization.

The Everest Group is the family owned firm which Vinod Gupta is currently managing. The business assists companies which are in the technology industry by assisting them in the area of operations. Moreover, the company helps unsuccessful companies reach financial goals. Changes in technology have impacted how Gupta does business. The data requests Gupta receives from customers is now inclusive of data which is within the proximity of particular locations. Vinod Gupta anticipates the future of technology will require real time information which customers have not identified.

Vinod Gupta earned a Bachelor of Science degree from ITT located in India. He received a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering and Business from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in the United States. Gupta is a strong advocate in the power of an education which is evidenced by the internship opportunities he provides to students. Gupta finds offering educational opportunities to rising professionals the most rewarding aspect of achievement.


Jed McCaleb Is Making Some Interesting Predictions About The Future Of The World’s Financial System

Jed McCaleb is the man who created the first cryptocurrency exchange, known as Mt. Gox, and he is also the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Stellar. When he looks into the future, he sees a worldwide currency system that is powered by blockchain technology. More specifically, McCaleb envisions a world where a digital token allows everyone in the world to have a bank account and transfer money with ease at a low cost. Stellar is exactly that and functions as a worldwide payment system that is making life easier for many people.

According to McCaleb, he is happy to see that major financial institutions are beginning to see the light by considering working with Stellar. He has shared some of his thoughts in the past about the way he thinks that a universal payments network will be a part of Stellar’s offerings. This will be powered by the blockchain and will be able to process other assets like stocks, as well. McCaleb is expecting that within the next decade the blockchain will power all assets and represent them with a token. The Lumens, which is Stellar’s token, has been moving up in price for some time with the lightning network pushing it forward.

If you take a look at Jed McCaleb’s Linkedin account, you will see that he founded MetaMachine and operated as its CTO from 2000 until 2005. MetaMachine was responsible for the creation of eDonkey2000 as well as kdrive, which allowed people to share files on a p2p network that was decentralized. His Linkedin page also reveals that he has been an advisor to the NameMachine Intelligence Research Institute since 2015, which is a nonprofit that works to keep artificial intelligence in check and working to move humanity forward.

Jed McCaleb is predicting that Stellar will be a large part of the movement to overhaul the financial system of the world, which he sees as broken. He believes that by the year 2028 there will be a new financial system in place that helps the world to run a lot smoother than it does now. As a pioneer in a very important industry, it is hard to argue with him.

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Trading With Advice From NetPicks

Forex trading can be the best type of money one could make. The only thing is that people have to make sure they have an extensive amount of knowledge before they get started trading. This can save them from a lot of failures. Even though there will be failures, the best thing to do would be to reduce these failures so that there can be a lot of progress. Therefore, traders have to make sure that they are getting a ton of insight from the right sources like NetPicks. Sites like NetPicks will help people by getting to the source of the challenge, hit financeswire.com.

The website of NetPicks is filled with tons of trading tips, watch also here on (Youtube.com).

However, they address the one major tip that is important to the success of the individual. They give the trader tips on how to bring forth the right type of thought patterns for success. Many people think about failure as something that should be avoided at all costs. This often results in people holding onto trades that are losing. This also causes people to cut their trades as soon as it starts profiting. NetPicks and other sources of information have cited this as a sign of inexperience. One of the reasons that this is a sign of experience is that people have not figured out a type of strategy that will help them win trades.

Each trader has to manage their mindset and come to an understanding of a fundamental fact of trading and money management. It is only then that they can decide on a strategy. Even after picking a strategy, they can still learn from NetPicks, click (Crunchbase.com). At some point, they can also make contributions to NetPicks if they so choose once they become very profitable as traders. Some of the best traders are willing to pass their secrets along for others to learn.


Why Should You Be Acquainted With Cassio Audi?

You should know Cassio Audi because his is a living music legend in Brazil being one of the most popular music artists in this part of the world. He was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Cassio was college educated, having gone to the Pontifical University. After studying there from 1989 to 1994, he went on his advance studies in the University of Sao Paulo getting his Master in Business Administration.

But music was Cassio’s first love. Before studying in college, he was very active in  band Viper in 1985. This was the time when he was exploring his musical interests and created close friends in the industry. In the process, Cassio became a well-known music personality.

Cassio’s Music Background

The Viper was formed by two brothers, Yes and Passarell. They were joined by Andre and Felipe Matos. Cassio joined the band as their drummer. The music that the band created had a mass following among the Brazilians. Cassio used his musical talents to establish good working relations with those he collaborated with. He persisted in pitching songs that he likes. Cassio was also constantly presenting his musical ideas which played a major role in developing musical career. His musical talent was greatly appreciated by many Brazilians.

Cassio’s Musical Talents

It was through his exceptional musical talents and skills that Viper was able to create high quality music. Through his musical abilities, the band was able to garner many musical awards. The band reached the top of the charts in several countries, not just Brazil, but in the United States, Japan and Europe.

Cassio Is Also A Financial Wizard

Observing the languishing state of Brazil’s economy, he started to invest the money he earned from his music in some of the country’s commercial enterprises to help its people. He focused his efforts in business concerns that helped the youth and the elderly retirees. Today, Cassio has collected more than 22 years of financial management experience. Currently, he is back in business administration working as a financial adviser and manages private and public equity funds. He is also an accountant and is an expert in growth strategy, IPO, controllership and many more.

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OSI Group growth as a food provider

Mr David McDonald is the president and Chief Operating officer at OSI Group. He also serves as the project manager of the OSI Group. The OSI Group has a very long entertaining history of client’s relations, technological innovation and the early recognition of the growth of the opportunities that have led to the growth of a small German butcher shop to grow into one of the leading world’s food provider that serves many people. During the 20th century when Otto was the leader of the booming German immigrant community in Chicago, the city’s population at that time was both a centre of industry and entry of new immigrants who were to come and establish new and improved farms on the plains. In 1990 when the immigrants had landed, Kolschowsky opened small retail meat and a butcher that would serve the people of his community.

The OSI Group industry continued to grow rapidly due to the services they provided in the food processing industry. The transition from regional suppliers to the two sons of Otto changed over two decades.one of the major thing that was to be done was to provide all individual restaurants with their customers the consistent products. At the time when Ray Kroc was still a franchise agent for a San Bernardino, he opened up the first McDonald restaurant. But before he opened the original McDonald Kroc, he took a handshake agreement with the two sons of Mr Otto Kolschowsky –Arthur and Harry which brought a positive development in the company.

Within a short period the OSI Company grew up abruptly with its value in protein products from sausages, Hamburger and Pizza.it globally expanded due to its impressive rates of a broader range of products under the Group’s banners. Earlier in 2010, the group opened a beef production company in Japan making their market to expand, in 2012 two new companies were opened in India, one in Bangalore and the other one in Punjab. Over the many years, Europe has been focusing on the focus of the OSI Group growth to be the best industry in food production. The fulfilment of the OSI producers on the ground is to provide the latest technologies in food safety as well as good partnering of the workers. The Group has won many awards for their dedication to the environmental efforts, and they received the California Green Business Awards and the Environmental Recognition Award from the North America Meat Institute. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago

All About Graeme Holm Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm is known to have a career with 17 years of experience in the sector of financial services. He is a man who has been able to complete his accreditations across the finance, financial planning, and real estate. This is where he has dealt with the sectors for more than 10 years majoring the four banking environment, and he was embarrassed by only pushing one branded service and product offerings. What made Graeme Holm become appalled in Australia is after seeing that families there have been receiving poor deals from the financial offering institutions directly. This is what drove him to start Infinity Group Australia Pty company, where he wanted to fix the problem and change the lives of the people in Australia financially.


The Infinity group is said to have a difference when compared to the traditional broker. According to Graeme Holm, their approach is much different when compared because they have a fact where they find extensive details that are around the household expenses together with the family needs without just looking at the wants only. The organization is working with clients across multiple meetings so that to understand, get a fine tune and be able to assist the clients to implement a weekly cash-based budget for their necessities like weekly groceries, travel expenses, fuel, and entertainment.


Typically, after they have approved their application and then loan has been settled, then a traditional broker task is over but at this point is where the organization Infinity gets started. Their clients get allocated banker which will help them be able to pay their loan quickly. The company will provide a monthly performance report to all its clients which will enable them to ascertain in case they will make some adjustments for the family budget or in case their performance is still under goals of expectations. They also provide their clients with a detailed review of six months so that they can make sure that their client has succeeded and an absolute commitment to reducing the family mortgage.


It is at the Infinity company where each and every dollar is given a purpose and there is much focus on the difference which is between a need and wants and also helping the client keep an accountable to his/her goals. This is why they have been helping each client that is approaching them. So far, the company has not yet met a client that they have not been able to help. For example, Paul Gallen is among their clients yet he is an athlete and also a nanny aged 22 years who was able to purchase his second investment property.


What they believe is that credit in Australia is the enemy for an average family living in the country because most have a direct access and they spend what they have. A debit card is able to operate as a credit card which ensures families have not hyperextended the outgoings. Learn more: https://medium.com/@graemeholm


Equities First Holdings Brings Financial And Investment Opportunities to Australia

Equities First Holdings, a global leader in alternative lending solutions, has relocated its Australian offices in Melbourne to a larger location. The acquisition of the larger space will allow the company to provide more efficient customer support and make room for its expanding staff and client base. Equities First Holdings has offices located in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. The Melbourne location is the companies regional headquarters, and company executives at the new location expect the Australian business to continue to grow.

Equities First Holdings Past and Present

Since it was founded in 2002, EFH has been providing its clients with alternative lending solutions that allow businesses and individuals the opportunity to borrow against shares of stocks traded publicly through exchanges around the world. This unique and innovative service allows many of their clients the opportunity to obtain capital that would otherwise be more difficult or impossible to obtain through a bank or other more traditional lender.

Equities First Holdings is now a global leader in financial industry with locations around the world. The company has grown by leaps and bound since its inception and experienced some phenomenal growth in borrowers seeking stock-based loans as an alternative to conventional credit-based loans.

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Gregory Aziz And His Contribution Towards National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz was born in 1949 in Ontario London. He went to Ridley College and later proceeded to pursue economics at Western University in Ontario. His is passionate about entrepreneurship. After graduating from the university, he joined Affiliated Foods. This company was run by the family and dealt with the distribution of food. It was a huge company which imported foods from Central America, South America and Europe. Affiliated Foods was also known as the best importer and seller of foods to the US and Eastern Canada.


In the next decades, Gregory J Aziz dedicated his time and efforts to working in the investment banking sector. He sought employment opportunities in financial institutions in New York City. During this period, he increased his knowledge of finances and investment. Being that he had also acquired management and leadership skills in his family business. He was able to buy National Steel Car. Defasco owned this company, and it was Canadian based. His main goal with this company was to make it one of the leading in the manufacture of railroad freight.


The purchase of National Steel Car and its management showed Greg Aziz effectiveness in leadership and management. Under his authority, the company had increased its productivity. Initially, it was only making 3500 cars each year, but by 1999, the number of cars manufactured increased to 12,000 annually. This was a significant improvement, and it showed the strategic leadership and commitment of Greg James Aziz.


One of the main areas that Greg Aziz concentrated on to achieve such growth was in team building. All the workers and the management worked towards a common goal. He also strengthened the engineering capabilities and experience of National Steel Car. Proper human and capital investment were also critical in the realization of growth for this company. Apart from increasing productivity, Greg Aziz also helped in the creation of 3000 job opportunities while initially, they were only 600.


Innovation has been critical in the production of cars. National Steel Car concentrates on producing unique, and quality products and this explains why it is among the leading in this industry. Today, this company is the only one that has ISO 9001:2008 in North America. Notably, the firm has been recertified severally over the years. With the skills and expertise that Greg Aziz leads this company with, a lot of growth is expected in the near future.   Get Related Information Here.