How Richard Dwayne Blair preaches financial success to his clients

There are many people out there pushing forward a method or secret to long-term financial stability and growth. Well almost all of these people trying to sell a specific system or how many key details

Richard Dwayne Blair does things a bit differently. It his belief that the basic three pillars approach to financial planning can and should benefit everyone, even if not everyone can be his client directly.

Working at wealth solutions Richard Dwayne Blair instructs clients on how to be active participants in their retirement planning and future. He believes that everyone needs a plan and everyone at his Austin, Texas firm should be on board and be participating in this plan.

Since his clients are not financial planners themselves the system has to be kept it cut and dry. By focusing on just three pillars Richard Dwayne Blair is able to keep things efficient and keep retirement planning goals as simple as possible.

The first pillar is to lay out a financial roadmap. This is where the bulk of the preliminary work is done at his Richard’s office. This method varies from client to client and works to identify the client’s goals, their strengths, the amount of risk they can tolerate, as well as perceived opportunities for growth. This foundation is critical to building a relationship with each and every client, and it’s something his operation does better than the bulk financial planners operating from a script.

From here the second pillar is to actively maintain and operate the account based on long-term investment strategies customized to the client’s needs. The nature of the second pillar depends on the first, without a good base of data and information there is little way for any advisor to foster success, which is why Richard Dwayne Blair doesn’t start a plan without it.

Finally, the third pillar is to review insurance needs. Planning for the worst is something that not all clients like to do, but it is an essential part of any part of a long-term retirement plan. Ultimately, we want to have enough money to retire and help our descendants, making insurance a critical part of any long-term strategy.

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