You Should Get Tested

With research and awareness on the rise, more and more men need to be educated about prostate cancer and ultimately get tested. Cision PR News-wire goes in depth with information about prostate cancer, awareness and why football players should get tested. The article brings up what Cancer Treatment Centers of America as an organization out to help those fighting cancer. If you are 40 years old or older, you qualify for a free prostate cancer screening from LabCorp. To add ethical effect on the audience, the article brings up former legendary head coaches and their encouragement for men in the NFL to get tested. With one in seven men getting prostate cancer at some point in their lifetime, this is a very important time to get tested. In order for the likely-hood that men will actually go out and get tested, the article lists locations, dates and times that they will hold free prostate cancer screenings. Go out and get tested!

With many advancements made in cancer treatment, Cancer Treatment Centers of America really focuses on their patients in the five hospitals they run. Their approach to treating and trying to cure cancer, is to bring genomic testing, Immunotherapy, radiation and chemotherapy all to the table for the patient. With locations in Philadelphia, Tulsa, Atlanta, Phoenix and Chicago, CTCA looks to be as accessible to patients as possible and to give them the best care possible. Cancer Treatment Centers of America have some of the highest satisfaction rates in the country regarding cancer treatment. With the quality of life as high as possible while a patient at CTCA, I encourage considering their hospitals if your or a loved one have cancer.

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