Dr. Mark Holterman: International Pediatric Specialist

Dr. Mark Holterman has played many professional rolls throughout the course of his life. His skills include, but are not limited to; pediatrics, vaccinations, diabetes, obesity and so much more. Dr. Holterman is certified in general surgery as well as pediatric surgery (Markjholterman). His professional career of being a surgeon began in 1988 after receiving a BA from Yale University and his MD-PhD from the University of Virginia.

Mark has received the America’s Top Doctors award three times. He is also bilingual, speaking English and Spanish. While attending college at the UVA he met his wife through a mutual passion for surgery. Ai-Xuan, Mark’s wife, would later become a pediatric surgeon as well. After marriage the pair had 3 sons together and continued their careers in the medical field.

Ai-Xuan Holterman is a native of Vietnam, where the pair took a trip to Ho Chi Minh City to visit the largest children’s hospital there. It was very over-crowded and understaffed. After meeting with the chief surgeon of that hospital, the three created a nonprofit organization to help pediatric patients in need and provide easier access to patient care.

Mark’s medical research moved him to co-found an organization called The Hannah Sunshine Foundation. This is a nonprofit organization that seeks to find children who are suffering from rare diseases, to give them better access to regenerative treatments.

Dr. Mark Holterman has over 20 years of experience in the medical field. He is now the CEO of the investment firm Mariam Global Health. Mark is also a full time professor teaching his students pediatrics and surgery at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. Along with being a professor, he studies stem cell treatments and regenerative medicine. Dr Holterman belongs to the American College of Surgeons and the American Academy of Pediatrics.


Malcolm Casselle, A Modern Day

OPSkins leads the world when it comes to sales of in-game virtual assets. The creators of OPSkins recently launched WAX, which is a new blockchain platform they’re using to evolve the way virtual asset trading works. Malcolm Casselle is the president of WAX, and he believes it will be a big step towards giving the world of cryptocurrency a more mainstream appeal.

Being the president of WAX and the CIO of OPSkins, Malcolm Casselle is a first rate entrepreneur with a history rich in business. Having both a bachelor’s degree from MIT and a master’s degree from Stanford University, his knowledge of Computer Science is clearly shown on this business-growing veteran’s resume.

From his start in 1995 as a co-founder of NetNoir, it’s no understatement to say he’s been on a path of success from the very start. His founded website, which was based on Afrocentric culture, was the first outside company to be accepted into the AOL Greenhouse Program. In the following years from 1998-2002 Malcolm was a co-founder and Senior Vice president of Pacific Century CyberWorks, which went from startup to $38 billion market cap in a mere 18 months.

His list of mounting successes in the business world begin to lean more towards the gaming world as time goes on. In April 2012 he became CEO of Xfire, a global social network core for video game players. Not even a year later he also began serving as CEO of MediaPass, which is an online paywall solution that is used to create subscription-based revenues for digital content. That very same year, he co-founded yet another company called Timeline Labs where he once again served as CEO. When the company was acquired by SeaChange International in December 2014, he then went on to serve as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media for SeaChange International. His most recent business venture, which may very well change the trading of virtual assets as we know it, began in 2017, when he became the President of Worldwide Asset eXchange.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich leading the way as a plastic surgeon

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is one of the leading plastic surgeons in the nation. He is considered highly skilled in his profession. He graduated with honors from Baylor College of Medicine. He practices as a plastic surgeon in the Dallas, Texas area.

Because Dr. Rohrich is so skilled and respected in his field, he has been asked to appear on daytime shows such as, The Good Morning America, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. He has also been a guest on radio shows and has been featured in several newspapers including The New York Times.

Dr. Rohrich has earned many achievements throughout his successful career, some of which include being editor-in-chief for a well known journal that is read by the medical field. Other achievements he has reached is being a guest editor, and serving on boards throughout the medical community. He has served on a long list of committees since the start of his career in 1986. He is known by others for having an unstoppable dedication to the field of plastic surgery.

Not only is Dr. Rohrich involved with his practice, he runs a foundation that provides scholarships for medical students in the North Dakota area. This is a program he gives back to his hometown annually. He is also known for his charity work and for his work at helping the underprivileged with his knowledge.

Dr. Rohrich belongs to the American Association of Plastic Surgeons. He has won numerous academic and health care awards. He is considered one of the top plastic surgeons in the Texas area and within the United States.

Dr. Rohrich is a well established author of textbooks on the subject of plastic surgeon. He has taught the science of rhinoplasty to thousands of plastic surgeons from across the states. Dr. Rohrich is well respected by his patients and his peers.  Via twitter

Chris Linkas Gives Updated Investment Advice

The investments and financial world is a very difficult world to understand for those that are new to it. While it can be a very hard industry to get into successfully, some individuals have continued to thrive in its environment. One individual that has continued to do well in the field is Chris Linkas. Chris Linkas has had a long and successful career. He has also provided a variety of pieces of financial advice for those that are looking to get ahead and build a great portfolio.

One piece of advice that he has provided is to remember that the experts do not know everything. When you are working with a financial advisor or broker it is easy to assume that they are correct in their predictions. However, there are many risks that are associated with this assumption. While financial advisors may be more educated on the matter than you, they do not know everything and you should always do your own research and find outside opinions before making any major financial move (Discogs).

Another piece of advice provided by Linkas is that you should never ignore your portfolio. Investing in the stock market requires you to be an active investor that is engaged in the process. While you may have some stocks that are paying a regular dividend and are doing very well, there is always a chance that they will go down in value if things change. Because of this, you need to make sure that you are continuing to monitor these companies and are aware of changes that could affect them and their industries.

The final piece of advice that Linkas suggested was that you should ignore rumors. Anyone that follows stocks and the investment world will find that there are countless rumors of takeovers and company sales. While some of these do end up happening, the majority of them do not. By assuming these things will happen and investing in the company, you could overpay for the stock.


Glen Wakeman the Business Mentor of Startups

Glen Wakeman helps companies thrive by providing mentorship to their leadership on personal and professional levels. The need to fuel business growth and make it easier for startups to find their footing led Wakeman to found LaunchPad Holdings, which developed the Launch Pad Tool Kit. This toolkit provides a platform that young companies can use to boost their business planning. Wakeman heads another company, Nova Four, which grows young entrepreneurs by offering alternative means of capital. Glen Wakeman started his journey in the financial and business sector with a University of Scranton B.S degree followed by a University of Chicago MBA.


Growing Businesses through Mentorship

As a global business executive, entrepreneur, and author, Glen Wakeman is in an excellent position to educate entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Besides providing tools and resources for aspiring businesspeople to use, he blogs about a host of subjects, including emerging markets, business transformation, and angel financing. One critical piece of advice that Glen gives to entrepreneurs is to make contacts through networking. He regrets that he never kept in touch with all the different individuals he met along his journey to success. Entrepreneurs have an easier time doing that due to platforms like social networks.

The application of machine learning in the business sector is one of the trends that Wakeman is passionate about because he believes that businesspersons need help making sense of all the data they have access to. Sun Tzu is Wakeman’s go-to when it comes to reading recommendations simply because of the strategy lessons the book offers.


An Illustrious Career

Glen Wakeman has worked as a business and financial executive for over 20 years and most of that time was in leadership roles at GE Capital. Wakeman was in charge of an enterprise worth $15 Billion in assets and over 17,000 workers. He has handled a lot of duties that include market entry, integrations, M&As, divestitures, startups, and downsizing. His 20-year stay at GE Capital gave him the opportunity to work in 32 countries, and he has lived in 6. Wakeman understands the cost of a poorly executed business plan because he has a failed venture of his own called Snappy Answers to draw a comparison from. He uses this experience to mentor C-level executives and advise startups.