Glen Wakeman the Business Mentor of Startups

Glen Wakeman helps companies thrive by providing mentorship to their leadership on personal and professional levels. The need to fuel business growth and make it easier for startups to find their footing led Wakeman to found LaunchPad Holdings, which developed the Launch Pad Tool Kit. This toolkit provides a platform that young companies can use to boost their business planning. Wakeman heads another company, Nova Four, which grows young entrepreneurs by offering alternative means of capital. Glen Wakeman started his journey in the financial and business sector with a University of Scranton B.S degree followed by a University of Chicago MBA.


Growing Businesses through Mentorship

As a global business executive, entrepreneur, and author, Glen Wakeman is in an excellent position to educate entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Besides providing tools and resources for aspiring businesspeople to use, he blogs about a host of subjects, including emerging markets, business transformation, and angel financing. One critical piece of advice that Glen gives to entrepreneurs is to make contacts through networking. He regrets that he never kept in touch with all the different individuals he met along his journey to success. Entrepreneurs have an easier time doing that due to platforms like social networks.

The application of machine learning in the business sector is one of the trends that Wakeman is passionate about because he believes that businesspersons need help making sense of all the data they have access to. Sun Tzu is Wakeman’s go-to when it comes to reading recommendations simply because of the strategy lessons the book offers.


An Illustrious Career

Glen Wakeman has worked as a business and financial executive for over 20 years and most of that time was in leadership roles at GE Capital. Wakeman was in charge of an enterprise worth $15 Billion in assets and over 17,000 workers. He has handled a lot of duties that include market entry, integrations, M&As, divestitures, startups, and downsizing. His 20-year stay at GE Capital gave him the opportunity to work in 32 countries, and he has lived in 6. Wakeman understands the cost of a poorly executed business plan because he has a failed venture of his own called Snappy Answers to draw a comparison from. He uses this experience to mentor C-level executives and advise startups.


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