Robert Ivy,A Lifetime Of Excellence

Robert Ivy is a role model and inspiration to many alike who aspire to leave a mark of legacy on this earth. His advocacy for the creation, performance and his support for art more solely the publication of architecture to the general public to be consumed as a resource freely accessible to all. Robert Ivy is an educated gentleman who started as humble by serving as an officer in united states navy. Upon which he decided to pursue his career of art by commencing with a bachelors of arts degree in English from the Sewanee university located in the south. He further advanced his pursuit of knowledge at the University of Tulane to graduate with a master of Architecture. Robert Ivy started his career by working for one Mc-Graw Hill construction where he held a vice president position.

Additionally, he has participated as a critic for many national publications within the united states of America. Numerous awards were given to Architectural records during his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer some of which include: the Ozzies, twenty-six Jesse Neal Awards and the Digital awards for being the company with the best website of the year. Moreover, the company has been awarded a couple of industry honours like the American Society of Magazine editors as well as the premier journalism magazine award. Aside from achieving impeccable success for institutions associated with his work, Mr Robert Ivy has had scores of personal awards alluding to his passion for his work.

The American Institute of Architects is centred along delivering public policies that ensure for the safety of the general public as well as offering economic vitality as well. The institution is at an all-time high success rate with it boasting of having more than over one hundred and sixty architects performing internationally under the stewardship of Mr.Robert Ivy. He has been acknowledged for his significant contribution towards helping architects address certain matters of concern like sustainability and environmental change. He has received quite some awards over the many years that he has been present in the industry. In the year nineteen ninety-eight Robert was given an award for his exceptional management skills.

Additionally, he was honoured with the Crain Award for his outstanding work in the field of American business media in the year two thousand and nine. A year later he was awarded the title of Master Architect by Alpha Ro Chi, a national architecture family, a title so rare that it has never been given to any other architect for the past one hundred years aside from him. He is set to receive an even more distinguished award, the Noel Polk lifetime achievement award which is to be given to him by the Mississipi Institute of arts and letters, a private non-profit organisation.

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