Dr. Chris Villanueva: The Brain behind MB2 Dental

Dr. Chris Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental, a practice that is geared towards ensuring dental practitioners are provided a platform where they can be their best in the industry. Dr. Chris Villanueva is geared to the principles of honesty and integrity as he offers service in the quite-demanding industry. The dental facility is home to about 533 employees that ensure that dental practitioners are supported in all possible ways over six states. MB2’s Dental leadership strives to ensure success is all-rounded. With the support of MB2 Dental, a great number of dental practices have gone a notch high where they have been able to embrace various innovations and make great improvements in their quality of service provision.

During an interview with Ideamensch, Dr. Chris Villanueva reveals that the idea for MB2 dental practice sprouted after he graduated from dental school and an individual only had two options which were either to join a private or public dental practice. It was at this point where he came up with the idea to establish a model that both dental practitioners and patients can enjoy a piece of the cake from the two dental worlds. When asked about his typical day and what makes him tick, Dr. Chris Villanueva reveals that he compares himself to an owl as he gets the best ideas at night. This is because, at this time, he has time to ponder on things without any distractions. He also states that he has surrounded himself with the best team members as he believes in teamwork.

Dr. Chris Villanueva has surrounded himself with smart and sharp people in both personal and work levels to enable him to think big and bring ideas to life. He reveals that he is thrilled by the direction technology is taking the dental industry and he simply can’t wait to experience the positive impact. According to Dr. Chris Villanueva, his productivity is as a result of not taking himself seriously which takes him a long way since he is not engulfed in the ego of ideas or decisions. Having a unique and fun culture while at the office also comes in quite handy.In an interview with Enterprise Radio on the future of Dentistry, Dr. Chris Villanueva explains how MB2 Dental is taking the dental world by storm and adding value to the lives of both dental practitioners as well as patients. The dental practice ensures that the dental practitioners are enlightened and equipped with the latest technological dental trends in the market to ensure that patients get quality dental care.

Slay Joint pain with Heal N Soothe

If you suffer from arthritis or joint pain, it is likely you are seeking relief of your discomfort and pain. Dieting and traditional pain medications are the usual ways people attempt to soothe their pain. But, when these methods fail it may seem hopeless to conduct daily routines. Luckily, Heal N Soothe has created a product for those who suffer from arthritis, and joint pain. A product unlike anything on the market today, that will give you the relief you have been desperately searching for.

Heal N Soothe is a dietary supplement that contains natural anti-inflammatories such as bromelain, citrus bioflavonoids, turmeric, and rutin. It also includes sproteolytic enzymes, it’s most powerful ingredient. These remarkable ingredients play a key role in completing body healing, and reducing the pain caused by the inflammatory process. Just about every ingredient reduces the levels of inflammatory proteins that cause soreness and swelling. Consistent users of Heal N Soothe notice improvement within a couple of weeks, the ingredients are tolerated well by most individuals.

The reason most individuals can tolerate the ingredients in Heal N Soothe is because they are 100% natural and contain no animal components. Unlike traditional pain relievers natural ingredients produce results without side effects. Fruit extract, herbs, and trees are brilliantly blended to create a product that decreases pain and inflammation naturally. Systematic enzyme therapy allows enzymes to work rapidly throughout every system of the body at once. This system is highly effective and has been used all over the world by many practitioners. Because this system is so highly effective, Heal N Soothe included this in the creation of its product.

You can purchase this unbelievable product at healnsoothe.com. New customers can get a free 30 days’ supply (90 count) upon sign up with a monthly membership, with the option to cancel at any time. Purchasing a single one-month bottle for just only $59, is another risk-free option. If somehow there is no significant improvement after trying Heel N Sooth for at least 2 weeks, a full refund will be rewarded. There is absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain with Heal N Soothe.

Jeff Herman: Brief Information and Recap

This will give surrounding information about Jeff Herman. It will have an article recapped from the website for Herman Law which is a “National Sexual Abuse Practice”. This article is called “Actor and activist Corey Feldman challenging Senate GOP on Child Victims Act.” IT was written by Thomas McCarthy, a Gazette staff writer from last Wednesday.

A volleyball player Sarah Powers-Barnhard and an Actor Corey Feldman have participated in the battle to convincing the Senate Republicans in passing the Child Victims Act. There is a coalition known as “New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators” is currently getting supporters in its mission to get to pass this legislative session Child Victims Act (:S.809”).

This bill will take out the statues of civil and criminal of limitations in the child sexual abuse cases that take place in the state of New York. Another feature this bill could give is to let a window of one year for civil action lawsuits that are time-barred that are as late as 50 years to be listened to. It is also important to note that the incidents nature would influence the civil lawsuit. There would be one year to sue someone. However, there would be an exception if they are form an institution like a school or church. Then the person would have a time table of three years in to have a lawsuit filed. When it comes to criminal cases there is a five year window just like in a sexual abuse crime. However, a five year countdown won’t begin until the age of eighteen. This would mean that a plaintiff would go until age twenty-three to either press for charges or file suit. It is also important to note that the Assembly for many times passed a version of its own of the Child Victims Act.

Now, some brief information about Jeff Herman. Jeff Herman has represented a 1,000 brave children, women, and men. Herman is a trial lawyer who Is recognized nationally and supports those who survived sexual exploitation, rape, and sexual abuse. He is considered a trailblazer in representing sexual abuse victims.

Follow Jeff on Twitter.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: A Plastic Surgeon With Empathy

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been doing plastic surgery for eight years. She is only one of a handful of women who practice profession in Texas. Not only is she very understanding of her females patient’s needs, Dr. Walden is also a single mother.

Dr. Walden is a native of Austin, Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch as the salutatorian of her class. In New York City, Dr. Walden built a very successful clinic. This was after completing an aesthetic fellowship at the Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital in Manhattan. In 20ll, she returned to Austin so her sons could be closer to the family. Having enough business was a concern for Dr. Walden but once she realized that more women wanted a female doctor to tell their needs too, getting business was not a problem. One of the reasons that made her successful was her being a single mother herself. She also had some surgery done, along with Botox. She does not judge her patients and understands how the female body can be stretched out due to childbearing. Dr. Walden also does not take lightly how out of 8,100 plastic surgeons, only 851 are women. Not only that, she found that women in Austin wanted to enhance their appearance just as much as other women do from other parts of the country.

Some of Dr. Jennifer Walden’s procedures include nose jobs, augmentations of the breast, facelift, liposuction, and Botox. She also does soft tissue fillers. If anyone staying in the Austin area is in need of plastic surgery, there are options. There is no need to always choose male doctors. She is one of the women that can be trusted in getting the work done. Dr. Walden will leave her mark in the world.

Contact Dr. Jennifer Walden: www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-jennifer-walden-x7hp3        

The Aging Expert and Philanthropist Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Dov Rand is a trained medical specialist for weight loss, anti-aging and regeneration. He is located in West Orange New Jersey and works at the Healthy Aging Medical Center. Rand has had exceptional training from Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. His trained has well prepared him bring his patients the greatest care. Dr. Dov Rand provides full service wellness services that include IV nutrient therapy. He also provides, both genders of men and women, great substitute solutions to their weight loss and aging med needs.

Dr. Rand has taken an understanding of the aging process and has figured out what happens to peoples bodies as they age (Gazetteday). This in return has helped him give people the necessary tools and solutions to help them fight back. This has also helped his patients with not just their physical health but also their mental health.

Dr. Rand is also the Founder of the Healthy Aging Med Centers in New Jersey. He only practices Peer-Review medicine which means if he doesn’t support it with his medical journal then he won’t recommend or prescribe the medicine or treatment. Dr. Rand is known for his kindness, gentleness, compassion and sensitivity when it comes to his patients health, needs and concerns. He is the go to doctor in the health organization. His fitness and health expertise has made him a role model to all of his patients.

Recently he began writing his own book called “It’s not too late to live past 100″ Rand has also became very knowledgeable on the information in the “evidence based support” of bio-identical hormones. He has dedicated his amazing life and time towards his career and it has shown through his hard work. He has also made claims to be against the “pill for ill” band-aid methods.

Dr. Dov Rand is enthusiastic and an inspiration to all people and he feels great gratification when he helps people reach their health goals. His practice will detail a total picture on bio-identical hormones, fitness, supplements,and nutrition. After Dr. Dov Rand has did a thorough physical exam he then will get you on the right plan that is based on your needs and is perfect for you!


The Latest of Jordan Lindsey And His Inventions in Forex

Jordan Lindsey is the founder of JCL Capital. He has founded several businesses in the financial services industry and the technology industry, and some of those companies are a combination of the two. This has given Jordan Lindsey a reputation for being on the edge of financial innovation. Jordan Lindsey was a man who grew up most of his life in the New York area, and he is a competitive person. He always played sports while he grew up, with his favorite sports being tennis and ice hockey. He also had an entrepreneurial spirit growing up. Jordan Lindsey knew that he wanted to do some thing that could potentially change the world, and the way for him to do that was to create his own companies in financial services.

When Jordan Lindsey was first introduced to the San Francisco California area, he immediately fell in love with the area. Jordan Lindsey noticed how the people in the area would encourage each other to start businesses, share ideas, and pursue the arts with in a creative domain. Jordan Lindsey moved to the area several months after he came back from New York.

Currently, Jordan Lindsey has founded several companies including JCL Capital. He has taught himself how to write, how to code on a computer like a programmer, and how to do systems architecture design. Jordan Lindsey studied at St. Joseph’s College and the Mount Angel Seminary. He has lived abroad in Mexico, Argentina, and Bosnia. While abroad, Jordan Lindsey met his wife, and they had three daughters together.

Jordan Lindsey has created an algorithm that will allow the user to trade on the Forex markets, which are some of the largest markets in the world. He has also created his own cryptocurrency, which has allowed him to make a profit because of appreciation due to demand and supply.



Graham Edwards Success with Telereal Trillium and the UK Real Estate Market

Graham Edwards is the current CEO of Telereal Trillium, where he’s been since the initial creation in 2001. He has focused on developing principles that will take the company into a successful future. Telereal Trillium has become one of the largest real estate companies in London with a portfolio worth billions due to the help of Grahams’ leadership.

The company has been able to improve the industry by delivering straightforward solutions. One of the core principles is the acceptance that while real estate can be a complex business, it will also be a remarkable, rewarding, and profitable adventure as well. One sure indicator of Graham Edwards level of success is his achievements with the number of clients he has brought to the company during his time as CEO. To name a few of the clients Virgin Media, Royal Mail, Barclays, BT, The Birmingham City Council and the Department for Work and Pensions.

The company seems to have focused a lot on enhancing their environment where talented individuals can expand their knowledge and fulfil their potential in a successful course through challenges created by property development and investment (http://news.cision.com/telereal-trillium?k=Graham+Edwards). The company received an award in 2006, The Investors in People award. In 2009 they were also selected for the Norwood Property Lunch Deal of the Year. These awards go a long way in expressing the type of company this has become.

Some people have concerns and have questioned the company about Graham Edwards salary. The amount of his salary, bonus and benefits are rather enormously alarming. Grahams’ final year with the company his salary was said to be $1.45 million. But one would have to ask themselves, would the company be where they are right now without Grahams’ knowledge and his achievements. Graham Edwards has taken this company to a level no one really expected it to go. It seems to a lot of people that Graham has a lot to be proud of.


Stream Energy gets noticed for its many charitable acts

Stream Energy has made waves throughout the energy industry as one of the first companies that can offer rural and out-of-the-way residents the opportunity to elect to consume green energy. The company, which is the first multi-level distributor of energy in the United States, has proven over the last 15 years that people will often choose clean forms of energy, even if it means they have to use a little less.

Prior to the inception of Stream Energy, many consumers simply had no choice as to where their energy was generated and how. With the company’s highly innovate distribution network, Stream Energy is able to offer virtually anyone in the seven states where it currently operates the chance to use 100 percent clean-technology energy. The sources may include solar, wind and hydroelectric power, allowing customers to cut back of Earth-poisoning power sources, like coal.

It is these revolutionary breakthroughs in the energy industry that have given Stream Energy nationwide recognition. But throughout the Dallas, Texas, area, the company is known for another kind of change-inducing activity. Throughout the company’s hometown, Stream Energy has gained attention for its many acts of charity. The company has been a crucial supporter of a local charity called Hope Supplies Co. This charity helps homeless children get the school supplies, food and toys that they need to have as relatively normal a childhood as possible.

Stream Energy began underwriting special trips for the charity’s kids. Every week in the summer, Stream funds trips to local amusement parks, water parks and other entertainment venues for the city’s most vulnerable children. For many of these kids, the trips are the first time in their lives that they have been able to enjoy an afternoon of fun at a commercial theme park.

Stream has also been heavily involved in disaster relief in Dallas and around the state of Texas. After a 2016 outbreak of severe, tornado-producing thunderstorms, Stream raised over $100,000 for residents of a town that had been flattened by tornadoes. Stream employees also donated thousands of hours of their own time in helping Houston-area residents recover in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.


Agora Financial Helping You Invest In Your Financial Future, Smartly

Making money from your investments is not easy, but if you are planning to create wealth over an extended period, investments are what would help you become wealthy. Without making investments at the right time after carefully analyzing the market, it would be difficult to let your money work for you. There are many different investment options available in the market, and choosing from them can be difficult. Most of these investment options claim to provide high-returns, but do they actually? It is a matter of debate as many of these investment options fail to deliver what it claims to offer. If you are looking to secure your financial future, then make sure that you invest from your income on a regular basis.

The market is filled with a wide variety of investment options, starting from bonds to mutual funds and from equities to government fixed deposits, and more. You need to make sure that you invest regularly and not put all your eggs in one basket. Educating people about the financial world is why Agora Financial was started in the year 1979 by Bill Bonner. He is one of the most acclaimed financial journalists, and he wanted Agora Financial to show light to the people who are lost as to how to manage their finances. It is not always easy to make the most of your money and invest in the right financial tool, but by doing a little research; one can minimize the risks involved with the investments.

Agora Financial has world-class experts on finance and investments who would provide you with insight on where you should invest your money. Agora Financial provides its guides and tips on investments and financial market through their over twenty digital and print publications. Readers can choose which sector interests them the most and then select the publication for that sector to improve their understanding of that sector. Agora Financial has over a million subscriber at the moment, and the count continues to grow and increase with time. It is because people have understood that the financial world is complex and one cannot achieve their targeted results or objectives without some expert advice and help.

Agora Financial knows that making money from investments can be difficult, but also knows that it is very much possible with a bit of research. If you are keen on improving the health of your finances, following the tips provided by the publications of Agora Financial is a good idea. The advice and information available on Agora Financial are not biased and the company doesn’t accept money to provide false information to the readers. Agora Financial aims to help people achieve their long-term wealth creation goals with ease through investing at the right places at the right time.

How Richard Dwayne Blair preaches financial success to his clients

There are many people out there pushing forward a method or secret to long-term financial stability and growth. Well almost all of these people trying to sell a specific system or how many key details

Richard Dwayne Blair does things a bit differently. It his belief that the basic three pillars approach to financial planning can and should benefit everyone, even if not everyone can be his client directly.

Working at wealth solutions Richard Dwayne Blair instructs clients on how to be active participants in their retirement planning and future. He believes that everyone needs a plan and everyone at his Austin, Texas firm should be on board and be participating in this plan.

Since his clients are not financial planners themselves the system has to be kept it cut and dry. By focusing on just three pillars Richard Dwayne Blair is able to keep things efficient and keep retirement planning goals as simple as possible.

The first pillar is to lay out a financial roadmap. This is where the bulk of the preliminary work is done at his Richard’s office. This method varies from client to client and works to identify the client’s goals, their strengths, the amount of risk they can tolerate, as well as perceived opportunities for growth. This foundation is critical to building a relationship with each and every client, and it’s something his operation does better than the bulk financial planners operating from a script.

From here the second pillar is to actively maintain and operate the account based on long-term investment strategies customized to the client’s needs. The nature of the second pillar depends on the first, without a good base of data and information there is little way for any advisor to foster success, which is why Richard Dwayne Blair doesn’t start a plan without it.

Finally, the third pillar is to review insurance needs. Planning for the worst is something that not all clients like to do, but it is an essential part of any part of a long-term retirement plan. Ultimately, we want to have enough money to retire and help our descendants, making insurance a critical part of any long-term strategy.