Gets Bumped Up a Rating by the BBB

NexBank is a behemoth financial institution with vested interests in mortgage finance and commercial banking, banking and personalized financial services. The bank serves private and public banks, corporations and individual realtor investors. NexBank SSB was reported to hold assets of over $6.4B, as of mid-2017. The executive team at NexBank has done a commendable job of raising finances in the previous years. James Dondero, the Co-Founder, oversaw the raising $24 million in total equity funding in the first round alone. In August 2017, the company shattered all expectations when it succeeded in raising an extra $20 million.


Dondero’s Plans for NexBank SSB


John Holt, the president, and CEO of NexBank spoke to a presser soon after the first successful round of capital raising that netted $24M. Here’s a recap of the CEO’s statement. For starters, he reminded everyone in attendance that the funds raised would get funneled into improving the corporate look of the banking firm. John thanked the shareholders for their continued belief and support in the mortgage specializing company.


Here are the notable financial fact sheets revealed by John Holt at the presser, according to PRN


  • In 2016, NexBank grossed a net income of $38.1M
  • Its return on average equity figure stood at 37.6%
  • Total assets reported at over $3.5B
  • Total deposits in 2016 recorded at $2.6B
  • Gross loan obligations to NexBank in 2016 stood at $2.5B
  • The bank retained a tier 1 leveraging status with a ratio of 9.44%


NexBank’s Vice President also expressed his optimism at the future prospects of the leading mortgages firm. He remarked how the extra capital would go into facilitating future scalability options for NexBank Capital, Inc.


BBB- to BBB+


NexBank Capital, Inc. was fortunate to secure a higher unsecured debt rating from the distinguished BBB. The company’s debt rating moved from negative to positive credit rating owing to the tremendous accomplishments they’d made in the banking arena of late. They are authorized and accredited to offer its core services by the FDIC.

Dr. Akhil Reddy, a Man Knowledgeable in Dentistry, Fashion, and Wine

Dr. Akhil Reddy is someone who has spent quite a bit of time focused on dentistry, teeth, and overall oral health. He is someone who has dedicated himself to helping others take care of their mouths and their teeth. This man is not only knowledgeable in the area of dentistry, though, and he has proven that he has more to offer to the world than his dentistry services. He is someone who knows the world of wine as well as the world of fashion, and he has much advice to offer to those who are looking to learn more about either one.

Dr. Akhil Reddy is someone who knows a lot about wine and who has tried many different types of wine. He understands the world of French wine, and he has shared some of the information that he has gleaned through the years with the rest of the world. This man believes that there are low-cost wine options out there that are just as good as the more expensive options. He thinks that there is wine out there that is priced affordably and fitting with the various tastes that different individuals have. He has taken the time to make up a list of wines that have tastes that are similar to the high profile labels but that are available at low and affordable prices. He is ready to help anyone who is looking for great wine at a low price.

Dr. Akhil Reddy is someone who spends a lot of his time in a white coat, and he has had to learn how to make that coat look good. He understands the world of fashion well enough to offer advice to those who have to wear a white coat. This man has shared information on what he feels is appropriate under such a jacket and what he feels can help a person to look good while wearing a white coat. He feels that a dress shirt and a tie are a good option beneath a white coat, but he also feels that a turtleneck can work under that same coat. He has a variety of options that he believes help a white coat to look great, and the world can learn about fashion through him.

Mighty Fortress Church and the Beautiful Churches in Minnesota

There are many unique and beautiful churches in the Twin Cities. Here is a sample of some of them.

1. St. Andrews Church, St. Paul
This beautiful church is no longer an active church but an arts academy. The building is a combination of the beautiful Romanesque architecture and the Spanish Mission Revival.

2. Assumption Chapel, Cold Spring
The church, which was built in 1951, has a Gothic styled structure. It was built as a prayer to end the locust plague in the 1870s. The chapel is a memorial of that event.

3. The Church of Our Lady of the Angels, Sauk Centre
This is a Catholic church that is located in Minnesota’s Stearns County. It has one of the most beautiful church interiors in the county. In its sanctuary dome, it has a painting of Mary ascending to the clouds.

4. The Mighty Fortress
This is a church that has so much significance in the Christian faith. It is touted as a place where one can rediscover his/her Christian faith. The Mighty Fortress International is a church ministry that conducts its services here. It is a life changing ministry that conducts its worship through practical bible teachings. The church is true and offers messages which are practical to the modern life of today.

The church’s mission is to build a church that is multidimensional and dynamic that promises a victorious Christian life. The church provides a friendly and comfortable church atmosphere where Christians can feel God’s presence. This church focuses on God and what he has done to people’s lives. The choir and band in the church brings in God’s presence in the church. The Mighty Fortress International welcomes everyone to come and worship with them.

The Senior Pastor of the Mighty Fortress International is called Bishop Williams. This church is multidimensional and includes different outreach ministries and support groups. The Bishop highly values God, the Church, family, and the community at large. He is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Centre in Oklahoma. He also holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Mass Communication from North Central University, Minneapolis.

High Net-Worth Individuals Can Count on Equities First- AU To Provide Them With The Loans That They Need

Equities First Holdings is a lending organization that has decided to place a significant amount of importance on the exact needs of their borrowers. Unfortunately, there are many different borrowers today who are unable to borrow from lenders due to being unable to fulfill the contracts that come with the loan deals. Meaning, the interest rates may be too high for them to pay off or any other aspects of their payback terms being something that they’re incapable of handling.

Equities First Holdings is a company that truly strive to make positive differences in the lives of their borrowers. Whether you’re aware of it or not, many borrowers have difficulties with finding lenders that are truly eager to be flexible in their lending terms. It’s recommended for a prospective borrower to ensure that they strive to work with a lending company that will work with them on a custom-based scenario. Meaning, the lender should be able to meet the very needs of their borrowers in such a case. They may need to look at the borrower’s abilities of paying off loans and work history to decide what interest rates they’ll be able to offer their loan terms on; however, it is still a process that the borrower essentially benefits from, as they’re able to receive a loan deal that will essentially work in their favor at any particular point in time.

Equities First Holdings is a lending company that is willing to work with a group of individuals who are considered to have a high net-worth. This particular group of people is one that often has trouble working with lenders due to being unable to obtain loans for the particular reasons that they need them for. A non-purpose loan option is available for high net-worth individuals when working with the organization of Equities First Holdings. for more.



A decade is a very long period of time especially being capable of maintaining entrepreneurial success. This is a remarkable fete achieved by the National Steel Car Company, being the most competent as North America’s outstanding railroad freight and tank cars designers. As an engineering and manufacturing institution, national steel car company has always multiplied its efforts in their quest to provide quality services to their customer. This great institution has for long time believed that their customer’s faith in them is what has resulted in their immense success. Despite being the best, national steel car company has not rested but has set the bar higher through challenging and gauging their performance aiming at excelling further.

National Steel Car Company has also gained so much praise for their premier quality railcars with regularly high on-time delivery performance. Their dominance has been portrayed by the fact that they are the only North American car company certified with ISO 9001 2008. Their achievement has been deservedly recognized through being rewarded with the annual TTX SECO award for more than 100 years in succession. National steel car company’s recent honorable excellence has been attributed to the chairman and chief executive officer, Gregory James Aziz. Greg Aziz bought the national steel car company in 1994 from the then owner Dofasco. Gregory J Aziz instantly improved the and by the year 2000, the labor force had increased from 500 to 3000 workers while at the same time production volume moved up from 3500 to 12500 railcars per year. With James Aziz as the CEO of National Steel car company, the institution has majored in the manufacture of freight cars such as Boxcars which are super duty and jumbo, coil cars which are longitudinal and transverse coil cars, flat cars which include Centre beam cars, gondola cars include coal car, hopper car with open and covered top as well as tank car which are general purpose, insulated and non-insulated cars.

Greg J Aziz has also helped the national steel car company improve its entrepreneurial boundaries from Canada to other countries in North America like the United States. Gregory Aziz’s family comprising of his wife and two daughters have also been actively involved in contributing to community work, for instance funding the multitude of classes such as National Steel Car challenge at prestigious Royal Winter Fair Horse show in both 2001 and 2005 as well as partnering with Angelstone tournaments for 2014 season. In 2009, Greg J Aziz and his family received the jump Canada owner of the year award for their generous support of Canadian show jumping team through banking on top quality grand prix mounts.


The Beauty That MB2 Dental Adds to Service Delivery

Innovative minds are the ones leading the pace in business as they create efficient, customer friendly and cost-effective ways of running their affairs. The same can be spoken of MB2 Dental, who are smart enough to know that dentists will work best if only left to deal with dental work only. This ensures that these dentists are able to concentrate on their field of specialization without having to worry about the other running of the dental clinic. These services are offered to affiliated dentists by MB2 Dental who are themselves experts in various aspects of the running of a dental clinic aside from the clinical aspect.

This model of operation by MB2 Dental is mainly celebrated by the clients themselves, this is because they are always the winners. This is because the dentist is able to direct all his expertise, experience and special care to the client in such a manner that they are totally satisfied with these services. It is also worthy of noting that most of the non-clinical areas of a dental practice would be very disorienting for a dentist to the point that they no longer concentrate to their core duty.

The beauty about MB2 Dental team is their expertise on all non-clinical aspects of dental practice, thereby promising and delivering great results whenever their services are called upon. Whenever their services are engaged, a dentist can rest assured that their brand will be marketed appropriately until their practice is profitable. Whereas they achieve this by assessing as well as addressing a dental offices particular needs and goals. This forms the basis by which they target the areas demanding special attention for guaranteed growth and profitability.

MB2 Dental will also ensure that affiliated dental offices have the best IT services that facilitate a smooth and efficient running of affairs. They ensure that all data management systems are up and learning for the dentists to consume and make their clinical analysis hassle free. They will also handle the human resource aspect of the business, where they will ensure that employees are well taken care of. Whereas all the human resource aspects such as compensation, compliance, payroll, employee development, talent acquisition and employee relations among many others are all taken care of. All these non-clinical undertakings by MB2 Dental only create a conducive environment for affiliate dentists to work and deliver in accordance to the expectations of their clients.

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All About Capitol Anesthesiology Association

Capitol Anesthesiology Association, also known as CAA; has become one of the largest independent practice of physicians specializing in anesthesiology in the United States. Since it was first started in 1973, it now has more than 80 physicians and over 130 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists. The company specializes in providing high quality care in several medical facilities around the Austin, TX area. All of it’s physicians are board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology or in the process of achieving this certification. Capitol Anesthesiology Association focuses on the administration of anesthesia in a safe and effective manner to treat pain and anxiety, including before, after and during surgical procedures. They are well versed in handling general, regional, and monitored or local anesthesia care. Working with over 20 medical facilities in Austin, their goal is to do everything they can so that all patients get the best quality anesthesia care available.