OSI Food Solutions Has Major Chicken Production Increase In Spain

OSI Industries and their OSI Food Solutions subsidiaries have been in the world’s top 10 meat processors for many years, and one product line that’s really picked up in Spain is best chicken food. Thanks to the completion of a brand new high capacity poultry processing center in Toledo, the region will be seeing even more chicken flood the market. The plant has had a lot of technological upgrades and is now a part of a big logistical chain running throughout Europe. OSI President David McDonald said they made an investment in this new plant because there has been an increased demand in chicken nuggets and frozen already prepared chicken in recent days. The completion of this plant comes not long after Baho Food became integrated into the rest of OSI’s network.

OSI Food Solutions and its conglomerate of international distribution chains were originally a small family business in Chicago known as Otto & Sons. Otto Kolschowsky, the founder of the business was a butcher who became well-known by farmers in the area, and he opened a shop that was later relocated and expanded into a big meat market center. The defining moment for Otto & Sons came when McDonald’s asked them to become their partner in providing meat to their brand new fast food branch restaurants.

The partnership is what prompted Otto $ Sons to build their company up from just one market center to a big multi-plant operation located throughout the globe. Around 1975 Otto & Sons became a corporation and renamed itself to OSI Industries and formed OSI Food Solutions. Not too long after, financial consultant Sheldon Lavin became Chief Executive Officer. He had helped grow the company by strategically planning each new plant construction and expansion. Lavin has remained in his role for over 40 years, yet one thing he has never changed is the culture that OSI Food Solutions began with that embraces treating its employees as extended family.

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