Lime Crime Came Out With Some New Shades

LimeCrime is no stranger to the bold and the beautiful. LimeCrime offers many makeup options that are electric, eye-popping, and anything but plain. From eyeshadows to unicorn hair dyes, when you use their products, you will be sure to turn a few heads while you express your inner personality. Let your light shine with their newest shades of semi-permanent hair dyes such as Lipstick, a pink-reddish hue and Juicy, which is a bright fuchsia color. They also have Sushi, Shook, Caramel, Oyster, Frilly, and Powder. Sushi is a muted peach hue while Shook is a rose tint. Caramel is a caramel hue as you would expect, Oyster is a grey lavender, Frilly is a fun and bright lavender while powder is a powder blue color.

As usual, all of their hair dyes are vegan, cruelty-free, and will leave hair feeling silky and healthy. They are also ready to go-no mixing or messes needed. They even smell sweet and will wash out gradually,so you always have a hue that is flattering. No dull shades here! They will never damage your tresses and the color of these dyes last for a very long time, thus the semi-permanent label. They are a great at to experiment with new and exciting hair color without the full commitment.

Lime Crime has also come out witha new palette-the Venus XL palette. This new palette is 18 shades of long-wearing and eye-popping colors that come in matte, matte sparkle, glow, and metallic,so all of your activities are covered. With this palette, you will ready for work, school, play, or a night out on the town.

Of course, they still offer their favorites such as their venus bundles, m$lf velvetiness set, diamond crushers, plushies, and sea witch hair dye. They just added some fresh products.

All LimeCrime products are vegan and cruelty-free, and the company has a large following on social media. Their mission is to stand out unapologetically and to revolutionize the way that makeup is worn. The company has brought colors to the makeup scene that have never before been seen and people like that.

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