Troy McQuagge Emerges the Victor in the Renowned One Planet Awards

Troy serves as a Chief Executive Officer of the USHealth group, Inc. His journey started back in 2010 when he became a member of the company. Troy directed efforts towards creating a new face of advisors in the company. His efforts and commitment led to him being named the Chief Executive Officer of the USHealth.

Troy’s character has influenced the eminent growth company towards gaining an increase in profits. This has helped distinguish the company from other companies in the competitive health sector. In his speech after being honored with the prestigious award, Troy says that he owes the success he achieved to the entire USHealth Company. This is because of the dedication of his co-employees to provide available and accessible healthcare to all its customers. The company’s efforts have led great success. This is evident since it has generated huge profits and imposed competition in the health sector under the leadership of the award-winning chairperson Troy McQuagge.

About One Planet Awards

Awards presented to winners in the One Planet platform are entitled to companies that show maturity in production and professionalism at their work. Its awards are varied widely to cover sectors such as public relations and corporate communication. One Planet offers a platform that runs around the globe leading to its popularity. Interesting to note, One Planet Awards embraces balance in gender as it rewards female entrepreneur of the year category. The company offers an open participation in each sector in line with the economy. For one to participate, they are required only to provide their details on the nomination for the awards.

Who is the USHealth GROUP?

The USHealth group mainly deals with the provision of health insurance. This insurance mainly covers cost incurred by primary enterprises and people who own young businesses in their health affairs. The company’s headquarters are located in Texas. The main aim of the company is to combine what its employees can do best with factors surrounding the market. This is done so as they can be exposed to competition and profit- making skills through marketing of insurance based products. The employees are also trained to provide satisfying services to its customers in any activity carried out by the company. For more information, follow this link.

What You Probably Didn’t Know about Omar Boraie’s Journey in the Real Estate Investment

As many would say, luck is a one-lifetime event that comes knocking the doors of the select few in the society. However, for the likes of Omar Boraie, luck is an opportunity that only brave individuals can achieve by simply heading towards its way. 40 years ago, Omar, a renowned real estate investor had moved to New Brunswick to pursue his PhD in Chemistry. While there, Omar’s passion for real estate developed and as a brave individual, Omar ran into the new business opportunity without any hesitancy.

Just like any other successful investor, Omar Boraie sought to use the fact that New Brunswick was not doing well regarding real estate developments as an opportunity to jumpstart his worthy undertaking. To begin with, the successful investor started by refurbishing old structures, a trend that saw him develops great structures as well as earn him a credible reputation.

Over and over again, Omar’s company has continued to fill New Brunswick with good and appealing structures, a trend that has seen him earn credits for turning the city into a world class standard. Today, Omar’s company specializes in acquiring underused properties and turning them into important projects. More details can be found on Fundacity.

Often, professionals say that business expertness is a skill that can be learned from the family line, so does Omar’s story line accord. As Boraie’s Vice President, Omar took after his father’s skills of coming up with great ideas and using them to develop decent properties. Apparently, Wasseem Boraie, Omar’s son also took after him and through his charismatic personality he has been able to fetch many people towards him for support. You can visit Central Jersey Working Moms for more info.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development is Real Estate Company based in New Brunswick, US. For not less than three decades, Boraie has been substantially involved in turning New Jersey into an urban community. The successful firm has a reputation of placing its money on unworthy properties that hold some significant potential if only standard refurbished skills are applied. Far from that, Boraie Development offers services such as leasing, maintenance, and accounting among other property management services.

In the recent past, Boraie has shifted its focus on the City of Newark’s downtown district. Growth and expansion have remained the company’s top priority, and this has seen it partner with notable individuals such as Shaquille O’Neal, a partnership that has seen it pocket a reasonable amount of cash. Besides, this particular company has influenced good projects such as the Rental Complex in One Rector Street among many others.

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New York Charter School Success Academy Turns Former Prison Quarters into Learning Academy

Earlier this week, New York-based Success Academy announced their plans to build their 2nd charter high school site in the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse in Melrose.
The new site, to be named the Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts, becomes the second secondary school site to be offered by the state’s public charter school program.
A spokesperson for the Success Academy stated that the additional high school is necessary because the network’s [only] other high school is located in mid-town Manhattan.
The Academy has received recent recognition for their academic achievements of high English and math proficiency rates, approaching 100 percent. This is contrasted with the adjacent traditional public schools that score in the low-mid teens on the same tests. The charter school attributes their success to an authoritative approach consisting of consistent rule-enforcement and discipline and hard work that often includes long days and challenging curriculum.
When compared to the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) in Southern California, the Success Academy’s exceptional performance really stands out. The LAUSD’s Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools cost taxpayers $578 million, has an aquatic center and an auditorium that has been compared to exclusive night clubs in the area. Yet, the school maintains a ranking placing it in the bottom 30 percentile of comparable school sites.
Another similar situation exists with the LAUSD’s Edward R. Roybal Learning Center, with a $377 million price tag, dance and theater studios and the school site even has underground parking. Disappointingly though, the school’s math proficiency rate is a meager 17 percent.
Earlier this year the Success Academy received the Broad Prize for Charter Schools Award. Presented by the Eli and Edyth Broad Foundation, the award recognized the Academy’s transformation of the landscape of New York’s public education and in the process altered the formerly negative perceptions about the prospects available to the state’s disadvantaged students.
About Success Academy
Founded by former councilwoman, Eva Moskowitz, the charter program began with a single school site in Harlem in 2006. Today  the Success Academy operates 41 separate school sites statewide.
The Academy’s leadership received recognition from President-elect Donald Trump, who considered the program’s founder for appointment to his cabinet as Secretary of State.

Dr. Gregory Finch – Extensive Training and Career

Dr. Gregory Finch has been perfecting his medical expertise for many years as he has been dedicated to training and studying while practicing his primary specialization. Currently, Dr. Greg Finch is practicing both orthopedic and spinal surgery.

Dr. Gregory Finch is from Australia. He currently lives and works in the city of Queensland where he is working at the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital as an orthopedic spine surgeon. Dr. Greg Finch has been a part of the medical establishment for only a couple of months after he received a promotion from the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service. There, he had worked for a year and a half at the same position as an orthopedic spine surgeon. He is still acting at that establishment to this day. Dr. Greg Finch is also a member a few medical institutions and organizations. Some of them are the Society for Minimally invasive spine surgery (more than 7 years), the North American Spine society (more than 11 years), the Australian Orthopedic Association ( more than 11 years), The Royal Australasian College of surgeons ( more than 17 years), the New Zealand Orthopedic association (more than 20 years).

Previous employments of Dr. Greg Finch include his being part of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth for six years and the Royal Perth Hospital for five years. Dr. Greg Finch has received extensive training in the UK where he attended the Royal orthopedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in order to receive training in Spinal surgery. He has also studied under the experts at the Shriners Hospital for children in Portland, the state of Oregon. Dr. Greg Finch studied in Germany as well and several hospitals and academic institutions in order to receive training in spinal surgery under some of the most respected doctors in the world.

Andrew Rolfe is Setting a Disruptive Precedence to Change the Way Charities Operate

An essential element of a non-profit’s success is a measure of the direct impact on the lives of the target groups. The comprehensive fundraising efforts must balance to allow changes in people’s lives. The Ubuntu Education Fund caters to orphaned and at-risk children by providing them with education, health services, and economic support. Underprivileged families in Port Elizabeth, South Africa are eligible.

Andrew Rolfe is serving as the Chairman of Ubuntu Fund. He is responsible for the charity’s operations and management strategy. Despite the no-strings strategy, he has managed to improve fundraising efforts. Besides, he is achieving proven results in the education segment.

Under Andrew Rolfe’s leadership, the non-profit is employing an innovative approach to funding and management. It is saying no to donations that come with strings. This strategy is enables the organization to focus on the vital mission of supporting vulnerable children. The non-profit can achieve more even with reduced funding. Ubuntu Fund works closely with communities to create personalized plans for each child under their system to empower them to break out of the cruel poverty cycle.

It’s hard to find donors who support a non-profit’s activities without the need to influence processes and outcomes. Some donors only support specific programs or ask to participate in an organization’s strategy and operations. They may also request board positions to enable them to influence an organization’s policy. Andrew Rolfe has extensive leadership experience. He has allowed the development of custom programs, which create stronger relationships with beneficiaries.

This approach places a strong focus on the depth of the impact rather than the spread. Charities should have the freedom to execute their mission and value statements. In this manner, they might reduce the spread of their services. However, they will reap the extended benefits of paying closer attention to fewer beneficiaries.

A non-profit should strive to keep administrative overheads as low as possible to ensure that the bulk of the funding goes to help those in need. Andrew Rolfe encourages continuous monitoring and evaluation. Various reports provide set targets and discrepancies with outputs, which enables quicker case reviews and a change in strategy to one that works for the individual beneficiary.

Greg Secker’s Success in Foreign Trading

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur, master trader, philanthropist, international speaker, and most importantly, a father. He founded the Knowledge to Action Group in 2003 which is a grouping of several companies that combine efforts in order to teach others how to improve their lives in trade. Currently the Knowledge to Action Group includes Learn to Trade, Smart Chart Software, Capital Index, and The Greg Secker Foundation.

Greg’s first career move was his jump from Thomas Cook Financial services into creating his own business called The Virtual Trading Desk. It is the first foreign exchange platform that includes a real-time Forex trading system online. He went on become Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation, a Fortune 500 investment bank in the United States. This allowed him to gain experience with travel and international trading centers. Following this, he opened Learn to Trade which is now seen as the worldwide leader of educational resources in trading.

Greg started this business in order to provide other people with the resources necessary to begin trading in foreign transactions. Greg is now able to earn a living by teaching people and trading from home. Within half a year he was already earning an impressive return.

Greg endured a difficult beginning and doubted he would ever find success. He now urges others not to give up. He first start imparting knowledge to friends and family and from there the word spread quickly. He attributes his success to absorbing knowledge and learning from others. Greg finds amusement in magic tricks and believes that hard work can create a little bit of magic.

Greg currently resides in London, United Kingdom where he expands his financial trading expertise everyday. He has come a long way from studying Agricultural and Food Sciences at the University of Nottingham. He now hosts financial trading seminars in the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, among many more.

In addition, Greg is a philanthropist and founded The Greg Secker Foundation. It is a non-profit organization that strives to improve the quality of life for people everywhere. They work with young people and help with their life and education skills. He also started a project in the Philippines that built 100 homes for people in Lemery.


Renown Health Strives to Continue Tradition of Firsts in the Reno Area

Renown Health has expanded its services by opening a new family practice clinic at The Summit Mall in South Reno this past spring.

The clinic offers primary care services along with a laboratory but may expand the offering of services in the future.

According to Dr. Marie McCormack, medical director of Renown Medical Group, the clinic was created with expansion in mind but the group is taking a wait and see attitude because of the uncertainty in health care with a proposal to replace and repeal Obamacare on the table by the Trump administration.

The South Reno clinic will employ 11 people at the onset with more hires possibly happening in the future. The clinic is the twelfth for Renown Health primary clinics throughout the Reno-Sparks area, as well as Fallon, Carson City, and Fernley.

Formerly known as the Washoe Health System, Renown Health was founded in 1862 during an outbreak of smallpox. When Nevada became a state in 1864, the first clinic opened by Washoe Health System became the area’s very first hospital.

The first pediatrics unit in the Reno area opened at Washoe Medical Center in 1949 with a heart care unit being established in 1963, a few months before the first pacemaker operation in the area took place at the hospital, By 1977, the hospital had also performed the first open-heart surgery in Reno.

Carrying on the tradition that began with Washoe, Renown Health continues to strive to be first in medical technology advancement in the Reno area. In 2004, Renown Health offered the first angiography biplane that is used to treat stroke patients in the area.

The only not-for-profit healthcare network that is locally governed in Reno, Renown Health’s profits stay in the local care to be reinvested into the people, equipment, and programs to better serve the community of Reno.

Paul Mampilly’s Personal Reasons For His Newsletter Work

Paul Mampilly believes too many average Americans are being misled by Wall Street and cable television business experts. His newsletter, Profits Unlimited is a tool for him to explain to this group how to start a portfolio without needing a manager.

Mampilly has made so many wise stock purchases in his time that he’s been able to teach investors the right way to pick stocks. Profits Unlimited has over 60,000 subscribers and is one of the fastest-growing financial newsletters in the US. Ideamensch decided to interview Mampilly to understand his story behind Ideamensch.

Mampilly explained that as a hedge fund manager, he saw a lot of people that could have used help they weren’t given by Wall Street. He had figured out how to make stock investing simple and believed he could help even the less-knowledgeable become versed in investing. He said one thing that pushed him to success in this field was his time working at a gas station and university cafeteria where he learned the values of hard work and pursuing higher goals. He believes in young people and says that the products they love will be driving investing trends, and in the midst of that is the “internet of all things.”


Paul Mampilly was born in India, and in 1991 he came to the US to complete his schooling. Once he accomplished that, he joined an entry level position at Deutsche Bank. He became proficient in client funds management at several other banks including ING, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bankers Trust and Sears. But then he joined the hedge fund Kinetics International while it was still new, and within just a few years it became one of the largest on Wall Street thanks to Mampilly’s investment knowledge.

Mampilly was the famous winner of Templeton Foundation’s investment competition in 2008 when he turned a profit for a $50 million fund into $88 million and did so in the midst of the recession. Not long after, Mampilly decided to retire though in reality he was going into business for himself. In addition to Profits Unlimited, Mampilly is planning to expand upon his newsletter with another titled True Momentum.

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Talos Energy Enters the State-Controlled Mexican Oil Industry

Private companies have finally ventured the Mexican oil drilling industry after over 80 years of state-controlled monopoly. State-owned Petroleos Mexicanos has controlled the industry since the nationalization of the Mexican oil sector in 1938. Venturing the monopolistic industry wasn’t easy as it took a collaboration of three companies namely, Talos Energy LL, Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas and Premier Oil Plc. The three companies became the first private companies to sink offshore oil well in the Mexican waters.

An Ailing Industry

The three companies have sunk a well, The Zama-1 located in the Sureste Basin off Tabasco State. The well is estimated to hold between 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude oil. Drilling would be complete in 90 days time. Allowing private investors in the industry was agreed in 2015 in a bid to rescue the ailing oil industry. Liberalization of the sector is expected to attract more foreign competitors into the Mexican oil exploration industry.

Statement from Analysts

According to Elaine Reynolds, an analyst at Edison Investment Research Ltd, Zama-1 drilling will be keenly watched as it is the first non-Pemex well to be drilled since the liberalization of the industry. Given the structure of the basin, the project has a high geological probability to succeed. On his side, Charlie Sharp, an analyst at Canaccord Genuity Ltd, stated that Zama-1 would be the most exciting oil exploration project of the year. Sierra has the largest stake in the venture followed by Talos Energy and Premier Oil with 40, 35, and 25 percent respectively.

About Talos Energy

Talos Energy is a private oil and gas company that specializes in buying assets in the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico regions. The firm is backed by investment funds from Riverstone Holdings, Apollo Global Management, and Talos Management. Led by a team of experienced offshore exploration experts, the company is committed to explore, exploit and optimize its assets through cutting-edge seismic technologies and innovative technologies.

Talos Energy was founded in 2012 and has its headquarters in Houston, Texas. Talos Energy has achieved significant milestones. In 2013, WorkplaceDynamics named it as the best workplace among local enterprises. Talos strives to build a swiftly growing company through ensuring safe and environmentally compliant operations.

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Honey Birdette-Empowering Women Worldwide

Honey Birdette is a lingerie brand like no other. The company has just launched its US e-commerce site because of a 374% increase in sales in just 12 months in the US market alone. Honey Birdette is expected to expand its three UK stores to a count of 40 by the end of 2018 as well.

Honey Birdette was founded in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan in 2006 and the new US site is going to offer its customers not only more selection, but faster shipping, and easier returns, as well. it will offer free shipping on orders of $50 or more, too.

Honey Birdette is expecting to open 10 additional stores in the UK and already has one in London’s Covent Garden, one in Leeds’ Victoria Gate, and one in Westfield White City. Honey Birdette is hoping open up shop in Westfield Stratford, Newcastle, Leeds, and Liverpool and has 40 additional stores in mind for the end of next year. In Australia, where Honey Birdette got its start, there are 55 stores and expansion is expected to move to Europe.

Honey Birdette came to be because of the frustration of a couple of friends who couldn’t find the lingerie selection that they desired. They decided to create their own and it took off form there.

Honey Birdette is a very unique store tat offers many items form sensual lingerie to massage candles. From the moment you walk through the playful doors of one of their Pleasure Parlors, you will notice the difference. From the lush décor to the champagne, you will feel as if you are in a sensual oasis. You will find what you are looking for and enjoy every moment that you spend browsing for that perfect item. Honey Birdette is empowering for women and embraces their sexuality.

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