Launched by an “Idol,”Ryan Seacrest has Enough Street Cred to Make Him a Candidate for Idolizing All on His Own

You might say American Idol swam across the pond, a far-reaching reality tentacle, released from it’s British mum, “Pop Idol” and it’s actual pop, Simon Fuller. Today, the star search premise is slotted for ABC presentation. Show judges have come and gone. But, one position has been consistent. Ryan Seacrest accepted a co-host position for the original incarnation of the show and is still the host, now. To appreciate Seacrest, one should realize there’s more to Ryan then the soothing, sparkly, balance beam act he performs on “Idol;” restoring frayed contestant nerves, while stirring the passions of an audience awaiting their chance to be awed. Though Ryan Seacrest has made excellent use of his social and communication skills on Idol, he’s done so in other venues too.

In 2004, Ryan Seacrest rode a crescendo of popularity. American Idol was a fan-favorite and Seacrest a known entity. In fact, a spin-off meant to entice younger starry-eyed talent to become boy and girl groups, “Junior Idol,” emerged at this time, with Seacrest hosting, before it was ultimately called off. Ryan, remained a wanted quantity, however, becoming the host of the Internationally syndicated “American Top Forty.” radio show. Today, the show airs in conjunction with the “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” radio show, which arrived on the scene in 2017. In 2004, Ryan Seacrest also became the host for the Los Angeles KIIS morning radio show, a stomping ground of the once legendary Rick Dees.

There’s more.

Seacrest is managing editor of “E News,” the result of a multi-million 2006 contract with cable company, “E.” He also launched “Ryan Seacrest Productions,” all done while keeping it “real” on Idol. 2009 saw the multi-talented Seacrest signing onto host the show again, courtesy of Core Media Group, garnering a deal that sealed his position as highest-paid host for that time. Last year, Ryan Seacrest signed on to host, “Live with Kelly (Ripa)and Ryan.” Professional personality, Ryan Seacrest also has a thumb in the pot of men’s fashion and in philanthropy, potentially proving he’s as idolized as the “American Idol” that pushed him onto our national stage. Connect with Ryan thru Facebook.

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