Oncotarget: Breaking Existing Scientific Boundaries

Oncotarget is a traditional multi-disciplinary weekly journal with free access. The journal which was founded in 2010 publishes the papers online, and each issue can be printed for special request. The publication aims to make scientific findings widely and rapidly accessible to everyone.

It allows quick sharing of exceptional scientific discoveries and maximizes the influence of research through discerning reviews. Oncotarget also intends to link the various biomedical fields and break the borders between specialties. The journal is led by prominent scientists who help other researchers to contribute to scientific progress.

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The journal employs the services of a qualified team of editors who ensure that the information relayed is factual as possible. The journal editors follow the COPE Code of Conduct and the Best Practice Guidelines. The editors evaluate manuscripts entirely based on the scientific merit regardless of the author’s nationality religious beliefs, race, gender, sexual orientation and political affiliation. Editors do not disclose information about a submitted manuscript to anyone apart from the authors, potential reviewers, and members of the editorial board.

The editorial board is led by Mr. Mikhail Blagosklonny who is Oncotarget editor in chief alongside Andrei V. Gudkov. Mikhail Blagosklonny has authored over 250 articles in peer-reviewed journals. His interests in research range from cellular and molecular biology to clinical investigations. Some of his work include; Cancer Res, Cancer Biol Ther, Cell Death Differ, and Autophagy.

The publication has many different sections. Among them the sections that are beyond oncology such as geotarget, immunology and microbiology, pathology beyond oncology, Autophagy and Cell Death and Chromosome.

Geotarget (or section on Aging) publishes papers about all areas of aging-related research such as signal transduction pathways, genetics and the mechanisms of aging, cellular senescence, dietary anti-aging ways, age-related diseases among others.

Oncotarget’s section on immunology and microbiology is tasked with the publishing of papers in areas on elementary and clinical research such as innate and adaptive immunity, antigen responses and recognition, immune cell development, cytokines, signal transduction, inflammation, gene regulation and much more.

The Autophagy and Cell Death segment publish papers with outstanding impact in basic and translational research. It covers many topics such as; Accidental Cell Death, Apoptosis, AMPK signaling, Apoptosome Signaling, Autophagy, ATG Proteins and among many others.

The section on Chromosome publishes high impact findings with outstanding importance in such areas of basic research with a broad scope in Meiosis and Recombination, Mitosis and Cytokinesis, Comparative Genomics, Genome Engineering among many others. Download output styles at Endnote.com

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