Jed McCaleb Is Making Some Interesting Predictions About The Future Of The World’s Financial System

Jed McCaleb is the man who created the first cryptocurrency exchange, known as Mt. Gox, and he is also the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Stellar. When he looks into the future, he sees a worldwide currency system that is powered by blockchain technology. More specifically, McCaleb envisions a world where a digital token allows everyone in the world to have a bank account and transfer money with ease at a low cost. Stellar is exactly that and functions as a worldwide payment system that is making life easier for many people.

According to McCaleb, he is happy to see that major financial institutions are beginning to see the light by considering working with Stellar. He has shared some of his thoughts in the past about the way he thinks that a universal payments network will be a part of Stellar’s offerings. This will be powered by the blockchain and will be able to process other assets like stocks, as well. McCaleb is expecting that within the next decade the blockchain will power all assets and represent them with a token. The Lumens, which is Stellar’s token, has been moving up in price for some time with the lightning network pushing it forward.

If you take a look at Jed McCaleb’s Linkedin account, you will see that he founded MetaMachine and operated as its CTO from 2000 until 2005. MetaMachine was responsible for the creation of eDonkey2000 as well as kdrive, which allowed people to share files on a p2p network that was decentralized. His Linkedin page also reveals that he has been an advisor to the NameMachine Intelligence Research Institute since 2015, which is a nonprofit that works to keep artificial intelligence in check and working to move humanity forward.

Jed McCaleb is predicting that Stellar will be a large part of the movement to overhaul the financial system of the world, which he sees as broken. He believes that by the year 2028 there will be a new financial system in place that helps the world to run a lot smoother than it does now. As a pioneer in a very important industry, it is hard to argue with him.

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