E-cig Investment Opportunities: O2Pur and Philip Morris

At the turn of the century and on the tail-end of an economic depression, expanding financial diversity is on everyone’s mind. Everything from passive income schemes to investment in physical properties or even digital ventures; we’re constantly on the lookout to discovering new ways to enrich the economy as well as ourselves. If you are in the market for such an exchange, perhaps you should take a few minutes out of your day and look into the many investment opportunities around the e-cigarette industry. Companies such as O2PUR and Philip Morris amongst others give their investors long term return and comfort in a time of financial uncertainty.

O2Pur is a relatively new company in this growing field. Their age gives possible investors many exciting opportunities for large long term returns. Their website is clean and responsive, and their service is quick and punctual. Being an internet based company, they have a level of flexibility and social presence that defeats many brick and mortar ventures. This level of consumer friendliness even shows itself in the pricing of the company’s product. ‘Fast, Smooth & Tasty’ is a moniker that the company pushes with its e-liquids. It will be fascinating to watch this company grow in the upcoming future.

Philip Morris is also a leader within the field. In contrast to O2PUR, this company has been around much longer. Hitting the market hard with it’s IQOS device, a rechargable, pen shaped device with an insert. This company gained one of its largest booms in a time where E-cigs had plateaued because of the staleness of the flavors. They defeated this by reworking the formula as well as relying on classic tobacco to bring a burst of taste into the market that quickly became popular with e-smokers. Add aggressive marketing tactics and user friendly responsiveness and you soon find yourself a company that dominated its competition.

With such promising prospects, its easy to understand why investing in the e-cigarette world might be a valuable venture for anyone wishing to increase their total net-worth as well as create a financial safety net. The industry is ever growing and grossing more and more money with every passing year, making it at hot bed for any interested investors as well as an excellent place for any up and coming business to point their efforts.

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