Vijay Eswaran Explains How Fear Drives Success.

Everyone is affected by fear at one point or another. There are those who embrace fear. Others fail to achieve their dreams because of it. Others use it to pursue their dreams. Depending on the approach that a person takes one may emerge stronger, unhappy, smarter or victorious. Vijay says that after the 25 years experience he has gained as an entrepreneur, people should only fear today. This means that they should try to maximize all the moments they get.

Vijay Eswaran says that there are three things should be remembered about fear. First, fear is excitement that only requires a change in attitude. Vijay gives the example of skydiving. People will interpret skydiving different thus determining their overall experience. There is an individual who sees it as an opportunity to fly like a bird while fear will consume others. The approach that a person takes determines whether they will enjoy the experience or they will be filled with fear. Kids are quite fearless and adventurous. In adulthood, people are filled with negative opinions about different things thus affecting the activities they engage in life. Vijay Eswaran advises people to change their focus and see things in the form of excitement.

Eswaran also says that things that do not paralyze people strengthen them. Vijay says that fear comes when people are in pursuit of things that they love. Fear occurs only when you are about to achieve something valuable. For instance, fear encroaches when individuals try to different things or venture into entirely different things. Eswaran says that if a person does not experience fear, he/she should revisit their intentions/actions.

Vijay says that fear plays a significant role in showing people the right path to follow. Fear shows areas of weaknesses and areas that should be improved. Fear should not be a limiting factor but a guide towards the right direction. Vijay advises people to embrace fear and see it as an energizing force.

Vijay adds that fear motivates growth. During the caveman era, fear kept people safe. Things that made people fear then are entirely different from those that instill fear today. For instance, the current generation fears unfamiliar situations, change, and uncertainty. If an individual fears, he/she will remain in the same position thus limiting growth. Success requires courage to try different things in life.

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