David Giertz Urges Millennials to Save

Like a good mechanic is to a car engine, so is a good financial advisor to an investor or even a business professional. It is highly likely for everyone to need a financial advisor at some point in life. Especially for those who deal with a substantial amount of money but have no clue where to stash it in terms of investment, a good financial advisor comes in handy. And one such individual is the prominent David Giertz. He is a financial broker, specialist and investment planner for retirement packages.

For thirty years, Giertz has been working in the industry of financial services. He has therefore garnered vast experience along the path while practicing in different companies. As such, he is equipped with the right wealth of knowledge to foster strong financial bonds between clients and their financial advisors. But most importantly, David Giertz has been offering financial advice to youngsters who aspire to become financially independent and free in future. The following excerpts are some of his insights on how young people should invest in their future at a relatively tender age.

Sadly, millennials are not saving enough money for their retirement needs. That way, they barely live comfortably when they retire. Well, according to David Giertz, retirement is a serious and bitter pill to swallow. This means that it is expensive especially for most individuals who have not saved enough to enjoy healthier, fun-filled lives in the end.

Another factor that is also alarming when it comes to scrutinizing the saving behaviors of young generations is spending the social security funds at a relatively young age. This is a very alarming situation that interferes with the total savings amount that is supposed to be spent in retirement. At the same time, this means that there will be lower monthly incomes every year especially for those who have already retired. It is therefore critical for young generations to consider investing in their savings by not spending in before their retirement age.

To find viable solutions for this disturbing trend, Giertz has urged everyone to make monthly, even contributions to their savings accounts. This is through the Roth IRAs. As a man who is lucky to experience firsthand challenges in the industry, David Giertz has had a successful career while working at Nationwide Financial Distributors. This is an added advantage to his portfolio as he is trusted to provide viable financial advice to clients.

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