IC Systems: Financial Surgeons

You often hear of companies starting out with the mission to help others by providing a much needed and innovative product and/or service. Rarely, however, do you encounter one that continues to do so for eighty years and through over three generations of likehearted family members. From the outset in 1938, Ruth and Jack Erickson recognized money woes as an economic illness, be it individually suffered or as a pandemic, that required a financial doctor’s expertise. We’re not born with particulate financial knowledge anymore than with insight regarding Chicken Pox. In light of that perspective, the Ericksons established their accounts recovery service currently known as IC System.


Their patients are viewed as community neighbors no matter how near or far they may reside. IC System maintains state of the art equipment for delivering financial wellness to its patients. For example, as early as 1968, the Ericksons invested in computer equipment to expand its reach and broaden its options when everyone else in the industry was still shuffling paper. Likewise, IC System commands leadership by practicing from a center of continual awareness of industry updates on all necessary fronts.


IC System manages a regular and comprehensive compliance auditing process with effective training(twitter). The Company also enlists stringent, third party, security auditors in addition to its internal security auditors, safely offering many platforms for access to monetary recovery for all of its patients. The Company also actively pursues initiatives that foster green sustainability and limit carbon footprint. Headquartered out of St. Paul, Minnesota since its inception, IC System offers acounts receivable services to all 50 States plus Guam and Puerto Rico. In 1981, the Ericksons even established an inhouse committee, ECHO (Employee Charitable Help Organization) whose function it is to find and critique opportunies to best help others in need.


With its decades of creative giving, and three consecutive years (2013, 2014 & 2015) on the Better Business Bureau’s radar for Torch Award for Ethics, it’s no wonder that IC System has been in business for eighty years. Nor will it be a surprise as they continue for eighty more.

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