Cameron Clokie is Providing Significant Health Services in Canada

Stem cell therapy is a method that is used by many physicians, and many people have exaggeratedly explained it. Basically, stem cell therapy is a regenerative medicine method where cells are donated and put onto a patient to treat an existing injury or disease. It is simple theoretically but is challenging when done practically.

According to Cameron Clokie, regenerative medicine takes molecules, biomaterials, and utilized cells to fix structures that do not function properly because of an injury or illness. Many breakthroughs have been recognized for regenerative medicine, and it has been featured in many journals. However, the rate of regenerative medicine performance is still low. Reports show that only a few breakthroughs have made it to patients with other hospitals providing unproven therapies which worsen the patient’s condition.

Blood transfusion was the earliest form of cell therapy followed by bone marrow transplantation which provided cancer patients with an opportunity to develop healthy blood cells using donor’s bone marrow stems. When scald and burns occur, grafting cell therapy is employed using the same patient’s cells when the burns are not severe. However, with all these improvements regenerative therapies do not play a significant part in the medical field.

The Lancet released a report which stated that there is the potential of reducing the dangers of conditions such as neurological conditions, stroke and heart disease. Moreover, regenerative medicine improves the life quality of patients who have are living with illnesses. Many scientists globally are working towards finding new solutions that can be provided with the regenerative medicine.

There have been improvements in the research, for example, last year News Today reported a chip technology that can change one type of cell to another and thus heal organs fully. Scientists such as Cameron Clokie use regenerative medicine to solve health issues. Despite all these positive results, the approval of cellular therapy procedures is still low.

Cameron Clokie serves as the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc., which is a regenerative medicine company that provides musculoskeletal reconstruction solutions. Moreover, Cameron works at the Advisory Board of Osprey Biomedical Corp as its Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer.Cameron Clokie is positive about regenerative medicine helping solve problems in the medical field.

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