Jed McCaleb Expects Blockchain Technology To Revolutionize The World’s Financial System

Jed McCaleb has been working in the cryptocurrency world for many years, and he believes that there are going to be some big changes coming to the world’s financial system over the next decade or so. As the co-founder and CTO of Stellar, he has been working with blockchain technology to create a better, faster, and cheaper way of making cross-border payments. He was the creator of Mt. Gox, which was the original bitcoin exchange, and he has worked on many other blockchain projects that have found great success.

Jed McCaleb sees a future where a universal payment network that involves a public ledger will be running the world’s financial system. Stellar is currently doing this and is breaking ground with its 5 second or less transaction settlement speed. IBM has jumped on-board and is working with Stellar to offer large banks a better payment system. McCaleb has talked about how initial coin offerings (ICOs) are revealing untapped markets and raising the capital needed to move blockchain projects forward. This is different than the conventional way of raising funds, which typically has to do with convincing venture capitalists that a project is worth investing in.

Coin Telegraph mentioned that Jed McCaleb can see traditional assets including stocks becoming tokenized and expects that all forms of equity will be tokenized on the blockchain within a decade. He believes this also means there will be many new decentralized exchanges popping up, and he knows about many different startups that are already working on these kinds of projects. When Jed McCaleb speaks up about these kinds of topics, people listen, and that’s because he has been a part of many successful blockchain technology projects that have changed the way people transfer money. Stellar has been his latest project, and there he is helping the company to succeed as the one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world. The Lumen, which is the company’s token, has seen plenty of ups and downs since its arrival but continues to be one of the most popular in the world. McCaleb is expecting Stellar to be a large part of the welcome changes coming in the future.

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