Greg Secker’s Success in Foreign Trading

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur, master trader, philanthropist, international speaker, and most importantly, a father. He founded the Knowledge to Action Group in 2003 which is a grouping of several companies that combine efforts in order to teach others how to improve their lives in trade. Currently the Knowledge to Action Group includes Learn to Trade, Smart Chart Software, Capital Index, and The Greg Secker Foundation.

Greg’s first career move was his jump from Thomas Cook Financial services into creating his own business called The Virtual Trading Desk. It is the first foreign exchange platform that includes a real-time Forex trading system online. He went on become Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation, a Fortune 500 investment bank in the United States. This allowed him to gain experience with travel and international trading centers. Following this, he opened Learn to Trade which is now seen as the worldwide leader of educational resources in trading.

Greg started this business in order to provide other people with the resources necessary to begin trading in foreign transactions. Greg is now able to earn a living by teaching people and trading from home. Within half a year he was already earning an impressive return.

Greg endured a difficult beginning and doubted he would ever find success. He now urges others not to give up. He first start imparting knowledge to friends and family and from there the word spread quickly. He attributes his success to absorbing knowledge and learning from others. Greg finds amusement in magic tricks and believes that hard work can create a little bit of magic.

Greg currently resides in London, United Kingdom where he expands his financial trading expertise everyday. He has come a long way from studying Agricultural and Food Sciences at the University of Nottingham. He now hosts financial trading seminars in the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, among many more.

In addition, Greg is a philanthropist and founded The Greg Secker Foundation. It is a non-profit organization that strives to improve the quality of life for people everywhere. They work with young people and help with their life and education skills. He also started a project in the Philippines that built 100 homes for people in Lemery.


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