NewsWatch Tv Branding and Client Review

Upon watching Natalie Van Wijkvliet’s client testimonial about NewsWatch TV it was immediately apparent that NewsWatch loves supporting, empowering and promoting to the best of their service the products and brands that they have the pleasure to report about.

Originally started as a creative platform for discussing financial issues in March of 1990, ewsWatch TV soon thereafter rebranded as a technology, consumer and entertainment media outlet with a focus on current news, celebrity interviews, app and product reviews, PSA’s and more.

Natalie, who appeared as CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of AVANCA INTL – a Dutch based product and technology company, outpoured her appreciation for the team and marketing support that NewsWatch was able to provide. Noting this was their second time partnering with NewsWatch, Natalie had high acclaim for the definite success that their first campaign, a crowdfunding venture for a mobile PC project had – due in large part to the involvement of the NewsWatch team.

The host of the testimonial, segued perfectly into asking Natalie to introduce AVANCA’s latest project, a new desktop PC with all the added benefits of a mobile device, a release from AVANCA’s new Ockel 8 line.

For their initial partnership AVANCA’s first campaign raised numbers to the tune of $456,551. Their expected goal was $10,000 over 30 days. The pressure was on for this fundraiser as AVANCA’s indegogo campaign was all or nothing, hit the anticipated mark, or all funds will return to their sender. With a smart decision to hire NewsWatch for assistance AVANCA was able to surpass their mark, an immense success for both the brand as well as the team behind NewsWatch who are obviously dedicated to a successful channel for both content providers and their audiences as well.

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