Former Heavy Metal Musician Cassio Audi

In the mid 1980s, a band named Viper was formed when a group of teenagers from Sao Paulo Brazil decided to put their talents together and make the type of music that wasn’t that popular in their country at that time. Heavy metal music was more widely received in places like Europe and the U.S., but the members of Viper pushed forward to become innovators who brought this music genre to the South American country. The drummer of the group was a young man named Cassio Audi, who along with the rest of his group, made a debut album called Soldiers of Sunrise, and a demo called The Killera Sword.

The band became a success, but shortly after it gained popularity and airplay, Cassio Audi made an exit from it and went on to study Business Administration at Pontifical Catholic University, where he received a BA degree, and at Sao Paulo University, where he earned an MBA degree. He then started working in the financial industry at businesses like JP Morgan Chase and Brookfield Brazil Real Estate Partners. He became well-known as a real expert in the field of investment managing.

But Cassio Audi never completely left his interest in music behind. He’s stayed in contact with the remaining members of his former band over the years, and they get together every now and then to put on a concert in their hometown for fans who still enjoy listening to their songs. Although some of the members of Viper have been replaced several times since the band was first formed, most of its original members are still around. During the band’s early days, they cited that their inspiration for choosing to do heavy metal music came from listening to the music of the British heavy metal rockers of the 1970s and 1980s.

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