Jason Hope On New Airline Technology That Will Make Flying A Breeze

The airline industry is always going through change and lately they have adapted the wonderful world of the Internet of Things into it to create a better, more efficient, and comfortable experience for for passengers and workers alike. Jason Hope, the technology enthusiast he is wants to talk about what kind of benefits this combination will bring.

People lose their bags or they get misplaced when flying all the time and it can get really frustrating for passengers. Lufthansa and Delta are the first two airlines to adapt a new technology that will be installed in luggage. This technology will allow passengers to track their luggage from from start to finish of their flight without missing a beat. This means less luggage will be lost and it will make passengers stress less about their travels. On top of this when people pick up their luggage from baggage claim their bags will track on and find the specific carousel where you are located.

Jason Hope also notes that due to new technological advancements aircraft are becoming more fuel efficient. This is not only a cost effective for the airlines, but also better for the environment, and who doesn’t like that. Safety is a huge concern for all people, especially when it comes to flying. There is new technology that tracks every part of each aircraft from the front, to the back. There are sensors that track performance, whether the aircraft needs maintenance, and if parts need to be changed out. There is even technology that tracks the safety of toolboxes and life jackets in case of emergency. Upon hearing of these technological innovations passengers can rest easy that they will be safe and sound flying to their destination.

Customer service is going to propel forward with the help of new technology Jason Hope says. This will make flying so much easier, efficient, and straightforward. It can alert you of ever-changing conditions, and of your previously visited restaurant choices so you can find them in the airport next time you fly. Check in, which can be stressful for a lot of people, will become faster and less time staking. Airlines will email you your boarding pass for a quicker arrival without having to wait in line. They will now assign airline seats 24 hours in advance so you know exactly where you will be seated. This takes the guessing out of flying which can naturally be stressful. Other new technological innovative inventions that come out of this is sensors that track a passengers fatigue, temperature, and even low hydration levels. How cool is that? Jason Hope says that this technology can also track pets that are flying with their owners. Animal lovers can rest assured that their beloved pets are as comfortable as possible when flying.

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