Securus Technologies Introducing the New Technological Marvel known as the Drone Detection Technology

One of the companies that have made a significant positive impact on the correctional sphere is Securus Technologies. The company is not only known for its inmate communication services, but also for its investigative and criminal justice technology. The services offered by Securus Technologies have proven to be highly helpful for the correctional and law enforcement agencies. Over the years, the company has spent loads of money on research and development for new age correctional technologies, and recently it rolled out the drone detection technology.


The drone detection technology is another technological marvel that was recently introduced to the world by Securus Technologies. The corrections space has been looking forward to a technology such as this one that would ensure that the drones are not able to become the carrier of the contraband for the criminals and the inmates. The capabilities of the drones are being misused by many criminals to send the contraband phones, weapons, drugs, cash, and other items inside the prison. The corrections officers find themselves helpless when the drones are making the supply as it is difficult to grasp when the drop from the drones would happen and where the collection point is.


Securus Technologies has only launched the pilot program of the drone detection technology as of now, and soon the technology would be installed in thousands of correctional facilities after the successful test run of the technology. The drone detection technology is a nightmare for the criminals who have been depending upon drones to supply contraband items inside the prison and have been making money from it. Hundreds and thousands of prisons across the country have been noticing a massive rise in the contraband items being caught inside the jail, and the hidden reason behind that is the increasing use of drones to supply contraband.



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