Jeff Herman; How to Protect Your Child from Sexual Predators

Technology is vastly taking over parent’s lives thereby making their children pretty much exposed to a lot of life’s dangers. If the rising number of sexual predators is anything to go by, then parents need to drop their tech-gadgets and look after their children because these sexual predators are taking advantage of their absence in their children’s lives. Even with that said, Jeff Herman is still willing to help parents save their children from sexual predators through a few useful tips;

• Initiate the Sex Talk Early Enough

Because sex is a very sensitive topic, you need to initiate it early enough. For instance, when your children are of age, you should talk to them about their bodies and how they should keep boundaries. However, you also need to use the age-appropriate language for it. This, coupled with the right vocabulary, should get the information home.

• Teach Your Children to Say ‘No’

Whatever the age is, ensure that your child understands that saying no is a right. This is especially applicable if they are touched inappropriately by someone that makes them feel uncomfortable. Also, make sure that your child knows nobody should touch them inappropriately.

• Give Life’s Real Examples

Ensure that your kids know that there are people in life who can abuse them sexually irrespective of how close they are. For instance, teachers and close family friends can be abusive. Moreover, you need to emphasize that even police officers or the clergy are not allowed to touch them.

• Keep the Talk Going
The sex talk needs to be an on-going discussion. This is because preventing sexual abuse equals maintaining an open-line of focal conversations with the child. Besides, using everyday situations to repeat the risks of child sexual abuse will help them remember the lessons and perhaps flee from dangerous life scenarios.

How Should Children Spot the Signs?

It is obvious that children cannot identify sexual abuse signs without the help of adults. The most crucial part of it all is for the two parties to have an amazing relationship with each other.

Jeff Herman first served as an attorney for sexual abuse cases when he exposed a clergy in Miami’s Archdiocese. In 2011, he bagged a landmark case worth $100 million in the case of an abused client. Until now, he has been representing sexually abused clients successfully.

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