Young, Entrepreneurial and Talented, Meet Milan Kordestani

He may be just about to hit 19 years, but that does not mean that Milan Kordestani is your ordinary college kid. He is a man of many epithets including student, CEO and Founder of Milan Farms, a national equestrian competitor, application developer, and a Huffington Post writer and published author. He graduated in 2017 from Sacred Heart Preparatory and is now a first-year Colorado College student, and lives in the Bay Area, California.

He is a talented equestrian denoted by his 3rd position rankings in the 2015 Worlds Championship, 17 and Under Park Division. Milan Kordestani ranked at number 2 at the 2016 Worlds Championship in the 5-Gaited Show Pleasure. His writes in the fields of politics, agriculture and mental health.

Currently, he is writing a book, in addition to the development of an Android/iOS application– Dormzi scheduled for launch in August. This is an application aimed at making life easier especially for the services offered by universities and dormitories. Since there are many gaps, Milan Kordestani figured that he could come up with a way to use students in the workforce using an app to ensure optimal user experience. Milan Kordestani was raised in the tech-savvy community of Silicon Valley, and this can be said to be one of the societal influences on him.

He assembled all that was needed from logo designer, app designer, and app developers who are in the final stages of rolling a test version of the app. Moreover, he runs a record label, Guins Records which is a direct attribute of his love for music where he frequently attends concerts and attributes DJ Khaled with the inspiration. He took it from him that he does not need to have a musical talent or voice to a music industry player. He started being the middleman between different music players creating music by assembling a team of sound engineers, connecting with artists and producers, and finding talent.

Milan Farms uses a transparent way of raising their animals and using organic options for their plants. They produce saffron, a Persian spice, chicken, and sell eggs. He did research in the agriculture industry taking note of flaws which he is seeking to exploit as business opportunities by offering solutions. Milan Kordestani took encouragement from his mother to do farming.

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