Going Bold with Highland Capital Management in 2017

Experienced Investing

When you are making an investment choice you want experience behind your choice. You have worked hard and saved your funds. You are now looking for a solid investment to grow those funds. Highland Capital Management (HCM) has been pioneering in loan and CLO markets since 1993.

Highland Small Cap Equity Fund almost tripled the return of the S&P 500 Index last year. This Dallas based company manages about $13.4 billion in assets and is looking into the healthcare sector to make gains this year.

Michael Gregory who is chief investment officer of Highland Alternative Investors, a unit of HCM, says the not so favorable healthcare sector could stage a “tremendous rebound” in 2017.

This mutual fund’s Class A shares of HSZAX, -0.37% returned 31.6% in 2016, compare those returns of 12% with the large-cap S&P 500 SPX, +0.03% and 21.3% of the small-cap Russell 2000 Index RUT, -0.56%.

Disciplined in Action

With the experience noted you also want to have great discipline when you are investing your funds. There is no better time than the present to practice discipline in your investment portfolio. Highland Capital Management holds the course when it comes to disciplined investing.

Remaining lucrative while oil prices tanked. Staying savvy by using MLPs, none of the selected partnerships cut dividends after the fund purchased shares in 2016.

The solid trading portfolio includes well-known companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, American Airlines, and Visa. HCM remains strong even in a bear market.

Remaining Bold

Taking a chance in emerging markets or even re-emerging markets, such as healthcare, Highland has a vast array of investments. Under the leadership of James Dondero and Mark Okada these investment portfolios are looking at a bright future.

Highland is also committed to the world community by donating over $10 million in the local community and national non-profit organizations. The annual philanthropic budget of $3 million is managed by partner Mary Jalonick, President & CEO of The Dallas Foundation. HCM promotes employees involved and volunteering in their communities in Dallas, New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Seoul.

When you decide to go bold with Highland Capital Management, you not only support the growth of your portfolio, but you support world class philanthropy. This is a company that you should be aligning with in 2017.

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By Giving People A Voice, Avaaz Takes Activism To New Heights

The internet has given every person with access to a computer a voice. Ironically, this is a double-edged sword, as while anyone can share their opinions, so can everyone else. What this means is that the collective conscious of the globe often becomes a vague, jumbled mess of anger and confusion, with no real cohesion or purpose. Avaaz, an activist network that operates all over the globe, aims to change this. If everyone on the internet has a voice, activists with Avaaz have access to a very, very loud megaphone.
Avaaz campaigns in 15 different languages, with members all over the globe. That raises an important question; what exactly does ‘campaigning’ mean? It can take a multitude of forms- signing petitions, emailing interested individuals, lobbying governments, and holding real world protests are just a few examples. These campaigns are the bread and butter of Avaaz’s organization, and better yet it often translates to just a few minutes of an activists time. On the scale that Avaaz operates, those few minutes are multiplied by thousands of other people and hundreds of other countries, resulting in tangible outcomes and huge changes on the global scale.
Despite its enormous, forty-four million strong user base, Avaaz is incredibly organized. The organization looks to the whims of its members for what demands the majority of its attention. It decides this with weekly, random sample polls. Furthermore, once per year an all-member survey is run to select the prime directive for the majority of activists. This translates to an organization that is targeted and succinct in its goals, despite its overwhelming scale. This article opened by talking about voice- something done intentionally. In many European and East Asian languages, Avaaz translates to voice. Avaaz aims to take its namesake and make it a global force for good. It has done so for nearly a decade, and it will continue doing so, so long as talented, driven activists take the plunge and start making themselves heard as soon as possible.

Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO


When it comes to influence and status in the meat industry, there are very few names that stand out as much as Sheldon Lavin. Today Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, a leading supplier of food products to many major food service companies across the world. Although his status atop the food service supply industry, his storied career didn’t begin in the meat industry, taking shape over the course of four decades. Over 43 years ago, as an outsider to the food service industry, Mr. Lavin entered the food industry as a partner with Otto and Sons, the precursor to OSI Group. Mr. Lavin’s career was initially that of a banking executive, building his resume as an investor, while also heading his own financial consulting firm. In the early 70’s Mr. Lavin was called upon to secure financing for Otto and Son’s and it was recommended by his partners that McDonald’s that he become more directly involved with Otto and Son’s day to day operations. Due to his acute business acumen, Mr. Lavin immediately put his imprint on the fledgling company and began taking Otto and Son’s to the next level. By the 1980’s Mr. Lavin had accrued a controlling interest in the company, and quickly began overseeing its forward expansion. Learn More.

Today OSI Group is the home of more than 20,000 employees worldwide. Sheldon Lavin cites the inward success of his company as a result of the family-oriented dynamic that he has helped to establish over the course of his tenure. OSI has an extremely low turnover rate amongst employees and has 55 locations spanning 16 countries which are a testament to Mr. Lavin’s people first approach. He has continued to spread this people first mentality throughout his many endeavors by contributing financially to many charitable organizations, including Ronald McDonald House.

http://www.amickfarms.com/corpresponsibility.html for more.

Talos Energy Partakes in Mexico Oil Advancement

It counts as the first time in eight decades since a privately-held firm sunk a new offshore oil well in Mexican water bodies. This was a move significant enough to allure foreign competitors to partake in Mexican oil markets. Three private companies joined hands and endeavored in drilling the well in May. Premier Oil Plc, Talos Energy, LLC and Sierra Oil & Gas came up with the idea, and they have proved to expand their horizons to levels that only the Mexican monopoly, Petroleos Mexicanos, has been. A London-based analyst, Elaine Reynolds remarked that the projected pictured great likelihood of success, particularly because of its bowl shape. Geological analysts who have seen the well have found it as an interesting initiative with great potential.

Talos Among the Best Performing Small Ventures

Talos boasts of their position in the oil and gas industry where they explore relevant opportunities to pursue. As they exploit their pursuits in oil and gas properties, Talos tends to bend their interest towards asset acquisition in Gulf coast and the Gulf of Mexico. To maintain relevance in their initiatives, they employ technicians with drilling knowledge from the Gulf of Mexico. Such experts are then allowed to work in an environment with modern-day machines. It is for this reason that Talos has remained a bar raiser in the energy industry.

Why Talos Energy’s Success is Guaranteed

Usually, the success of a firm depends on the foundation. No wonder prudent entrepreneurs always do their due diligence before rushing into the markets. With Talos, the administrators equally conducted a feasibility study. Before launching Talos, they developed two oil and gas firms and sold them out. They sold the companies after paying significant returns to their equity investors. By the time Talos was coming in the picture, the responsible authorities had already tested the waters. Additionally, the enterprise has been able to incorporate high-end technology in their causes. Most important is that they realize they still have room for growth. As such, they are working towards refining a world-class company that will be conscious about complying to authorities ensuring safe and friendly environments.

The Dedication Of Betsy DeVos In Enacting Educational Reform In The United States

As the Chairperson of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, Betsy DeVos is considered as a leading personality in educational reform and other charitable causes. In 1989, she founded this entity alongside her husband with the aim of effecting transformative change in the American society. Betsy DeVos ventured into the political arena as a student of Calvin College, and to-date has held several positions of leadership in the Michigan Republican Party.

Her interest in educational reform began while she was volunteering at the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For a long time, the institution has catered to the needs of low-income families and at-risk children in the region. Up to this day, Betsy DeVos still actively support Potter’s House because she believes the institution promotes choice in education. She is of the opinion that if she was able to choose a good school for her children, then every parent should be given the opportunity to do so. This motivated her to work with foundations that would provide scholarships so as to promote school choice early in her career. Read more about her philanthropy at MLive.com.

In the 1990s, Betsy DeVos served on the boards of American Education Reform Council and Children First America; charities that worked towards the implementation of educational choice through the use of tax credits and vouchers. To this end, she established the Great Lakes Education Project to propel the shift towards educational reform. Currently, the movement operates in 17 states, with more than 250,000 students benefiting from school choice. These students learn in 33 private-choice institutions that are publicly funded.

Betsy DeVos says that the movement’s greatest achievement can be witnessed in Florida, with more than 50,000 students enrolled in the state’s tax-credit scholarship program. Based on the number of enrolled students, the system bears the longest educational choice period. There have also been significant steps witnessed in Indiana and Louisiana.

She advocates for freedom in education through vouchers, tax credits, as well as other less-known approaches such as digital learning, home schooling, magnet schools, virtual schools, and charter schools. Her primary objective in educational reform is to ensure that parents select appropriate schools that will enable their children to unlock their full potential.

About Betsy DeVos

Elisabeth “Betsy” Dee DeVos currently serves in President Trump’s administration as the Secretary of Education. For over 30 years, she has been engaged in educational policy as a voice of reason for the parents, and a representative for the children. During this period, she has worked with All Children Matter and Alliance for School Choice. These two organizations later merged to form the American Federation for Children.

Read more: http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2017/01/dick_and_betsy_devos_lift_the.html

Betsy DeVos and her husband, Dick, run their own charter school known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy. She also serves as the Windquest Group’s Chairman, a privately-held group of companies with diversified investments in clean energy, manufacturing, and technology.

She is very passionate about availing quality education to underserved American children. Betsy DeVos attended Calvin College, and holds a B.A degree from the institution.

Eric Lefkofsky Has Helped Many

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur who comes from the United States. He works in the sales industry and he has been instrumental in the success of several different businesses. He is considered a self-made man and this has given him the chance to improve Eric Lefkofsky career as different industries continue to grow.

Tempus is a health-related company. It is one that has been built up from the ground and Eric Lefkofsky plays a part in the way that he is on the board. He has voted for many of the improvements that have been made during the time that Tempus has been in business and it has given him the chance to make sure that he is better for it. He has also made major changes to the way that Tempus works and the way that they are able to help people who are a part of the healthcare system.

While Eric Lefkofsky was born in Michigan and comes from there, he has branched out to include businesses from different areas. This has given him the chance to reach many different communities, but he never forgets where he originally came from. He wanted to make sure that things were being done the right way and that his community has been able to benefit from it. To date, he has donated thousands of dollars to the small Michigan community that he came from. He has worked to make sure that it is better in different ways for the people who live there.

Eric Lefkofsky does not have an extensive educational background. He has worked hard for what he has but he only has a degree. This has allowed him the chance to see what hard work truly means and it has given him the chance to make sure that things are better in the way that he does them. Like people who have a lot of education, Eric Lefkofsky worked hard from the bottom. He has always wanted to be successful and has seen experience, combined with education, as the answer to making sure that things are better.

Sales is the major industry that Eric Lefkofsky has worked in from the beginning. He knew that he had a knack for sales and he wanted to make sure that he was able to get the most out of it because of the way that he was working toward doing things that were better. When Eric Lefkofsky first started out his career in college, he sold carpet. He saw a lot of success with that and believed that he was intended to work in sales. It paid off because he has been extremely successful in the sales industry that he is a part of.

When it comes to the different things that Eric Lefkofsky has done, they are numerous. He has worked hard to make sure that he is doing everything possible for his businesses and this has allowed the businesses to thrive. One of the biggest things that he has done is run Groupon because of the different things that he has had. While Groupon was really successful on its own, it has been even more so since Eric Lefkofsky has taken over the position of CEO. He has been able to vastly improve the success of Groupon as a sales company.

for details: lefkofskyfoundation.com/about-eric-lefkofsky/

Omar Yunes, Franchise Owner At Sushi Itto, Stands Out As One Of The Best At BFW

Omar Yunes is one of the top franchise owners of the restaurant chain, Sushi Itto. Omar Yunes currently lives in Mexico, where all of the chains outlets currently are. He has been vital to the growth of the chain and has been one of the instrumental people in the company’s growth and development. Recently, Omar Yunes was the recipient of the prestigious Franchisee of the Year Award by the BFW, which stands for Best Franchisees of the World. The organization is one that was formed to show appreciation to the franchise owners who contribute immensely to making the business or company a success. Omar Yunes was one of the only Mexican people to be nominated among all the people coming from numerous countries. The awards are given out every year, with the ceremony being held this year in Florence, Italy.

All the people that are selected and nominated to be part of the ceremony are specially chosen by a panel of judges who have a vast amount of experience in the field of franchising. While judging the contestants, only their skill and contribution is taken into consideration, and not the entire company as a whole. This is mainly done so that the contestants can be analyzed on a more level playing field, which can then help them to choose a winner efficiently. Omar Yunes was seen as a perfect fit for this year’s award, owing to the incredible amount of dedication he has towards the company and maintaining his outlets.

Currently, Omar Yunes is the owner of numerous Sushi Itto outlets in the country and owns about ten percent of the total stores that the company has. He has solely been responsible for the growth that the restaurant chain has been seeing recently. He has brought fresh new ideas to Sushi Itto, to help it grow and develop in the right direction.

Omar Yunes has always been extremely business minded, which is why he started working in his first business when he was just twenty-one years old. Since then, he has grown incredibly from a professional standpoint, which is why is now seen as such a successful figure in the franchising industry.

Agora Financial Helps Wide Spectrum of Investors

Agora Financial is the company that has changed the way that investors build their income. This is a company that has been able to do this with a plethora of publications that are designed to help investors sort out the companies that are really not worth your time. In doing so investors have a greater chance to maximize their profits. Agora Financial has been able to change the course of investing for many people that may not have a direct financial plan for their lives.

The consultants that are part of the Agora Financial team are definitely changing the way that people look at the investment world. Financial literacy is such a big part of investing. People cannot truly build a diverse portfolio without financial guidance. People that take the time to subscribe to some of the bublications that are offered by Agora Financial will have a much better chance at maximizing their return. By the same token, people that do not take time to invest in financial literature will find themselves struggling to assess the market. It is always much more difficult to make solid Investments when you are uneducated about what is happening in the market.

The consultants for Agora Financial are adamant about helping people determine what is going to be their best option for long-term investment growth. Some people are scared to take the higher risk when it comes to investing because they don’t have the information in front of them. Agora Financial has time-sensitive information that gives investors a chance to make better decisions quickly. Any investor that is looking for a long-term growth will value this type of information.

Agora Financial has managed to become a very powerful financial publication company because it caters to a wide spectrum of investors that need timely information.

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White Shark Media Has Reliable Service For All

White Shark Media is a growing search engine marketing (SEM) organization that uses various Google and Bing analytics software to make sure your website is bringing in a large amount of visitors. SEM could be thought of as an extension of SEO, and it even works hand-in-hand with it. But instead of using web design and content-based modifications to drive in organic traffic like SEO, SEM uses paid search or PPC advertising to drive in traffic. This kind of advertising does cost money to manage, but you can see results happen within minutes as opposed to potentially waiting weeks before SEO boosts your rankings. And it’s even more evident when you hire White Shark Media.

White Shark Media has the background in digital advertising to backup their claims that they run an expert company. Their AdWords and Bing Ad technical specialists have been highly trained in the field and they make sure to adhere to the most strict requirements that Google and Bing put forth to become authorized resellers. But most importantly White Shark Media has made customer service the epicenter of its company. They’ve changed how they’ve run things over the years by having more monthly review meetings and other ways to view analytics reports. Your contact person is also now available around the clock.

White Shark Media is willing to introduce their services to customers through an evaluation session. The evaluation is completely free and it gives White Shark Media a chance to show how they can make your Google or Bing ads into more effective marketing tools. The evaluation will take place at GoToMeeting.com where you’ll share your screen and listen to the specialist explain SEM information. You don’t have to hire White Shark Media at the end if you’re not impressed, but they hope you will be.

ClassDojo- A Valuable Resource for Parents and Teachers


All parents worry about their kids, and sometimes, parents feel that they don’t have the right tools needed to be able to monitor their children to ensure their success in school. Sometimes, teachers can have a hard time managing all their students’ grades, monitoring their behavior, and knowing how to advise their students’ parents on their children’s well-being in school. ClassDojo is a vital tool for parents and teachers, and helps to accommodate for many of the worries that a fretting parent might have, as well as reducing the amount of work and stress involved in a teacher’s school day.

Reduce Parental Concern

The ClassDojo app can help teachers reduce the worries of their students’ parents via regular behavior reports. By having students register into their designated classroom, the teacher can monitor the behaviors of each student, and know exactly what they are doing. The teacher can then use that data to compile it into a report of each student’s behavior, which can later be sent via email to the parents. This helps keep parents up-to-date on their child’s school life, so that they can know when their child needs to talk. This is effective at helping parents know how to help their child, and is more informative then just simply asking them, “How was your day?”.

Notify Parents of Things of Importance

The ClassDojo app can also help teachers relay urgent messages to parents, and vice versa. For example, if a student was to fall ill in class, the teacher could communicate to that student’s parents that they need to be picked up. This way, the parent can accordingly respond to the situation at the time, and even though they could just get in touch with the teacher via the school’s front desk, it’s much more convenient for the parent to be able to directly message the teacher. It also gives the parent a sense of comfort and security when they talk with the teacher that they are familiar with, not just some random office staff.

Promote Positive Improvement in Students

ClassDojo can also encourage students to behave better in class, as each action that they do will have a positive or negative effect on their in-app avatar. If the student behaves well, they are rewarded with dojo points, and if they misbehave, they will lose dojo points. Using these dojo points, they can buy different accessories to customize their avatar with. Through this system, students will be more motivated to behave well, and will act out of place less often, as they’ll want to get lots of dojo points to customize their avatars.