ClassDojo and its Benefits

ClassDojo is described as a class communication tool that is normally used by parents, teachers and students. The tool has the ability to allow teachers and also administrators to share announcements, pictures and events with all the students and their parents. The tools also has the ability to help students when it comes to development of important skills like teamwork and understanding which is normally done through teacher-student feedback through mobile devices and the web. ClassDojo was launched in 2011 and the company that developed it is headquartered in San Francisco in California. Since its introduction, the platform is being used in over 90% of the k-8 schools in US and also in 180 other nations from all parts of the world.

ClassDojo has been described by many as a very important platform dque to its ability of enabling parents, teachers and students to connect, support as well as develop the student’s skills. Teachers must register an account which is free in order for them to be able to use this useful communication tool. After that, they can create classes with the help of the students. At first, students has to have an access code to use ClassDojo and then sign up for an account after which they will see classes, look at their individual progress and customize avatars. Parents are allowed to use ClassDojo after being invited by teachers and look at the progress of their children through the information offered by the teachers.

After portraying a good exertion in a task in class, teachers can reward their students with positive feedback in real-time. ClassDojo is available to all people as a web application and is available for all android and iPhone devices. ClassDojo was developed in order to make communication better between teachers, students and their parents. It is also meant to make learning easy and more fun.

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