Susan Mcgalla Encourages Women to Gain Experience

It is evident that no one gets to the top without having someone that they can look up to in the business world. It is true that Susan Mcgalla had her own role models before she got to the top in her profession, but there were definitely not as many as there are now. They still are not a lot of women that are leading when it comes to CEO positions of companies, but Susan Mcgalla is one such business woman that is willing to give advice. She wants to help those that want to make that transition to the top executive role with a company.

Susan Mcgalla is able to help people do this because she has already walked down that road. No one paved the path for her when it came to getting into a leadership position. She realizes that her role as a leader came because she actually made her way to the top by working from the bottom.

There are a lot of women that are getting degrees in marketing, and they may assume that they could come right into a company with a corporate position where they are making six figures and doing exactly what they majored in. This is the common conception that is never revealed until most women get into the business world.

Many of them realize that it takes a lot more than simply getting the degree in order to make the climb to the top. Susan Mcgalla definitely believes that getting a college degree is the springboard for getting started.

She knows that this is vital to any success that women of corporate business will have, but there is also another important stepping stone that many women will overlook. This is creating wealth by starting small. Women that are willing to start small with lower-level positions will be able to gain experience and still make money if they want to start their own business. Getting that proverbial foot in the door is an important step. Once a woman is in a place where she can learn about business success will come.

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