USHEALTH Group – Offering a Wide Range of Affordable Insurance Products in the United States

The market for health and medical insurance in the United States is already highly competitive with numerous insurance companies already operating in the market. However, one company that has been able to stand tall in the competitive market and win rave reviews from its customers over the years is USHEALTH Group. Since its inception till now, the company has catered to the insurance needs of over 15 million customers, and continue to lead the market with innovative, affordable, and personalized health, life, and medical insurance plans. The company offers its insurance products through its subsidiary distribution companies, Freedom Life Insurance Company and the National Foundation Life Insurance Company.


USHEALTH Group is a customer-centric company and keeps the interest of its customers above the commercial interest. It is highly reflected in the range of affordable plans available with the enterprise, which are completely customizable. The primary target audience of the enterprise is small to medium sized companies and individuals, and it has designed its insurance products and coverage options accordingly. The company goes to great length to understand what the people are looking for when buying insurance, and it helps USHEALTH Group to offer plans that are financially viable for individuals as well as the business owners looking to provide health insurance to its employees.


USHEALTH Group was earlier known as Ascent Assurance but was rebranded as USHEALTH Group in 2005. Few of the insurance products offered by the company includes general health insurance, vision plans, term life insurance, disability income, income protector, accident insurance, specific illness plans, critical illness packages, short-term accident plans, specific illness insurance, and more.


It is seen in the insurance market that people end up buying insurance that cost a lot but does not have all the features the person needs. Most of the people get lost in the myriad of options available and end up overspending, and at the time of need, do not get the coverage they require. The company’s motto is to “Help Other People Every day” or what is commonly referred to as HOPE in the company internally. USHEALTH Group firmly believes that health insurance is a must in today’s environment where medical expenses have shot up rapidly in the last few years and want to offer an affordable catalog of insurance products that can be purchased by people of all income groups.


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