Vinod Gupta: The Everest Group Leader in Database Technology and Philanthropy

Vinod Gupta is known for achieving success in the technology industry. His business skills resulted in growing a small three figure loan into a company he sold for $680 million. As an active contributor of his community, Gupta has established schools in India. Additionally, he created fellowships for students in fields such as business and science.

He used the loan proceeds from the initial loan to sell a list of providers around the country who could purchase a mobile home. After developing a database of providers, he began to market the database he created and experienced success. Gupta recognized other industries may have a desire for a similar, database and he launched his first company American Business Information. The company was extremely successful and experienced a great deal of growth, which led to the sale of the organization.

The Everest Group is the family owned firm which Vinod Gupta is currently managing. The business assists companies which are in the technology industry by assisting them in the area of operations. Moreover, the company helps unsuccessful companies reach financial goals. Changes in technology have impacted how Gupta does business. The data requests Gupta receives from customers is now inclusive of data which is within the proximity of particular locations. Vinod Gupta anticipates the future of technology will require real time information which customers have not identified.

Vinod Gupta earned a Bachelor of Science degree from ITT located in India. He received a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering and Business from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in the United States. Gupta is a strong advocate in the power of an education which is evidenced by the internship opportunities he provides to students. Gupta finds offering educational opportunities to rising professionals the most rewarding aspect of achievement.


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