Measuring Success With Wes Edens

As of recently, professional Wes Edens has a net worth of over $1.2 billion. For many people, this is a measurement of success that can not get any better. However, for professionals such as Wes Edens, there is always room for improvement in any aspect. In fact, he shows this type of attitude in the many areas of business and investing that he is a part of. For those who don’t know, Wes Edens amassed most if not all of his fortune self-made style. What this has allowed Wes Edens to do is keep a humble mentality that continues to drive him, even though he is already one of the most successful professionals in all the business and financial industry.

Because he knows so well how his life was before he garnered all of his success, his will to stay where he currently is as a successful professional has built him a mindset that not many businesses or investing experts have to their benefit. This, along with many other contributors, has been the leading factors that have kept the 46-year-old as a distinguished leader in business. Now, as we can imagine, Wes Edens has accomplished many successes in his career. Having said that, here is more on Wes Edens and some of the career accomplishments that have made him who he is today.

Wes Edens & The Accomplishments that made him

There have been a plethora of successful contributions that have made Wes Edens a tremendous business and financial expert and professional. Putting aside his successful academic career at Oregan State University, the fact that he is the co-founder of the Milwaukee Bucks, and even the fact that he is the co-founder of the successful investment company Fortress Investment Group, and we are still left with a very successful individual in Wes Edens. More so than anything, this shows how tremendous his career has become. However, his contributions to Fortress Investment Group have stood out above his many other successes. As mentioned before, he is well-respected as a co-founder and leader of the company. In many ways, we can say that the successes of Fortress Investment Group do not come without the brilliant mind of Wes Edens. Put simply, there is no Fortress Investment Group if there is not Wes Edens. Wat he has accomplished with this alternative banking solution is incredible, to say the least. This is why it is a safe bet to say that he will continue in his successful ways.

Equities First Holding Makes News As Being One Of The Very Best Lending Companies Around

Equities First Holdings have always been a company that has strived to be the best in the banking world since they began operating 15 years ago and that determination to be the very best has led them into the position they are in today as one of the top banking institutions around.

Equities First Holdings continue to do their very best to make sure that their customers are always happy with the business they do with the company and will continue to make sure that their customers are only getting the very best from Equities First Holding in the future as well.

Randal Nardone the CEO and the Co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone holds a Bachelor of Arts in science from Connecticut University and acquired J.D from Boston University. He is the CEO and the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. He has been the CEO as from August 2013 and the principal from 1998. Fortress Investment Group is well recognized for running private-equity pools and also providing credit resources.Aged 55 years, Randal Nardone is in position 557 in the list of billionaires. In 2007, he graced Forbes magazines for being among the list of World of Billionaires with the estimated net wealth of $ 1.8 billion. Previously, he worked in UBS as the managing director. Earlier before he joined the Swiss banking giant, he worked as BlackRock principal in financial management.

Previously, he was a member and a partner of the management board at the law industry of Thacher Proffitt & Wood. The main reason for opening Fortress Investment Group was to help other investors. Randal Nardone had an idea of providing individuals with an opportunity for a brighter future. He knew that he wanted to make differences on the people who worked on their own. Due to the good establishment of the company, the company thrived within a short time as he remained to be an active member of the business. He was confident of his skills which made a huge difference to the employees and the clients. The company thrived, and they worked hard to give people the opportunity they needed to be successful. He felt that it was his responsibility to give business people what they want in order to succeed.

When Softbank asked about acquisition opportunities, he agreed to it.Randal Nardone wanted them to have Fortress Investment Group since it meant more chances for them. By trying things on their own, he wanted them not to struggle with all pressures that come along when running an industry on their own. By having a head company meant that they got the support they required to help them get better and grow on their own. This was his way of giving people an opportunity of trying things out on their own. The staffs feel they work with thoughtful and smart people. Currently, SoftBank Vision Fund serves nations in technologies and business. It has $36.1 assets, and it manages over 17500 customers and also private investors. Randal Nardone has also served in various senior positions such as the secretary and the vice president of Newcastle Investment Holdings LCC. He serves as the principal, COO and the CEO of Fortress Registered Investment Trust where he is also a co-founder.

Financial Expert and Philanthropist – Peter Briger

He works with the largest investment group in the world; Fortress Investment Group. Peter Briger brings his experience to Fortress Investment Group. Mr. Peter has been specializing in finalizing important business deals in the financial industry. In 2002 Briger was appointed as the Principal and the co-chairman of the Board of Directors of Fortress Investment Group. Peter immediately began his duties managing the real estate as well as the securities of the organization. After few years of serving in the top alternative asset management firm, Peter was promoted to the position of a co-chairman and principle. Peter Briger made a new step and he expanded Fortress by creating a new team and he raised funds to establish Fortress Credit opportunities Fund IV. Peter continued to serve with dedication at the organization by dealing with both alternative as well as non-performing assets.

With the of Peter Briger, Fortress Investment Group is able to purchase more assets at a cheaper price. The assets acquired by the alternative investment group would later be sold at a higher price gaining profit to the group. For an extended period of time, Peter has bee able to help other organizations make big returns from assets bought as well as troubled assets from separate industries. Prio to joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger was serving under the tutelage of Goldman, Sachs, and Co.Briger where he worked for 15 years and in 1996 he became a partner. At Co. Briger, Peter was privileged to be in different committee including; Global Control and Compliance Committee, Japanese Executive Committee, as well as Asian Management Committee.

After his high school graduation, Peter joined the Princeton University in 1984 and he graduated with a Bachelors of Art and he later went to study at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business where he studied and graduated with an MBA. Peter is also a leader in other organizations including; Princeton University where he has been serving as the alumni board since 2015. The board was created with a primary purpose of powering entrepreneurship. Mr. Peter is not a business person and leader at Fortress Investment Group, but he is very active in the community. He is a philanthropist and he has contributed to many organizations in his society. In 2015 together with two of his colleagues they contributed money to buy gifts and support a pilot program. Peter Briger is listed at number 407 in the Forbes richest individuals in the world.

NewsWatch Tv Branding and Client Review

Upon watching Natalie Van Wijkvliet’s client testimonial about NewsWatch TV it was immediately apparent that NewsWatch loves supporting, empowering and promoting to the best of their service the products and brands that they have the pleasure to report about.

Originally started as a creative platform for discussing financial issues in March of 1990, ewsWatch TV soon thereafter rebranded as a technology, consumer and entertainment media outlet with a focus on current news, celebrity interviews, app and product reviews, PSA’s and more.

Natalie, who appeared as CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of AVANCA INTL – a Dutch based product and technology company, outpoured her appreciation for the team and marketing support that NewsWatch was able to provide. Noting this was their second time partnering with NewsWatch, Natalie had high acclaim for the definite success that their first campaign, a crowdfunding venture for a mobile PC project had – due in large part to the involvement of the NewsWatch team.

The host of the testimonial, segued perfectly into asking Natalie to introduce AVANCA’s latest project, a new desktop PC with all the added benefits of a mobile device, a release from AVANCA’s new Ockel 8 line.

For their initial partnership AVANCA’s first campaign raised numbers to the tune of $456,551. Their expected goal was $10,000 over 30 days. The pressure was on for this fundraiser as AVANCA’s indegogo campaign was all or nothing, hit the anticipated mark, or all funds will return to their sender. With a smart decision to hire NewsWatch for assistance AVANCA was able to surpass their mark, an immense success for both the brand as well as the team behind NewsWatch who are obviously dedicated to a successful channel for both content providers and their audiences as well.

Find out more about NewsWatch TV Reviews:

Talos Energy’s interest in Zama-1 Project

PEMEX discovery of the Zama-1 Project.

PEMEX, an exploration company dealing with the discovery of gas and oil, has recently made a discovery of an oil reserve off the Mexican coast near Sureste Basin. The drilling companies want to bid for the acquisition of the drilling project. This reserve has a big potential of producing billions of oil barrels hence a lot of companies are competing to take part in the drilling and supplying of the oil across the country.

This reserve has been named as the Zama-1 well. 400-800MMbbl could be recovered from this reserve which has bears oil to more than a thousand feet. The oil volumes of this reserve could extend into another reserve which PEMEX is also in control of. Some drilling companies have shown interest in this project so that PEMEX will have a maximum efficiency in its operation. Activities of appraisal drilling will start late this year or early next year. The interested drilling companies include Talos Energy, Sierra Oil & Gas, and Premier Oil.

Projects of the Premier Oil Company.

Premier Oil has partnered with other oil companies in the offshore block-2 project where it has an extendable 10% interest. A determination through study is being made on the projects in order to realize the project that should be worked on first. Premier Oil has also determined the best prospects in the projects that are off the coast of Brazil where it has shown interest.

Premier Oil are partners with Petronas in projects off Mauritania’s Coasts though oil production has been officially and permanently stopped. A drillship is using water injectors to temporary suspend the oil production in these fields. The government will approve of the abandonment plan where suspension will be done permanently.

Tough times for the economy have risen. Therefore, energy exploration and drilling companies must be competent to remain in this market. This will be by delivering its projects within the required time. They must be accurate with the projects’ data. If they fail to deliver such requirements, other firms will be ready to work with government-owned nationalized companies such as PEMEX.

GreenSky Credit and a Capable Founder

David Zalik is the founder of a company that’s known as GreenSky. He’s the firm’s organized and driven Chief Executive Officer as well. GreenSky has brought financial institutions and banks together. David Zalik created a total of three companies  prior to establishing GreenSky. Investors believe that he has a value that tops $3.5 billion. Fifth Third Bancorp is an example of an investor that makes that estimate. GreenSky is a business that has been able to reach well over one million individuals out there.

David Zalik has done immensely well for himself so far. His glory began while he was extremely youthful, too. He’s a math genius of sorts who actually skipped his high school education. He started taking classes at Auburn University when he was merely 14 years in age. Mathematics was his focal point at the school. He inherited his adoration of the topic from his father. David Zalik established a company that was called MicroTech Information Systems  not long after his time in college commenced. He did so while he was just a bright-eyed freshman. MicroTech Information Systems put together computers. Once it did that, it completed sales with all kinds of students.

David Zalik resides in Atlanta in Georgia at the moment. He’s presently at the helm of GreenSky. This business puts its attention on mobile credit matters. It’s collaborating with financial institutions as means of making it easier for individuals to secure loans. Zalik indicates that the company collaborates with merchant retailers to give the public quick and hassle-free promotional credit. It gets assistance from 17,000 respected retailers.

David Zalik is in his early forties right now. He’s equipped with guidance and tips that can aim the aspiring entrepreneurs of the world. He encourages teenagers to seek assistance from talented and knowledgeable mentors. He thinks that young adults who are in their twenties need to understand their identities perfectly. He believes that entrepreneurs who are in their third decades of life need to have self-esteem. He wants them to trust the feelings that come naturally to them. He also wants them to give other thought approaches chances.

Future of Gold and Silver Looks Bright

In uncertain political times, people tend to turn to precious metals. And, if the experts are to be believed, it would appear that the year 2018 is no exception. Often referred to as “America’s Gold Authority,” the group called U.S. Money Reserve has invested a lot of time and energy into exploring and predicting the future potential of gold and silver in this modern market.

In fact, their Chief Numismatist John Rothans has a lot to say about what the coming days and months may hold.

In order to properly understand what the forecast may be, we need to take a look at where gold is right now. Over the year 2017, this precious metal managed to outperform many of its precious metal peers, remaining relatively steady during what was a tumultuous year, politically speaking.

According to many of the world’s experts in the topic, including people who represent TD Securities, Goldman Sachs and more, highs hovering around $1,400 an ounce are to be expected.

However, not all of the analysts are on the same page as to when these highs will occur. Understandably, there are always unforeseen circumstances that can creep in and create havoc or inflate prices. But with so many experts feeling bullish on gold, the sunny outlook should not be overlooked. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

With the Chinese and Indian economies showing a substantial amount of progress, it would seem that there will be high demand for gold this year. After all, gold is often used in fine jewelry and electronic components that are usually bought by those who are making a good income.

According to many experts, gold mining rates are not cropping up at a clip that will keep up with this demand, meaning that prices are bound to rise. With the United States dollar (USD) in a precarious position, there is yet another factor in place to support the rise of gold prices. Typically, when the dollar falls, the price of gold tends to skyrocket.

Another crucial issue is the availability of gold, which has been opening up to more people than ever. Countries are slowly starting to realize that many of their citizens would prefer to invest in a precious metal that boasts a formidable track record, as opposed to a currency that may or may not fail.

With so many factors portending the rise of this popular metal, the future looks golden indeed.

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Stream Energy Shows its Care for Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey joins the list of some of the most atrocious natural disasters to hit southern Texas. Alongside affecting more than 135,000 homes as well as 13 million individuals, the storm left devastating impacts in the country. As such, companies and businesses have come forward to support these victims. One such company is Stream Energy.

Stream Energy upholds philanthropy and corporate social responsibility. The direct-selling energy company just launched a charity foundation called Stream Cares with the initiative to formalize its yearly philanthropic activities in the country.

Moreover, in September, the company made a formal announcement about its intention to indulge in a series of philanthropic activities to assist the community in healing and recovering the lost property. Some of the measures the company indulged in include donating money to the American Red Cross in addition to letting go of energy fines accumulating on client’s invoices.

Although Stream Energy has been supportive of philanthropy for decades, the case of Hurricane Harvey was different with the company striving to leverage charity through its business associates. Most fundamentally, the management rallied its partners to contribute to the project by donating money and other resources that would improve the lives of the victims.

Moreover, the company has remained dedicated to helping its community through direct selling. Alongside a business model that strongly depends on its candidates for financial support the company is now giving back to the same people who were affected. As such, its image is becoming admired for contributing to the development of the community.

Since independent associates earn bonuses, revenues and free services inclusive of free recovery packs, they are now receiving a helping hand from the same company they have been supporting for some time.

Regarding the storm, the company initiated a campaign to independently support victims through monetary contributions. The crowdfunding has since attracted associates from different parts of the country. Having stated its intention to donate the equivalent of $25,000, Stream Energy managed to match up to its responsibilities.

Over and above, Stream Energy, a company based in Dallas spreads its services across New York, Georgia, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. Their commitment to empowering people has since made it possible for investors to approach them for business. With its leaders, the company has received awards based on its philanthropic activities. Some of the awards include the Dallas Business Journal Award of the Year and the Direct Selling Association’s Code of Ethics Award.

Mark Mofid Has All But Perfected The Field Of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Mark Mofid is one of the top plastic surgeons in the United States these days for his contributions and his talk on plastic surgery over the years. Not only does he work to make the industry safer and to build its name, but he performs surgery out his practice for hundreds of patients each and every year. Negative press has damaged the reputation of plastic surgery in the past, but thankfully the field has become much safer due to the efforts of plastic surgeons like Mark Mofid. Not only is Mark board-certified, but he has glowing recommendations from his universities where he earned his degrees, including Johns Hopkins and Harvard University.

Mark Mofid performs all sorts of plastic surgery’s out of his practice in California, but he has specialized in glute augmentations for the better part of his career. He has personally worked with and studied some of the best gluteal surgeons int he world, especially down in Brazil where they have become extremely popular. In order to please his patients and keep them and the industry safe, Mark Mofid always follows the highest standards when he performs surgery. Not only has he developed higher quality glute implants, but he uses the safest methods for procedures to provide lasting and natural looking results. Mark never performs odd surgeries or uses oversized implants for his patients, as they only increase the chances of things going wrong unnecessarily.

Regardless, plastic surgery will continue to grow as long as there are men like Mark Mofid with the goal of improving the industry. Mark doesn’t just want to improve the industry by numbers either, with more money or better statistics. He wants people to generally feel safer and happier about getting their procedures done. Not only does plastic surgery help rebuild a persons confidence, but plastic surgery is also used in general surgery too to improve conditions or quality of life in some way when accidents occur. As an already world-renowned plastic surgeon, Mark has little to do to build his reputation, but he has regular work planned for improving the quality of plastic surgery in the future.