OSI Group growth as a food provider

Mr David McDonald is the president and Chief Operating officer at OSI Group. He also serves as the project manager of the OSI Group. The OSI Group has a very long entertaining history of client’s relations, technological innovation and the early recognition of the growth of the opportunities that have led to the growth of a small German butcher shop to grow into one of the leading world’s food provider that serves many people. During the 20th century when Otto was the leader of the booming German immigrant community in Chicago, the city’s population at that time was both a centre of industry and entry of new immigrants who were to come and establish new and improved farms on the plains. In 1990 when the immigrants had landed, Kolschowsky opened small retail meat and a butcher that would serve the people of his community.

The OSI Group industry continued to grow rapidly due to the services they provided in the food processing industry. The transition from regional suppliers to the two sons of Otto changed over two decades.one of the major thing that was to be done was to provide all individual restaurants with their customers the consistent products. At the time when Ray Kroc was still a franchise agent for a San Bernardino, he opened up the first McDonald restaurant. But before he opened the original McDonald Kroc, he took a handshake agreement with the two sons of Mr Otto Kolschowsky –Arthur and Harry which brought a positive development in the company.

Within a short period the OSI Company grew up abruptly with its value in protein products from sausages, Hamburger and Pizza.it globally expanded due to its impressive rates of a broader range of products under the Group’s banners. Earlier in 2010, the group opened a beef production company in Japan making their market to expand, in 2012 two new companies were opened in India, one in Bangalore and the other one in Punjab. Over the many years, Europe has been focusing on the focus of the OSI Group growth to be the best industry in food production. The fulfilment of the OSI producers on the ground is to provide the latest technologies in food safety as well as good partnering of the workers. The Group has won many awards for their dedication to the environmental efforts, and they received the California Green Business Awards and the Environmental Recognition Award from the North America Meat Institute. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago

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