Equities First Holdings History Wikipedia

Equities First Holdings is a banking system in Africa that has banks in over ten African countries and is the largest bank in all of Africa. The bank was founded in Kenya and now has exclusive rights and permissions to provide US American Express cards to those that qualify for the card. Originally the bank was the only one in Africa to provide mortgages to those with low incomes in Africa which greatly helped the growth and the popularity of the bank throughout the continent of Africa. Since the start the bank has greatly expanded and now is a huge investment bank for Africa and is recognized worldwide.

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Contributions of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho in Brazilian Law

Brazilian law is a derivative of Portuguese law that has a statute-based legal system. Prior court decisions can be accepted as precedents thanks to a 2004 constitutional amendment. Brazil closes the list of top three countries in the world with the highest number of lawyers. The high rate of lawyers in Brazil is attributed to the many law schools established across the country. Conversely, Brazil has the highest number of law schools compared to other countries of the world. If every law student in Brazil was to be approved the Brazilian Bar Examination, there would be an approximation of 3 million lawyers in that country alone.

Finding lawyers in Brazil is not that hard, but the onus lies within finding the best. This can be achieved through research and references from friends. The Bar Examination, however, makes Brazilian lawyers more exceptional when they are defending their clients. The scope of activities relating to foreign lawyers is limited and also touches on their relationship with local lawyers and law firms. For one to practice their home country and international law, a foreign lawyer has to be registered by the Brazilian Bar Association as a foreign law consultant.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an exceptional strategist and great Brazilian Law entrepreneur. Ricardo has managed to rise above centenary companies in litigation business to make the largest office in Brazil today. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho cases attracted national repercussions, having advocated for the largest Brazilian multi-national groups, litigated pro bono for non-governmental organizations and represented politicians of different ideologies. Ricardo has been instrumental in creating laws of economic importance in Brazil.

Many of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho’s associates joined his firm as trainees. He is credited with formulating strategies and collecting results while directly supervising the management of his firm’s most important causes. Ricardo has served as the president of Judicial Reform Committee in Brazil. Ricardo has also served at the Brazilian Bar Association. He is part of the founding members of the Brazilian Institute for Political Party and Election Law Studies. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is very outspoken on matters that regard business law. He has been recognized as one of the best commercial Litigation lawyers in Brazil.

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Susan Mcgalla Encourages Women to Gain Experience

It is evident that no one gets to the top without having someone that they can look up to in the business world. It is true that Susan Mcgalla had her own role models before she got to the top in her profession, but there were definitely not as many as there are now. They still are not a lot of women that are leading when it comes to CEO positions of companies, but Susan Mcgalla is one such business woman that is willing to give advice. She wants to help those that want to make that transition to the top executive role with a company.

Susan Mcgalla is able to help people do this because she has already walked down that road. No one paved the path for her when it came to getting into a leadership position. She realizes that her role as a leader came because she actually made her way to the top by working from the bottom.

There are a lot of women that are getting degrees in marketing, and they may assume that they could come right into a company with a corporate position where they are making six figures and doing exactly what they majored in. This is the common conception that is never revealed until most women get into the business world.

Many of them realize that it takes a lot more than simply getting the degree in order to make the climb to the top. Susan Mcgalla definitely believes that getting a college degree is the springboard for getting started.

She knows that this is vital to any success that women of corporate business will have, but there is also another important stepping stone that many women will overlook. This is creating wealth by starting small. Women that are willing to start small with lower-level positions will be able to gain experience and still make money if they want to start their own business. Getting that proverbial foot in the door is an important step. Once a woman is in a place where she can learn about business success will come.

Cameron Clokie is Providing Significant Health Services in Canada

Stem cell therapy is a method that is used by many physicians, and many people have exaggeratedly explained it. Basically, stem cell therapy is a regenerative medicine method where cells are donated and put onto a patient to treat an existing injury or disease. It is simple theoretically but is challenging when done practically.

According to Cameron Clokie, regenerative medicine takes molecules, biomaterials, and utilized cells to fix structures that do not function properly because of an injury or illness. Many breakthroughs have been recognized for regenerative medicine, and it has been featured in many journals. However, the rate of regenerative medicine performance is still low. Reports show that only a few breakthroughs have made it to patients with other hospitals providing unproven therapies which worsen the patient’s condition.

Blood transfusion was the earliest form of cell therapy followed by bone marrow transplantation which provided cancer patients with an opportunity to develop healthy blood cells using donor’s bone marrow stems. When scald and burns occur, grafting cell therapy is employed using the same patient’s cells when the burns are not severe. However, with all these improvements regenerative therapies do not play a significant part in the medical field.

The Lancet released a report which stated that there is the potential of reducing the dangers of conditions such as neurological conditions, stroke and heart disease. Moreover, regenerative medicine improves the life quality of patients who have are living with illnesses. Many scientists globally are working towards finding new solutions that can be provided with the regenerative medicine.

There have been improvements in the research, for example, last year News Today reported a chip technology that can change one type of cell to another and thus heal organs fully. Scientists such as Cameron Clokie use regenerative medicine to solve health issues. Despite all these positive results, the approval of cellular therapy procedures is still low.

Cameron Clokie serves as the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc., which is a regenerative medicine company that provides musculoskeletal reconstruction solutions. Moreover, Cameron works at the Advisory Board of Osprey Biomedical Corp as its Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer.Cameron Clokie is positive about regenerative medicine helping solve problems in the medical field.

You Should Get Tested

With research and awareness on the rise, more and more men need to be educated about prostate cancer and ultimately get tested. Cision PR News-wire goes in depth with information about prostate cancer, awareness and why football players should get tested. The article brings up what Cancer Treatment Centers of America as an organization out to help those fighting cancer. If you are 40 years old or older, you qualify for a free prostate cancer screening from LabCorp. To add ethical effect on the audience, the article brings up former legendary head coaches and their encouragement for men in the NFL to get tested. With one in seven men getting prostate cancer at some point in their lifetime, this is a very important time to get tested. In order for the likely-hood that men will actually go out and get tested, the article lists locations, dates and times that they will hold free prostate cancer screenings. Go out and get tested!

With many advancements made in cancer treatment, Cancer Treatment Centers of America really focuses on their patients in the five hospitals they run. Their approach to treating and trying to cure cancer, is to bring genomic testing, Immunotherapy, radiation and chemotherapy all to the table for the patient. With locations in Philadelphia, Tulsa, Atlanta, Phoenix and Chicago, CTCA looks to be as accessible to patients as possible and to give them the best care possible. Cancer Treatment Centers of America have some of the highest satisfaction rates in the country regarding cancer treatment. With the quality of life as high as possible while a patient at CTCA, I encourage considering their hospitals if your or a loved one have cancer.

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Ricardo Tosto Helps Brazilians To Understand The Legal System

The legal system of any country tends to be vast, and individuals who understand how the law operates play a massive role in helping others who are not apt in legal matters to understand all that is associated with the constitution. The constitution plays a crucial role in helping to define how particular legal issues should be handled within a country.

Lawyers such as Ricardo Tosto help Brazilians to navigate through the somewhat complicated legal system of Brazil. Brazil’s constitution is built upon years and years of amendments, and this makes it very difficult for the ordinary citizen to decipher what is required of him/her in the process in undertaking their daily duties. Corporates benefit highly from the advice that they get from Ricardo Tosto. He has traversed through different regions of Brazil all to help company managers understand the aspects that they should infuse into the process of offering goods and services.

Lawyers in Brazil are very few, and this is because not many people want to sacrifice their time to study and obtain the necessary knowledge. Additionally, most the Brazilian community is not financially stable, and this makes it challenging for households to be able to pay tuition fees for their children to study law.

According to Ricardo Tosto, an apt lawyer is who understand all areas of his profession. Due to the technicality that is associated with the Brazilian Constitution, many quacks pose as lawyers, and they usually end up taking advantage of the population that knows little about the law. The legal system is extensive, and it is divided into different sections such as real estate, personal injury, employment issues, corporate law, and civil suits. Citizens should be able to understand the specialty of their lawyer so that they can avoid falling victims of lawyers who are not qualified.

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Efforts of Eric Lefkofsky in Business-Medical Field

Eric Lefkofsky is an original born American citizen. He is a founder of some big entrepreneurial firms. He is a literate in law and has held some business operations in the same university he studied at. Lefkofsky teamed up with an individual after his studies and together they invented Starbelly, an internet company which was based in business ventures. He, later on, joins other firms which he acts as the managing head. Though some firms went bankrupt, his spirit in business matters never lowered. He has always risen up his level in each and every company he has ever worked for. He has also worked together with best investors including the technological ones.

Eric and his wife, later on, form an organization which is literally a foundation that fully supports the other organizations that specialize in Science  Education generally around the whole globe. Actually, this foundation has been having a sharp focus on children who really need support. The couple has really shown much support back to the society. Their charity work has been of great and positive expression to all that it has aided. It is clear enough that Mr. Eric, later on, embarks on a teaching career in Chicago’s business schools where he teaches much of entrepreneurship and technological-based businesses.

With his great mind of technology, Eric not only starts up Tempus which is a popular company in tech but also creates a system to aid in fighting cancer. Funding most of the children’s hospital has never been an issue to him. He has been doing that without any hesitation plus funding all other capable healthcare institutions. Tempus is a medical foundation aiming to help each and every invalid benefit from their proper services and care. With other professional workers, Eric ensures that his foundation always carries the best and safe scientific operations which favor proper health of patients.

Since Tempus is full of qualified and certified medical officers, research on every kind of disease and evolution of new medical products is carried out there. It is due to the teaming up of these medical gurus that make Tempus’ flame keep burning and Eric’s endless efforts in succeeding in business and medical field vividly celebrated.

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Omar Yunes, transforming the world of franchising through innovative leadership

The recent BFW contest held in Italy, Florence to be precise, recognized Omar Yunes for his numerous contributions to the Japanese food chain which he represents. Omar who took the best franchisee of the world award joined the company at a mere age of twenty-one. As his age mates were busy partying and having the time of the world, Yunes focused on growing himself business wise which automatically meant growth for the brand he was working for. Commenting on the matter, Omar did not blow his own trumpet instead he gave credit to all the employees in the thirteen units which he managed and said that the success of Yunes franchise was as a result of team work.

The BFW contest attracted representatives from different parts of the world such as Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Portugal, Hungary, and France among many others. Diego Elizarrarras who was the event organizer also made remarks regarding Omar’s wins and said that he deserved it because he has helped create a positive impact in the franchise by creating a better rapport between the employees and the management. Thanks to that, he has been able to implement better control panels and also better information handling systems which have resulted to clear measurements of each franchise. Omar was not the only one recognized for his efforts in bettering the franchise and seconds runners-up was Ivan Tamer who is in the Mexican chapter.

Mr. Ivan was recognized for the establishment of exceptional parameters which have in turn led to the growth of the franchise. The winners of the contest were evaluated according to the contributions they have made to the company in regards to knowledge, employee motivation, savings created and how much these parameters have influenced the company as a whole.

About Omar Yunes

Besides being known due to his politically active family, Omar Yunes is also famous for his prowess in business. He originates from Mexico and is best known for his contributions to Sushi Itto, a company he joined when he was only 21 years old. Today, he has more than 13 units which have offered employment to about 400 people. Thanks to Omar’s extensive knowledge of the Mexican business scope, Sushi Itto continues to soar higher and also takes Mexico to the global map.

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Yunes is a big football fan, and when he is not busy with the management of the franchise, he is always supporting his favorite football teams which are Barcelona internationally and locally Pumas de la Unam.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Introduces Top Notch Treatment Program

In February 2017, Cancer Treatment Centers of America executed the new Clinical Pathways program. This phenomenal program is centered on each individual patient and provides education on various treatment opportunities unique to each patient’s case. The Clinical Pathways program, made possible via collaboration with NantHealth and Allscripts, is focused on improving the quality of patient care and efficiency of care. The patient has the chance to review treatment regimens specific to their disease state and includes information about cost, clinical data, and even possible drug reactions. Each care regimen displayed to the patient includes data from previous patient cases, expected outcomes, cost of each particular treatment, and supporting research. This research provides information to both patient and physician that is unbiased and evidence based. With the Clinical Pathways program, the patient is able to analyze each option available to them and then review with their physician and discuss questions and concerns. The program also facilitates efficiency in obtaining approval from insurance companies by having supporting documentation readily available. The integrative and superior Clinical Pathways program is available to each patient at all five Cancer Treatment Centers of America locations.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is nationally top ranked in many different areas. YouGovBrandIndex is a consumer research service that draws daily interviews from consumers around the United States. In YouGov’s 2017 Brand Health rankings, Cancer Treatment Centers of America scored the third ranking of hospitals in the United States. Cancer Treatment Centers of America consistently provides the highest quality of care for each individual patient. They provide an overwhelming support system for both the patient and their families during the treatment process while also keeping them well informed on different treatment opportunities. They understand the importance of having the best quality of life during the difficult battle the patient faces due to cancer.

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Sheldon Lavin Leads OSI Industries to Take Over the World Food Industry

Sheldon Lavin serves as the CEO of OSI Group, a premier meat, and food processing company. Other companies that are under OSI Group include OSI Industries and OSI International Foods. Sheldon Lavin joined the food industry as an outsider but eventually managed to carve a niche for himself. He began his career 43 years ago in the Banking industry. He owned a Finance consulting firm that organized capital for companies and also used his expertise to guide companies on how to increase their revenues.

Sheldon joined the food industry in 1970 when he organized financing for Otto and Sons Company. Otto & Sons Company had huge chances of excelling, but they were faced with a lot of financial challenges. Otto & Sons then approached Mr. Sheldon to seek for a solution. Sheldon Lavin organized financing for the company from a local bank that requested him to take ownership of Otto & Sons Company before they could lend out the money. Sheldon declined the request of taking ownership of the company and opted to remain a financial consultant for the company.

In 1975, Sheldon became actively involved in Otto & Sons when the company’s management began looking for investment overseas. Sheldon came on board and offered his financial expertise that saw the company grow to one of the biggest Midwest suppliers of meat products to the McDonald’s Corporation. He became a managing partner when Otto decided to retire from the company leaving his sons to run the business.

OSI Industries has cemented its presence locally by expanding their production capacity to serve a broader market. The company recently acquired the former Tyson Foods, a food processing facility in Chicago that was almost closing down. The company has continued to expand to other parts of the globe such as Europe where they recently acquired Flagship Europe and Baho Foods. OSI Industries is also opening food processing facilities in North America, South Africa, Australia, Japan, India, the Philippines and South Africa.

Sheldon Lavin, now 81 is still pursuing further expansion of OSI Group to penetrate new markets. The company is determined to set standards for other food processing companies to follow. Currently, OSI Group is considered as the most prominent supplier of protein in the world. They now have more than 55 food processing facilities that are located in 17 different companies. The company continues to acquire other food processing and supplying facilities that will help them to serve larger markets.

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