By Giving People A Voice, Avaaz Takes Activism To New Heights

The internet has given every person with access to a computer a voice. Ironically, this is a double-edged sword, as while anyone can share their opinions, so can everyone else. What this means is that the collective conscious of the globe often becomes a vague, jumbled mess of anger and confusion, with no real cohesion or purpose. Avaaz, an activist network that operates all over the globe, aims to change this. If everyone on the internet has a voice, activists with Avaaz have access to a very, very loud megaphone.
Avaaz campaigns in 15 different languages, with members all over the globe. That raises an important question; what exactly does ‘campaigning’ mean? It can take a multitude of forms- signing petitions, emailing interested individuals, lobbying governments, and holding real world protests are just a few examples. These campaigns are the bread and butter of Avaaz’s organization, and better yet it often translates to just a few minutes of an activists time. On the scale that Avaaz operates, those few minutes are multiplied by thousands of other people and hundreds of other countries, resulting in tangible outcomes and huge changes on the global scale.
Despite its enormous, forty-four million strong user base, Avaaz is incredibly organized. The organization looks to the whims of its members for what demands the majority of its attention. It decides this with weekly, random sample polls. Furthermore, once per year an all-member survey is run to select the prime directive for the majority of activists. This translates to an organization that is targeted and succinct in its goals, despite its overwhelming scale. This article opened by talking about voice- something done intentionally. In many European and East Asian languages, Avaaz translates to voice. Avaaz aims to take its namesake and make it a global force for good. It has done so for nearly a decade, and it will continue doing so, so long as talented, driven activists take the plunge and start making themselves heard as soon as possible.

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