Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Is Helping All Men

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is helping all men by the new program recently launched. This program is sponsored by Cancer Treatment Centers of America, LabCorp, and the NFL. This program is designed to help men receive a free screening for prostate cancer. All expenses are paid by the three sponsors involved in this program. All screenings will be held at a LabCorp office. There are thousands of LabCorp offices throughout the United States, so all men, ages 40+, have no excuse to not get their free screening.

The funds available will cover the first 2800 men. After this, men interested in this screening will have to pay a small fee. This program will go on from the beginning of September to the end of October. This program was actually started by several rookie players in the NFL who knew or lost someone to prostate cancer, and these players wanted to take a stand against the disease.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is happy to work with the NFL and LabCorp on this program. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a one of a kind organization in the way it treats patients. The best example would be their integrative program that is available to all patients.

The integrative program offered by Cancer Treatment Centers of America exists to go beyond the normal way of treating cancer. Most places that treat cancer give people their treatment and then send them on their way. Cancer Treatment Centers of America believes giving people their treatment is only half the battle.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America teach people how to eat the right way, how to sleep the right way, what vitamins to stay away from, and they even offer spiritual guidance. It has been proven that patients who experience integrative treatment have a 50% better chance of surviving cancer.

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