Discover Who Jacob Gottlieb Is and What He Has Done In Life

It’s possible to be an experienced investment manager and accomplished doctor at the same time. Having skills in different careers helps you to be effective in charity work in the community. Jacob Gottlieb knows what it means to be accomplished in two careers. He was born in Brooklyn, New York and brought up in the same place. His parents lived in Poland, but they later immigrated to the United States in the 1960s due to the unrest. His parents were passionate about life and the future of their children. They believed in impacting other people in the community using what they had. Jacob’s mother is a pediatrician in New York, and his father is a professor of economics.

Jacob Gottlieb felt he should emulate the careers of his parents. He diversified in the economics and medical fields. He went to the Medical School at New York University where he graduated with his M.D degree. He then went to St Vincent Hospital for his internship program. Jacob later followed his passion for finance. He went to Providence, Rhodes Island, and studied economics at Brown University where he graduated with a BA degree. Jacob had a strong passion for economics, and this attracted several awards to him. He received a Chartered Financial Analyst award from Investment Management and Research Association.

Since his childhood, Jacob was passionate about money market. When he was in his 7th grade in school, he joined some pupils in collecting stocks. He won the contest and received an award. His father was so impressed with this, and this compelled him to get Jacob an investment trading account. The passion Jacob Gottlieb had in business could not be hidden. Many people could see it from the time he sold cold drinks to golfers. He started his own company called Visium Asset Management in 2005. He then created Balyasny Asset Management.

Before Jacob Gottlieb started his two companies, he served as a portfolio manager at Merlin Financial. He also sometime back worked at Sanford C. Bernstein and Co as a buy-side analyst. Jacob says every career including the two he has pursued involve risks. He believes that people either take or manage risks in their careers. He has a strong philanthropic spirit that influences him to give back to the community. Robin Hood Foundation is one of the charitable organizations Jacob has worked with to help the community. Something unique about Jacob is his enthusiasm in baseball. As a physician, Jacob says life issues require a practical approach and outstanding planning skills.

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